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Eerie (eeriev) Amelia was walking around. It was her first day and she was a little nervious. Her grandmother had told her about other creatures but kids here were way too powerful.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Oh uhm, hello." she answered faking a smile. The truth was she was a bit scared of what they might be.

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Eerie (eeriev) Amelia looked at him afraid opening her eyes widely. "I'm Amy.." she said looking down.

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Eerie (eeriev) Amy looked at them revealing her beautiful smile. She put a strand of her ginger hair behind her ear. "What are you, if I may ask?" she smiled biting her lip.

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Eerie (eeriev) Amelia looked at them in awe. "You are an angel?" she asked the first girl. "I-I .. I never thought.. I'm not even a Christian." she turned to the second one. "And a hellhound.. but you look.. human-ish." she pointed out.

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Eerie (eeriev) Amy laughed at the interesting group. "Okay, I got it. Jace fallen angel, you.. I don't know your names, a hellhound I shouldn't tease and a lord demon." she smiled at them.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Oh I don't kill birds. They are creatures much like myself." she explained to them. "I'm and air guardian and a really nice one." Amy giggled.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Oh okay. Bye!" Amy waved at them turning to Jace. "How long have you been here?" she asked curious.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Oh! That's a lot. How.. what types of creatures are there here? I don't mean to be rood but some look pretty scary to me." she explained the girl as her red hear was floting around in the air because of the wind.

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Eerie (eeriev) Amelia's smile widened as she took the girl's hand. "Deal." she said happy to have a friend on her side.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Control the wind, fly, invisiblity, freeze stuff and recall people's memories." she explained. "But I still don't control some of them very well." Amy looked down embarrassed remembering her last flight that had ended with her crashing against a wall.

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Eerie (eeriev) "And what can angels do?" she asked at the girl intrigued.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Healing, that's a beautiful power. My grandomther said she could teach me but-" Amelia looked down trying to forget about the shady past.

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Eerie (eeriev) "It's okay. It was my fault anyway. I've passed trough it, I've passed trough regret and I've passed trough.. well actually I'm still trying to forget." Amy looked at the sky. "She would have never fogiven me just to tease me, she was that stubborn." she said with a smile remembering her grandmother.

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Eerie (eeriev) Amelia's smile disappeared as she looked at Jace. "Maybe. But that doesn't mean I can forgive myself." she whispered with a trembling voice.

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Eerie (eeriev) "Anyway, do you know were I have to go so they would tell me in which house I am?" she smiled changing the subject.

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Eerie (eeriev) "No." Amy answered.

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Dani walked up to the garden, smiling as it was beautiful. She had a feeling this would be one of her favorite places. As she sat down on a bench, she looked at the flowers before putting one earbud in and listening to music.

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Ty was walking when his eyes stopped on a girl. She was listening to music and seemed oblivious to the world around her. He smiled. Walking over he sat next to her. Simple as that.

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((Sorry, I am horrible at starting XD ))

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Dani jumped slightly when she looked over and saw him sitting next to her. "Um... Hi." She said shyly and looked down at her hands.

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Ty smirked.
"Hi?" He asked derogatorily. "Well done."
Continuing as if he hadn't spoken Ty let a real smile brighten his face. "My name't Ty, What's yours?"

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Dani bit her lip and kept her eyes down on her hands, "Daniella. But call me Dani." She murmured quietly and took her earphones out.

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"Ahh, Dani. What a wonderful name" Ty leaned back. "What do you do?" He asked, looking at her intently. He liekd trying to guess, but this girl was cut- SHY! He did not think... Yes, she was shy. "Can you show me or..."

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Dani looked up at him and rested her brown eyes on his own. "I can change the weather and... Err... This." She murmured and reached over to the hose lying on the ground, letting the excess water drip onto her hand. She took away her hand and let it float in the air. She moved her finger in circles as the water droplets followed it like a magnet. She let it drop and looked back over at him. "I also get visions of the future."

