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Eerie (eeriev) description

{full name} Amelia Pond
{nickname} Amy

{house} Fox.
{year} This is her 1st year.

{age} 17

{gender} Female.
{sexuality } Straight.
{relationship status} Single.
{crush} Open.

{specie} Air guardian.
Aerokinesis: Power over Air and can manipulate aspects of said element
Freeze people and objects
Create airbubbles for travelling underwater
Recall other peoples memories
Make herself and others completely invisible
Suck the air and wind out of living beings
Act as an empath


{weapons} Wooden wand.

{personality} Amelia is a free spirit, she's absent-minded, but at the same time extremely creative, talented and insightful when it comes to people around her. She's adventurous and reckless, with a dry wit and a stubborn streak.

{history} Amelia was born in Scotland and she was raised in England because her father found a better job offer. One day when the family found out her grandmother had been a witch they were so shocked they locked her in her room. But her grandmother got out at night and taught Amy everything she needed to know to become an Air guardian. Soon Amelia's powers grew so much she couldn't control them, killing her grandmother on accident. The girl was sent to a school for special children like herself. Sapharon High.

Mother: Jenny Pond.
Father: Steven Pond.

+video games
+drinking tea


-boring people
-arrogant people
-narcisistic people

+creating portals

-strategic (she's impulsive)


{pets} None.
{other} No.

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Eerie (eeriev) oksies

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Eerie (eeriev) now?:P

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Krul Tepes | 42 comments {full name} Midori MeiMei
{nickname} Mai

{house} Wolves
{year} 1st year

{age} 17

{gender} Female
{sexuality } Straight
{relationship status} Single
{crush} It's complicated

{specie} Elemental Wizard
* Uses all elements' powers
* Sword

Can be hot tempered and cool at the same time. Very stubborn, hates being told what to do. Loyal to friends and family. Good leader. Kind and caring to those she cares about. Very clever, knows lots of battle strategies.

She's a heir to the throne in her kingdom. They sent her to the school to interact with other people. Had a somewhat happy childhood. Often did sword training and practicing her magic.

{family} To be determined

* Swords
* Elements
* Family and Friends
* Sweets

* Bugs
* Dark, tight places
* Cheesy things (Romance)

* Sword fighting
* Combat
* Battle strategies
* Elemental powers

* Dark, tight places
* Glass cage
* Pride

{pets} None

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{Full Name} Daniella Rosalie Moore
{Nickname} Dani, Ella, Rosalie, Rose

{House} Fox
{Year} 1st Year.
{Age} 17
(view spoiler)

{Gender} Female
{Sexuality} Heterosexual (Straight)
{Relationship Status} Taken (Aer Thomas)
{Crush} Aer Thomas

{Specie} Mutant
~Control and Manipulate water
~Get visions of the future (can predict things before they happen)
~Can control the weather
Bow and arrows

Dani is a very quiet and shy girl. Though she's very sweet and caring on the inside. She has a huge heart and has endless generosity. Though she has a war constantly going on in her mind, and she never tells anybody her troubles since she's so selfless. Though when she's alone and battling these wars in her mind, she does get quite snappy. She's quite the hopeless romantic, just not for herself.
Dani was born into a family of scientists. She became her parents' lab rat at age 8, and they kept on trying to give her the special powers she has today to improve the human race. They never actually loved her, and didn't pay much attention to help her when she was getting bullied in school for her weird abilities. They were never home and she resented them sometimes, and even more when her little brother came along ans they actually loved him. So she came to the school to escape it all.

*Mother* Jane Moore
*Father* Keegan Moore
*Brother* Vincent Moore

-Music (It's her passion)
-Syringes (Deathly Afraid Of)

-Bow and Arrow use
-Intense heat
-Confined small spaces (claustrophobic)

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{full name} Emma
{nickname} Lizzie

{house} Hawk
{year} 2


{gender} feamle
{sexuality straight
{relationship status} open
{crush} none yet

{specie} Shapeshifter
She can change into anything
Guns of all kinds
{personality} Emma is very kind and helpful. Deep inside she is rebellious and mysterious. Then she is loyal to all her friends to.

{history} Emma was raised rich and proper. Though she did not like having to be good all the tume and did not care much for boys always wanting to go out with her. So when she got to this school she was happy away from her parents. Good for her her parents gave her a credit card that she uses almost every day

(all open)

shooting bows and guns
herself (mortal)

Cute boys

{pets} Cat named Lily [image error]{other}

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Eerie (eeriev) descriptiondescriptiondescription

{full name} Allison Viola Thomas.
{nickname} Ally

{house} Wolves
{year} This is her 2nd year.

