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Dani walked into the class with her hand still in Aer's as she carried her own book. "I'm in Foxes too." She said with a smile and returned his kiss on the cheek as she sat down in the classroom.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer sat in front of her with a wide smile on his face. The teacher entered th classroom and told them to opened their books. He did so as the teacher presented himself to the new students.

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Dani opened her book and watched the teacher talking, soaking in every word. The teacher told them to read a section silently in their books and she looked down at her book and began reading. She crossed her legs under the desk and pushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she read.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer read it in seconds and looked around the room in search of a friendly face. His best friend wasn't in foxes therefore he didn't have the same classes. There were many interesting people around in the room. A demon, something like a shape shifter and a very pretty ginger girl. He looked back and smiled as he saw how beautiful Dani was.

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Dani lifted her head after she read through it quickly. She saw Aer looking at her and she smiled sweetly back at him. The classroom was silent as people sat with their books still open and read, all except for Dani and Aer. She got a piece of paper and wrote on the end if it, turning it over so he could read it just by looking at her desk. It read:

So what are we going to do for our date? <3 Dani

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer hadn't thought of anything yet. "How about a night picnin?" he whispered smiling. He looked at the teacher that was talking to one of the other students about something of the text. Aer looked back at her waiting for an answer.

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Dani looked over at the teacher as well before she replied. "That sounds great." She whispered before leaning forward to peck his lips and sat back on her chair with a cheeky smile. The teacher spoke up just then to tell the class to write the answers to questions on a certain page.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer did it in a few minutes. The history teacher then told them about the projects they would be doing trough the year and started assambling pairs. "Thomas and Pond" he said reading his paper. Aer turned to Dani and looked at her disappointed.

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Dani made a pouty face, "Is that who you're partnered with?" She whispered to him in a sad tone. She'd wanted to be partnered with him just as bad as he did with her.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer nodded with sadness and waited to see who was she partnered with. If it turned some tough guy that he couldn't compete with he would feel miserable. The teacher said some names and it finally got to hers.

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Dani looked up as the teacher read off her partner "... And finally, Tyler and Daniella." The teacher finished and Dani felt eyes on her. She looked over to see a boy with blonde hair and sunglasses on smile at her as he saw her. She smiled back before turning back to Aer. "He doesn't seem scary. It's just a bit strange as to why he's wearing sunglasses inside." She said and read the expression on his face. "Trust me, you won't have anybody to compete with. I only have feelings for you and I won't ever do that to you." She said lovingly and looked him in the eyes sincerely.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer smiled as the teacher told them to sit in pairs with their partners. The pretty red-haired girl came to him. "I'm Amy." she said with a sweet smile as she sat beside him. "Aer." he replied as he felt hypnotized by her hair. "Hey it's not cool to stare at people's heads." she said with a strong scottish accent as she laughed.

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Dani bit her lip and casted a glance over at Aer as she sat down with Tyler. He was with a pretty red haired girl, surely he would like her. He would think she's prettier than Dani, because She felt as though she wasn't pretty at all. At least, considering the snide comments other people make about her. She hated this feeling, jealousy. Holding back a sigh, she smiled faintly at Tyler. "Hi, I'm Daniella, but just call m Dani." She said and he smiled and shook her hand. "I'm Tyler. As you can see, I'm blind." He said and shrugged.

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Eerie (eeriev) "I'm sorry, it's just that genetic material, in that colour is.. amazingly rare." he explained the girl as he glanced at Tyler and Dani, she was smiling to him. He hoped she was only being nice. "So what are exactly?" he asked the girl. "Oh I'm an air guardian, I control the element." she responded with a giggle. Aer smiled "That's really cool, I'm a shifter."

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Dani bit the inside of her cheek and frowned, "Oh... I'm sorry. That's terrible." She said sadly. He smiled at her and chuckled. "No, it's fine. It's not your fault so you don't need to apologize. I was born blind so I'm used to it." He said. She couldn't see through his sunglasses at all, this made her curious of what his eye color was. "Would you mind taking off your glasses?" She asked softly. He obliged and she saw that his eyes were a light green. Not only green, but they were fluorescent. "Wow..." She murmured in awe and he smiled. "I feel like they make me look like a freak." He said sadly. "No, not at all." She murmured.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer looked at them again and he saw how intreagued she seemed by him. "What? You're scared you might lose your girlfriend?" Amy giggled. "I've never felt anything like this before, my heart is racing and my palms are sweting an-" Amy interrupted him "And you feel like fighting him? Yeah, sweetie, that's jelousy." she laughed. "I never felt like fighting but yeah I guessed it could be jelousy." Aer said looking at the girl in the eyes so Dani wouldn't think he's staring at them.

