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Dani was almost done exploring, finally getting used to her surroundings. A sigh escaped her lips into the cool air as she sat down on a large rock that hung out over the water. She hung her legs off the edge and busied herself with humming a song that was stuck in her head as she threw pebbles into the water.

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Dani stopped humming and looked up with a small blush at the boy. "Hi... I'm Dani." She murmured and looked down at her hands.

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Dani felt her blush deepen, "What's your name?" She asked curiously as she smiled at him. No guy had ever called her pretty, ever.

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Dani blushed even redder, if it were possible. "Thanks. I've never been called beautiful before. I'm liking this school already. What hours are you in?" She asked and tilted her head to the side as she looked shyly up at him.

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Dani giggled, "I'm in the Fox house." She said shyly and looked back down at her hands.

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Dani watched in fear, when the other one called her a 'pretty girl' she would've blushed if she hadn't been scared out of her mind by the boy who wanted to eat her.

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Dani bit her lip and nodded, "I-It's fine..." She said in a shaky voice as she looked down at the water. She dive into it and held her breath as the sky grew dark with clouds.

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Dani swam to the bottom and tried to escape them, her fear taking over and turning into a panic attack. The boy would've killed her... Were the people at this school really like that? As rain started to pour down and lightning flashed in the sky, she kept swimming.

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She finally stopped and had to come up for air. She ended up on the other side of the lake and changed the weather to windy so that she could dry off. Soon enough her hair went from soaked back to its natural curls. With a sigh, she sat down at the base of a tree. Maybe she'd been too harsh...

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Dani bit her lip and walked away from the lake and back to school grounds.

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Caleb lead her up to the lake, gently releasing her hand and slipping off his shirt as he jumped in with a big splash.

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Caleb ducked underwater and sat on the bottom with his eyes open, looking around as she jumped in.

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Caleb resurfaced behind her and got up close to her ear, his warm breath on her neck. "Hi." He murmured, trying to scare her.

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Caleb pouted and smiled at her, "I was trying to scare you."

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Caleb rolled his eyes before splashing her with a small laugh.

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Caleb slipped and fell back into the water, immediately resurfacing to tackle her in the water.

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Caleb swam out form underneath her only to swim a few feet away. "Try and get me now." He said mockingly.

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Caleb swam underneath her and pulled her down with him.

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Caleb looked up at her with a grin as he held his breath and her hair floated out around her.

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Caleb swam up with her and sat down on the shore wig the water at his feet. "You're fun to hang out with." He said with a grin as he moved his hair out of his face.

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Caleb raised an eyebrow at her with a grin, "You guess?"

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Caleb splashed her back with a smile, "Not fair!"

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"I can teleport, and control air and electricity." He said and teleported so that he was next to her.

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Caleb smiled and raised his eyebrows at her, "Impressive."

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Caleb smiled and wrapped an arm around her, "I feel like you need a hug. Even if you don't, hugs are good for people." He murmured and pulled her into a tight embrace.

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Caleb pulled back and looked into her eyes with a sweet smile. "So what do you want to do now?" He asked and pushed back a strand of red hair from her face.

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Caleb smiled and raised an eyebrow at her before taking a step back. "Please do."

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Caleb's eyes widened as she shifted. "Cool, now can you shift back into human form? I want to show you something."

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Caleb chuckled, "Nothing, I'm just afraid of wolves." He said and took a step closer to her. "Though there is one thing." He said and moved his face closer to hers.

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Caleb smiled and pressed his forehead to hers, "Can you guess what it is?"

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"Should I?" He teased and smiled.

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Caleb smiled and closed the gap between them, gently letting his lips brush against hers as his hands settled on her waist.

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Caleb smiled through the kiss and continued to kiss her gently.

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Caleb smiled before pulling away and pressing his forehead back to hers. "Did you like what I showed you?"

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Caleb smiled and pecked her nose with his lips. "I'm glad. I liked it too. So what does this make us?"

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Caleb raised an eyebrow. "Friends kiss each other? Hmm I didn't know that."

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Caleb made a pouty face, "Please don't friend zone me."

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Caleb smiled, "So... Does this count as a date? Because we can't exactly go anywhere."

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Caleb smiled and played with her hair slightly, "So does this mean you're my girlfriend?"

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Caleb smiled and moved his lips down to her neck and kissed up and down it sweetly.

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Caleb smiled and pulled away from her neck with a grin. "You like that?"

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Caleb chuckled and rested his head on her shoulder as his hands rubbed up and down her sides. "I'm glad."

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Caleb smiled back and kissed her shoulder softly, "You're perfect."

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Caleb smiled and kissed her shoulder again, "Yes you are."

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Caleb tilted his head to the side and smiled. "I'm far from perfect." He murmured as he closed his eyes.

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Caleb held closely to her as he kept his arms wrapped gently around her and rubbed her back. "We should go now, you feel cold." He murmured as he pulled back from their hug.

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Caleb smiled and got out as well before pulling his shirt back on. He noticed how she shivered and immediately grabbed his jacket and put it over her shoulders. "Here." He said sweetly.

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Caleb smiled and hugged her before pulling away and wrapping an arm around her waist. "No problem. Let's head back." He said softly as he kept her close to his side.

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Caleb squeezed her hand softly. "Hawks. How about you?" He asked sweetly and intertwined their fingers.

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Caleb smiled, "That's no surprise." He said, glancing at her hair. "But not only because of your hair. You're a genius." He said sweetly.

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