{age} 13

{gender} Female
{sexuality } Straight
{relationship status} Single
{crush} Her brother's friends.

{specie} Shifter
- Change in her wolf form.
- Super hearing.
- Super sight.
- Super smell.
- Super speed.


No weapon.

Allison and Aer are like two sides of a coin. They couldn't be more different and same at once. Ally is guided by her emotions. She loves and hates strongly, but usually she is the sweetest girl on the planet. She loves reading, just like her brother, but she reads fantasy. She can be overprotective about her brother and is the only one that doesn't mind his comments.

Allison was born in London eight years after her brother. One day her brother had came home crying with a bite mark, of course Ally was too little to remember. Months later her brother stared truning into a wolf and one night, at full moon, he wasn't able to control himself and he had attacked her. Since then she has been turning into a wolf herself.


Father: Jason Thomas
Brother: Aer Thomas (age 17)


-Greedy people
-Arrogant people

-Her brother

-Her brother
-Low self-esteem


{pets} None.

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Fixed Emma

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Raven (Kawa808) | 64 comments {full name}
Clarisse Palafox






-Has a nose piercing on her right side of her nose


{sexuality }

{relationship status}

none at the moment

Forrest Fairy

Connected to nature, Can control plants, can also speak to animals

Uses the plants and ground. But carries a bow and arrows and will handle any assortment of guns if necessary or feels like it.

A quiet girl who likes to stay out of the in-crowds. Can be quite shy, but when you get to know her she can be very pleasant, A Good listener. Though can become violent when she feels her friends or family is being threatened.

Her father had passed away when she was 14, and her mother stays home. She had always had a hard time understanding what she was until her mother sat her down and spoke to her about it when she was twelve. When she found out they decided it would be best if she went to Sapharon High from then on. Other then that she enjoyed her time at the school. Learning almost every instrument in band except for any percussion instruments. Music and nature became her escape since.

Mother and younger brother Danny; Now 15.

- Nature
-Ice cream
-Hot Foods

-Chewing out loud



{pets} A small Zebra Finch

-Can be found outside or in a tree most times, or in the music room playing, whatever instrument.

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Full Name: Lily Johnson


Age/D.O.B.: 21
»» Age :17
»» D.O.B :September 24th

Years at school: This is her 6th

»» Sexuality : Straight
»»Relationship:Open(Just ask!)

Rank: Alpha

»» Hair:Chocolate brown
»» Eyes:Crystal Blue
»» Weight:110lbs.
»» Height:5"9
»» Blood type:O-
»» Distinguished Marks:Has a scar that starts at the tip of her eyebrow and runs to the corner of her right eye. A scar that runs the length of her right forearm and another scar on her left shoulder blade.

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: April has a black tatoo on her right wrist in cursive that says believe.

April has a black tatoo on her left wrist that is a flower and birds in the wind

April has her ears pierced and normally wears hanging earrings

Wolf Appearance:


Stubborn people get themselves in a lot of trouble, but they also get things done.
Lily has always been an extremely stubborn person. She won't just sit back and be told something she doesn't believe in and quietly except it. She'll stubbornly tell you why your wrong and proceed to prove it to you. She's also stubborn when it comes to being told what to do. She won't do something if she doesn't believe its right. No that doesn't mean she's a goody two shoes but she tries to do what's right she may not succeed but she tries. She'll fight for what she wants when she wants of course she's smart enough not to be too stubborn where it gets her killed.

Wit is a dangerous weapon, even to the possessor, if he knows not how to use it discreetly.
Wit is a dangerous weapon if you don't know how to use it. Its a good thing Lily knows exactly how to wield it or she'd be in a heap of trouble. She knows when to use it and when not to. She knows how be obvious with it and discreet with it. Lily doesn't use her wit that often because of how dangerous of a weapon it can be. She uses it when necessary.

I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I'm not afraid to look behind them.
Lily is generally a very adventurous girl. She loves to try and discover news things that some people would be to afraid to do. Things people might not even think of trying. She also loves to go and find new places and things whenever. Some would say she was to curious, but the saying is curiosity killed the cat it says nothing about the werewolf so she figures she's good. Of course she's not stupid she know how to be careful and how far she can and can't go in her adventures.

