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Caleb let go of her hand as he approached the garden. A smile broke into his lips, "Here it is. It smells really nice."

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Caleb chuckled, "I think your hair is prettier." He said with a smile and came up next to her.

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Caleb smiled and obeyed her, "Okay."

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Caleb smiled and bent over to sniff them. "They smell nice too." He chuckled and straightened up.

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Caleb watched her and walked up next to her. "They aren't as pretty as you." He said and looked up at her.

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Caleb smiled and brushed a strand if hair behind her ear. "No really."

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Caleb leaned forward only to kiss her cheek. "So what do you want to do now?" He asked with a sly grin.

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Caleb smiled boyishly, "Oh so you just want to see me without a shirt?" He said jokingly.

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Caleb pouted, "Maybe I was looking forward to seeing you in a swimsuit." He said and shoved her gently with a playful smile.

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Caleb backed away from the plants slightly, "So are we going or not?"

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Caleb smiled excitedly, "C'mon then!" He said like a little kid and grabbed her hand.

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((Continue at the lake))

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