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Cole sat in the meadow, do nothing except practice his morphing, messy hair trembling sightly in the breeze. He had just morphed the usual back fox ears on his head when their acute hearing picked up voices. Cole lifted his head and looked over at two good looking people.

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Cole found he was now being looked at and his ears flattened back in sight embarrassment. He didn't want to make it seem as though he was staring at them. He looked away, amber eyes focusing on the grass next to himself.

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Cole looked at the one who and spoken and smiled, although he was wary.
"Hello." Cole responded, examining them openly now.
"I haven't seen you before" He commented "Who are you?"
He winced internally, realizing how blunt that sounded.

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Cole looked from one to the other.
"Twins? Chase appears older" Cole commented, feeling himself relax in their presence. After ll he had not reason not to trust them, right?
"But I suppose that's the way things go. There are always condescendingly intricate patterns and functions about humans. All strange and unique." His smile dimmed a little before returning. What was he on about? Who knew.

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Cole watched the two in amusement.
"Do you two always fight?" He asked earnestly. Because of his sheltered life this was the first time he had actually met real twins. They never had any on his island.

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"You appear to be the offensive, though." Cole raised an eyebrow.
"Although he, chase, can turn it around easily. You are wittier but he is smarter."
Cole was horribly blunt and one day soon this would get him into trouble.
To change the subject he spoke straight after this assessment "Well, What are you? What do you... do?"

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((So sorry!))

Cole nodded slightly before smiling.
"But it's great you have each other, right? I mean..." Cole shrugged. He didn't really have anyone here.

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