Its better to be brutally honest than to live a lie.
Lily is a generally honest person. She is brutally truthful weather you want to hear it or not. Not to say that she doesn't lie every once in a while. If it keeps her alive she'll lie to save her life. She just finds that being truthful especially around vampire's keeps you alive longer. See vampires don't usually like when you lie to them so she doesn't. Sure she keeps things from them but she doesn't outright lie. Sometimes what she says has a double meaning. She'll say what you want to hear and still be truthful about it.

A person who deserves my loyalty receives it.
Lily is if anything loyal. No not loyal as an she'll let you boss her around but loyal as in she'll fight to the death for those she cares about. She won't just abandon someone because its more convenient for her. Of course if she's loyal to you and cares about you she expects the same out of you. You have to earn her loyalty she won't just give it to you because you ask for. They say blood is thicker than water but blood doesn't always ensure loyalty. Yeah blood is important but loyalty is more important than blood. Of course the vampires have a different opinion on that.

I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.
This quote is so true for Lily. She may not trust easily but she does love easily. Maybe a little too easily. You'd think because you loved someone you'd trust them but that doesn't hold true for Lily. She often loves those who she doesn't trust. Those she shouldn't trust. She want to trust them but doesn't. She falls easily and once she had it takes a lot for that love to go away. Along with giving away love too easily she has always had a need to be loved in return. She longs to be cared for and loved as she does others. Of course she finds it more times than not that that doesn't happen. Not surprising since she's surrounded by vampires. Before that she was content with just her parents love and understanding but now she secretly longs for it even more so now.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
Lily doesn't really trust. She only trusts a few people and that trust is earned. Its not easy to earn her trust and you have to work hard to gain her trust. She's not stupid enough to just hand of her trust to anyone who asks for her. She's trusted in the past and regretted it greatly so now gaining her trust in nearly impossible. Not trusting many people can be a good thing. Trusting the wrong person can get a person killed. She learned that the hard way.

Daniel Johnson grew up in the Sagen pack his entire life. His father was a sentinel and his mother was a guardian. They where well respect members of the pack and taught Daniel how to be the best pack member he could be. When he turned 19 he met his mate Jenny. Jenny Kelks had been a rogue before she had met Daniel at the age of 18. She'd been a rogue for as long as she could remember her parents always forcing her to move around for reasons she never knew. When she found her mate she joined her mates pack and mated with him. Her parents had been killed recently so finding her mate had been comforting. Two years later their eldest their son Vincent was born. They had been so happy and a year later they decided they want to try for a daughter next so they could have their idea of a perfect little family and they did and they named her Lily. 5 years after Lily was born though Jenny was killed by a rogue wolf causing Daniel to go into depression.
Lily was born September 24th about three years after her parents had mated. She had a older brother named Vincent who was older than her by a year. Life was great for the family of four until a rogue had killed her mom Jenny when she was 5. After her mom had been killed she'd closed up and hardly ever talked. The only person she actually talked to was her brother and even that was rare. Of course it didn't help that with her dad's depression he also became abusive to her and her brother. Every time he'd gotten angry he'd take out on the closest one of them to him. It was usually her brother because he did what he could to protect her from it but sometimes that didn't work just made it worse. 10 years after her mother had past and she was 15 and her brother was 16 she snapped. She was sick of being the quiet girl who never talked and had to avoid pack members as much as possible so they didn't find out about her father. She remembered yelling at him how she hated him and that if he'd been a good mate that her mom would still be here today. That caused her father to almost kill her with a silver knife. Luckily her brother had gotten home just in time to stop him. After her brother had managed to stop him they're father ran off and a week later that got news that he had killed himself. Lily and her brother have tried to live a normal or as normal life as they possibly could since then. Lily wasn't that quiet girl anymore who never talked. Now she talked all the time. Most people would say she talked to much but she decided to speak her mind because being quiet didn't help you in life at all.

Mom:Jenny Johnson(Deceased
Dad:Daniel Johnson(Deceased)
Older Brother:Vincent Johnson-21

-Back Talk














Other:Despite the fact that Lily seems to be a really happy bubbly person on the outside to everyone but her brother its half of the time just a mask. Lily surfers from severe depression from her past and has already attempted suicide numerous but didn't succeed because any of the times her brother stopped her. She also has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)which causes her to get angry easily.

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KT (queenlykt) {Full name} Original name Tyrelle Nightrider, officially changed to Lee Rose Ryder. 