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Dani smiled, letting go of her jealousy of the girl. She gave him his sunglasses back and he put them on gratefully. "So what are your powers?" She asked softly. "I can fly and control energy. My mom is a kind of alien. They're called raptors. Though they're nothing like the lizard raptor you're thinking of." He said and she raised her eyebrows as she saw how unique he was. "How about you?" He asked her. "I can manipulate water, control the weather, and see visions of the future. On the last one, it's rare." She said and he raised his own blonde eyebrows. "Wow. And I thought my mom was unique." He chuckled.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer looked at them once more seeing how much Dani was smiling next to that guy. He turned totally around and he got closer to Amy so they would see the textbook. "Do you understand this?" Amy looked a bit confused. "Yeah, it's easy look there's the answer to this one and there's the other one." Aer pointed her out the answers. "You are like a genius." she said smiling, she put a strand of her red hair behind her ear. "I don't think so, my sister calls me Sherlock Holmes sometimes." Aer whispered smiling. Amy laughed loudly and the teacher looked at her really badly. "Sorry."

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Dani blushed slightly, "Thanks." She said softly and he pulled the book over in front of them so that she could read it. "I can't see it so... Could you read it to me?" He asked politely with an embarrassed smile. She smiled, "Sure." As she put the book in her lap as he sat right in front of her and their knees were touching. She started reading to him at a normal pace so that he could think about the topics.

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Eerie (eeriev) ((she nodded:D gtg I'll answer tomorrow I'm really sleepy))

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((Okay, I fixed it XD. Nite))

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Eerie (eeriev) Amy blushed so much that Aer noticed her freckles disappeared from the redness. "Okay," she whispered in his ear. "Sherlock Holmes, how about you tell me the answers and I write everything down." she giggled. "Sure it sound like a deal. I have horrible hadwriting anyway." Amy got closer to him and looked at his notebook, he noticed she blushed again. "Mine's worse." she said looking at him in the eyes. "I'm not good at anything." she whispered. "I won't tell anyone. " he joked. "I'm sure you are wonderful at many things" he continued with an encouraging smile.

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Dani looked over at Aer while she read, seeing the girl blushing. The jealousy rose up inside of her again, and she closed her eyes for a moment and stopped reading, "Something wrong?" Tyler asked gently as she stopped. "It's nothing..." She replied, trying to hide her sadness. It wasn't so much jealousy now, more like disappointment and sadness that he was making another girl happy and getting close to her. "You're.... Jealous? Upset?" He asked her, probably able to hear it in her tone. "How'd you?.... Yeah, I am. My boyfriend is over there sitting very closely to another girl, a pretty girl, and she's blushing." She told him. Tyler frowned, "It's okay, if he really cares about you then he won't leave you." He comforted. Dani shook her head and looked down, "That's what I'm scared about what if he doesn't really care about me?" She managed and her voice cracked. "I've never been in a relationship before, now I'm glad I wasn't." She murmured before Tyler pulled her into a hug. "It's okay, don't think about it. I can show him what he's missing out on." He chuckled and she smiled, hugging him back. "I don't want to make him upset, let's just get back to reading." She murmured quietly and pulled away to resume reading to him.

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Eerie (eeriev) Aer looked back at them right in the moment they hugged and he frowned. "Wha-?" Amy whispered turning to where he was looking. Aer felt like his heart was breaking by every second Tyler had his arms wrapped around Dani. Amy stood silent not sure what she could say to make him feel better. He looked back at the book trying to appear calm as he licked his lips and bit them. "It's just a hug.." she whispered trying to comfort him. The bell rang and everyone got up walking away. Aer stood up with his things and he looked at her coldly, it was his defence mechanism to built a wall around him so she couldn't hurt him again. A wall Amy tore apart with only two words. "Kiss her." she said smiling as she turned looking to Dani. Aer walked over and fast as lightning he grabbed Dani's hand making her get up and kissed her passionately, leaving both of them breathless just like in the forest. He felt like the world around them stopped for an instant and the same feeling took over him again, making his eyes yellow but he blinked to calm himself and the blue got back to his eyes. Amy giggled but Aer couldn't hear her right now Daniella was all that mattered.

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Dani gasped when he pulled her up and out of her seat, but returned his kiss with the same passion. "I... I was scared you liked her more than me..." She murmured and wrapped her arms softly around him in a small hug. Tyler smiled when he heard the words she said to her boyfriend, before leaving class with the others.

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Eerie (eeriev) "I can't like anyone as much as I like you." he said smiling as he looked her in the eyes. "Besides I am waay out of his league." Amy joked giggling. "I'll leave you love birds alone. Bye Aer I'll talk to you later." she said grabbing her bag and walking out. Aer smiled and kissed Dani again.
"Mr. Thomas, this is a classroom!" the teacher sighed annoyed with the two of them. Aer giggled and grabbed her hand again walking out of the classroom.

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((Where should we continue?))

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Eerie (eeriev) ((I don't know, post where you want I'm sorry I'm kinda ghosting because I am making the headmaster character:P))

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((Oh it's fine, I'll go ahead and post in the garden.))

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