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Do you agree with books being made into movies?

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Saf I feel like books shouldn't be made into movies. 99% of the time the books are RUINED by their movies (AHem Twilight).

Sometimes books should just remain books. I liked The Hunger Games movie, but I didn't think it was anything special and compared to the book it was terrible.

I like books to remain the way I see them, movies aren't really necessary.

What do you think?

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Annie wrote: "I feel like books shouldn't be made into movies."
I feel the same way.

Priyamvadha I agree with what you said about Twilight.Another example is Harry Potter.It wasn't bad but few parts which was there in the book was cut.I liked The Hunger Games though.

Saf Priyamvadha wrote: "I agree with what you said about Twilight.Another example is Harry Potter.It wasn't bad but few parts which was there in the book was cut.I liked The Hunger Games though."

Yes! Where was Peeves? I loved Peeves! He would have added so much humour to the movies! I've got to re-read Harry Potter!

Nikita I have to disagree. There are books that I would love to see on the big screen. However, it really comes down to the director, writers, casting, research of the books and the author's invovlment that makes the movie great and worth watching. Not to mention making the fans happy.

I've never read Twilight so I can't compare or make any comments but with City of Bones I've read and while the movie was good, it wasn't %100 true to the book. This upsetted me. It also made me think that not enough research was done on the book.

Now with Hunger Games, I was very impressed to how much of the book was in the movie and was okay with what they left out or even changed. It all depends on the budget, length of time for the movie and the importance of what was in the book to what can be left out.

I look forward to see which one of my favorite book series is going to be next to the big screen and pray that it is good.

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Jocelyn I think that movies aren't necessary in some cases. I have yet to see a book turned movie in which the interpretation was 100% correct, and i doubt that will ever happen. Probably one of the greatest upsets of my life, tell me if i'm exaggerating, was the movie `Eragon'. I looove that book-the whole series- and when i saw the movie i had to laugh to keep from crying. I feel like the book was a little too complex for the director and as a result the final product was rushed. I've always wished that someone would remake that movie.

Jordan I love the fact that books get turned into movies. I am not the type of person to get super upset if a scene didn't make the movie or if it isn't exactly how I pictured it. I just think that the best ideas come from the books, and my favorite movies come from them. It doesn't matter if it is exact, as long as it is good. I love book to movie adaptations!!!

Blake Murrell Ok when people like us come together and say we want a book made into a movie we do not mean that. We mean we want an almost seventeen hour reproduction of the book leaving not even the smallest detail out of place regardless of the cost. That is not even close to logical. I think if they could do a better job at finding out and keeping in the readers favourite parts they would be a lot better. Also they should try to include all of the characters *cough* Percy Jackson *cough*

harriette du plessis sparrow i sometimes prefer the movies over the books!!! the second and 3 hunger games are terrible (books) and the movies for the first and second are so much better!!!!
i wish all books were made into movies!!!

just like blake said the directors cant make the movie go for 17 hours and expect people to stay awake for the whole movie. imagine seeing a 17 hour movie at the cinima!!!!!!
i guess what people could do is make a tv series??? or maybe make it like the hobbit?? in 3 different parts...
i prefer movies over books though!

Priscilla TF Movies do not RUIN the books.. Directors ruin the plots for the movies.
However, the majority of movie adaptions are bad... every once in a while there is a good one but regardless, it brings the book to life and that is something rather magical. plus in this day and age everyone loves visual stimulation. its rather amazing. it brings the story to reality, plus it shares it more widely with the world which is good for the Author. sometimes people don't know anything about a book until it comes out as a movie. Personally, i love reading the books because its totally a back door that holds all the secrets they dont tell you in the movie but movies are easier and shorter.

Andrea Books could potentially make fabulous movies, but they are hardly ever followed to a T. The problem is that you must take into account the time limits that come along with movies and the immense detail commonly present in books. Naturally, some of the more important parts will be cut out. This has happened with every book/movie I've seen. But I don't see a real problem with it UNTIL the story is changed too much. Each book/movie pair is different.
The Hunger Games - I felt that the movie was fairly good, but worked better as a visual aid to the book than a movie able to truly stand on its own. While there are a few aesthetic things that I disagree with, those are fairly insignificant.
The Princess Bride - Due to the fact that Goldman wrote the screenplay, it retained its main qualities. I find that is works very well as a movie and also when paired with the book.
Twilight - To put it kindly, I disagree strongly with the way that the director portrayed the story. The book is far from a favorite, but this is an example of a movie being a screw up.
Harry Potter - It appears to me that the movies start out fairly close to the books, but begin to grow a bit farther away from them as time passes. But despite this, the movies work very well alongside the books and on their own.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians/The Lightning Thief - Words cannot describe my disdain for what was done to this story. It does not match up with the book whatsoever. I could go on forever, but I have a feeling that you all know what I'm talking about. -.- But, had I no knowledge of what's in the books, I would find this movie to be quite enjoyable.

I agree with Nikita that there are some books that could, if done correctly, be fabulous on the big screen. But, somewhat along the lines of what Jocelyn said, I'm also afraid that my favorite books will be destroyed by directors with an entirely different interpretation of the story and production companies that are more concerned with profit than truly making the story great for devoted fans.

I've caught wind that one of my favorite books is going to be made into a movie and I'm TERRIFIED about what wills happen to it. Whether it will be a work of art or a complete flop is unknown, but all I can do as a fan is to sit back hope for the best.

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Jeanise I think its a good idea to make books into movies but just fit all the scenes into the movie, and if that's not possible, they should just not make the movie because people don't want to see their favorite book's movie missing a chapter, now don't they?

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Myla Books are always superior to the movies that are based off of them. With that in mind, books should be made into movies. No one is trying to convince us that the movie is better than the book; movies are a business. And if someone, if some director or producer believes a book has the potential to make a lot of money as a movie, then by all means: Go ahead.

Often times, the movie becomes good publicity for the book itself.

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