{nickname} Lee

{house} Fox

{year} 3rd 

{age} 17

{appearance} ((Face Claim: Amy Lee))
Lee is a tall, slender girl with pale skin. Shes slender and muscular, but not skeleton skinny or steroid strong. She's 5'9, and though it's impossible to deny she's beautiful, it's a cold, dangerous beauty that warns people away. Her walk is more like a stalk, and she reminds people of a hunting tigress when she walks. Her eyes are indigo, and they tend to change shade with her moods. Due to her species, she has pointed ears and cat like eyes. 
Every day casual: She wears a pair of knee-high, fitted black boots with about a 2 inch heel, along with a pair of black jeans, rock band tshirts, and a black leather jacket. She has a pair of black biker sunglasses she wear almost all the time; when inside she pushes them back onto the top of her head. 
When she feels like it or has weapons practice or is going into a spar/weapons fight: ( )
Her black boots, with her hair pulled back away from her face. A black belted tunic with her sword sheath at her hip, attached to the belt. A pair of black leggings underneath. 
Armor: ( http://denyaraythern.files.wordpress.... )
Black leather armor tunic. It's plated on the shoulders and covers the side of the neck, then buckles in the front and goes down to land just above her knees. Worn with leggings. 

{gender} female

{sexuality} Straight

{relationship status} Single

{crush} None

{species} Night Elf (A Night Elf takes learning as seriously as athletics. They are smart and apply their learning to fights. They prefer the night and generally keep to themselves. They are tall and reclusive even for elves, and enjoy fighting more)

+Minor magic. Generally uncontrolled, just things happen when upset. All elves are born with the ability to do magic, she was just never trained. She can consciously absorb energy from her environment and connects with animals. 
-She can't control most of the magic, and she doesn't ALWAYS want to set the popular girl's hair on fire.... Though it was pretty funny. 
+Animals automatically love her. She can't understand what they say, but can undertake the meaning. So, not exact words, but she gets the gist of it, and they understand her the same way. And since people are technically a type of animal, she's really good at reading body language and sensing someone's true thoughts/feelings by their tone of voice, body language, etc. 
-Every animal likes her, and if the animal is being ordered to do something by someone else and she tells them to do the direct opposite, the poor creature is so confused. Usually it sides with her, but then it gets hurt by it's owner, something she always feels guilty over. 
+Exceptionally strong, fast, agile, and flexible, with supercharged senses and great endurance. 
-Doesn't fully realize the extent of her abilities, and even when punching someone in a friendly way, it hurts them a lot. 

~Daggers. She has an uncanny ability to hide them nearly anywhere, in her boots, her sleeves, inside her jacket, etc. 
~Throwing knives
~Her brain. She's an extremely good strategist when it comes to a fight. 
~Bow and arrow. After all, she is an elf and is uncannily good at archery, but she prefers her blades. 

+Tries to be nice. Like if she sees someone being bullied, she'll destroy the bullies and walk away. She won't try to talk to the victim or anything. 
-Distant, quiet, sarcastic. She doesn't talk much, and when she does, you'd either better listen because it will be a smart thing, or she has a sarcastic comment ready. 
+She's extremely loyal. When you do become friends with her, she's willing to do anything for you. She'd die to save your life. Even if she didn't really like you or you just had an argument, if she thinks you're a good person, can do something good with your life, or are worthy, she'll save you. 
-Untrusting and Hates people. They've betrayed her over and over again, and she's tired of it. 

HER earliest memory is when she was three, when her mother died. Lee doesn't remember much of that day, only the sounds of her mother's screams, Xanthus clutching her and Jax to him as they hid in the closet. He had her and Jax look away from the crack in the door, but Lee, Tyrelle at the time, caught a glance of it; a man standing over her sweet, loving mother. The pool of blood had leaked under the door, staining their pajamas when they slept. The other two siblings woke to the panicked screams of a three year old girl when she woke to find her favorite pajamas soaked in her mother's blood. 

Tyrelle grew up in luxury despite her childhood horror. Her mother had been the Queen of the Night Elves, and as they were matriarchal, she was heir to the throne despite her two older brothers. She was a sweet, kind girl, much loved by everyone and always courted at balls and dances. The future queen of their society would have been a great prize for one of them, but she had no interest and spent her time running through the gardens with Jax, only rarely pretending to be the queen she would soon be. Her mother's sister was holding the throne until Tyrelle turned 18. Her family, the Nightriders, were of old and ancient bloodline, and they were the last surviving dragon rider family of the night elves, as the reptiles had become so rare. She found her dragon, Nightslayer, and bonded with the hatchling, true to her blood. 