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((I have to go now, be back tomorrow :D ))

Ty let out a low whistle. "And here I thought I had cool powers." He chuckled. "That's awesome. What kind of futures do you see?" He asked, leaning foreword and watching her eyes intently.

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Dani smiled faintly, "It depends. Usually when something's about to happen. Only if I focus on that person." She said and looked back down at her hands shyly. Why on earth would a cute boy be talking to her? She was curious.

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Ty nodded. "Do you, like, read palms or something?" He asked. He sounded a bit sarcastic, but he didn't mean to be hostile. He was just naturally a hostile.

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Dani giggled slightly, "No, it kind've just... Happens." She said and looked down at her own hands. The hose still dripped quietly and she looked over at it, watching the water start to pool up around it.

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Ty looked at the water and just watched, a calm smile still on his face. "That's cool." He repeated again. To be honest, in all his years of life he had learned that the quiet ones were always the best.

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Dani realised she was ignoring him slightly and drew her attention back to him with a small smile. "Oh... Sorry. I should probably listen more often..." She murmured quietly and looked down at her hands once more. She had a problem with looking people in the eye, it made her feel uncomfortable.

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Ty's grin reappeared at Dani's comment. "No problem, I was just watching you think." He paused, as if thinking. "Actually, looking back, that sounded really creepy" he sat there, pretending to brood.

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Dani blushed slightly, "It's okay. I don't mind people watching me. At least you're being nice to me." She said with a smile, a real smile. She looked back up at him and actually made eye contact.

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Dani caught what she'd said hoping he wouldn't ask her about it. With a small smile she got up and turned to him. "It was really nice meeting you. I think I'll get some more exploring done." She murmured sweetly and walked out of the nice garden.

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Ty watched as Dani left and grinned. Close enough to a friend as he was ever gonna get. He chuckled and got up, leaving horribly bright and colourful garden. Ugh, all that being nice made him feel light... Well, time to have a shower...

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Dani walked into the garden with her hand still intertwined in Aer's. "I was here earlier, it's really nice." She said softly and sat down on the bench with her hand still in his. "I can't believe you got me in trouble for kissing you, but it's not that I didn't like it." She said to him and blushed.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer sat with her and looked around at the beautiful garden. He smiled to her. "Got you in trouble?" Aer laughed. "He just said that because he is jelous." he joked.

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Dani smiled, "Mmm that would make sense." She said with a small giggle. Instead she moved into his lap and leaned back into his chest. Her head rested gently on his chest as well, "Is it okay if I do this?" She asked looking up at him with her head tilted back.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer kissed her forehead with a smile. "You can do whatever you want." he answered honestly as he felt completely powerless around her.

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Dani smiled and snuggled closely to him. "I... I love you." She murmured quietly and honestly before she closed her eyes as her head settled on his chest.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer's heart melted at her words. "I-I..I love you too." he whispered stroking her hair. He looked around the garden once more, it was beautiful but not as beautiful as Daniella was.

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Dani opened her eyes and looked around at the garden as well, "You're really perfect, you know?" She said softly before leaning up to kiss his cheek gently.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer laughed. "Perfect doesn't exist and I'm not even close to being perfect." he explained to her as he felt the cold breeze on his face.

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Dani smiled still, "No, I think you're perfect. Nothing will ever stop me from thinking that." She murmured lovingly and closed her eyes again.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer smiled at her. "You are very stubborn, aren't you?" he asked her. He looked down to her and felt like she was becoming his world. He felt like he didn't need anything else.

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Dani giggled lightly at his comment, "Yep, but I really care a lot about you now. Please never leave me." She murmured quietly and left her head lying gently against his chest with her eyes closed peacefully.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer pulled her even closer to him. "I could never leave you." he whispered closing his eyes too.

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Dani smiled and sat up so that she could peck him lightly on the lips before resuming her previous position. "I'm really happy to hear that, because I've never had anybody who actually loved me, you're the first one." She murmured and rethought it, "Except maybe my brother."

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer remembered his past girlfriends. "Well I have never loved anyone like this." he said honestly cupping her cheek.

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