It was when she was 16 things got weird. There was one particular boy who was so insistent in his courting, it scared her. She refused and fled, sometimes literally, from Brantus and always ended up in the arms of his brother. His brother, who was so kind and dashing, loving and charming. He quite frequently rescued her during a dance from his creepy twin. It was one night after a dance that he asked her to go home with him afterwards, just to talk, he said. She was already in love with him, and had no problems accepting, which angered his twin and pushed him past the limit. They arrived at the empty house, and her beloved excused himself to get them something to drink. Unbeknownst to her, Brantus slit his throat and took his place, acting as his now dead brother. 

For the next half hour they chatted amiably, Brantus with Tyrelle, the girl he had become obsessed with, and Tyrelle still thinking it was her true love. But Brantus was wrong, sick in the head. He felt he needed her, and after he made subtle advances she gently refused, as she wasn't ready yet, he snapped. He attacked Tyrelle, and though with her skills she beat him back, he was still determined. So he returned with a threat. Unless she agreed to marry him, he would kill her cousin. Her cousin had become a sister to her, and tyrelle was desperate to protect the little girl. She agreed. For the next month she met with him at balls and they danced like nothing was wrong and they were truly in love. Despite her toughness, she cracked and cried every time, begging for mercy. He showed none. 

It was Xanthus who figured out something was wrong with his little sister. After the announcement of her engagement, he noticed how listless she was, sad almost. He spoke with Jax, who agreed, and the two of them followed Tyrelle one night after a dance, when Brantus took her outside and into the gardens. The brothers heard her tears and felt her desperation for another plan, and they were determined to help. They slew Brantus right there and then, and gathered the still sobbing Tyrelle into their arms. She was still crying, but now it was happiness. She was so happy to finally be free. But they had another problem. The body. It was Xanthus who took the fall under his own insistence. 

They concocted a story. The three of them said that Tyrelle had been meeting with Brantus and Jax, so the two of them could ask Jax to be best man. They said that Brantus had always hated Jax, which was true, and tried to attack him. Xanthus heard the commotion, ran over, and killed Brantus to save his younger brother. 

But that still wasn't good enough. Xanthus was accused and found guilty of murdering the muchloved boy. So he ran. He dove into the wilds and vanished, never to be seen again, even by Tyrelle or Jax. Their father died of heartbreak, as Xanthus was his golden boy, and Lees cousin died soon after of cancer. 

Tyrelle was lost after that. She changed. The transformation had been going ever since her true beloved had been killed, but this was the real spark that set it off. She became more distant, harder to reach. It was only around her brother she laughed or smiled, and she took no joy in anything anymore. Finally, she ran. Unable to bear the giant castle with only one family member, Tyrelle fled into the human world. She changed her name to Lee and her last name Nightrider, originally because her family were dragon riders, into just Ryder. She chose the middle name Rose after her cousin. And she vanished. 

Jax left soon after her under the pretense of searching for her to bring her back. Tyrelle is still heir to the throne, but Lee wants no part of it. Jax hunts for his sister, but he won't pressure her into going with him. He just wants to be with his family and best friend again. He plans to simply move in by her and be friends again, a real older brother. 

~Father:Branadus. Deceased. 
~Mother:Lillian. Murdered when Lee was 3. 
~Brother:Jax. Alive ((Someone want to make a profile for him?)). A year older than her, Jax was the one person she was ok with defending her. They were best friends and always had each other's back. They protected eachother. 
~Sister:Rose. Her younger cousin who had become like a sister to Lee. She was 14 when she died of cancer.
~Brother:Xanthus. Fate unknown. 10 years older than her. He would protect her physically, but he hated the sappy girl emotions stuff and left that to Jax. But he still did care. 

+Guys (they make better friends then girls. Less drama!)
+Fighting (The rush of adrenaline. Knowing you could die, the perfect combination of danger and a rush, with muscles and mind working together smoothly.)

-Guys (in any sort of romantic way. No. Just..... No.)
-Most girls her age. (Prissy little brats who all put on an act, lie, all to be better than another girl or get a guy's attention)
-Killing (A life is a life, whether they were evil or not.)
-Being told what to do (Why should she? She has better things to do. She grew up being the one to tell people what to do. A queen doesn't take orders.)

+Fighting (The rush of adrenaline. Knowing you could die, the perfect combination of danger and a rush, with muscles and mind working together smoothly. It just makes sense to her.)
+Planning (Might as well know how to win that fight)

-Making friends (people are stupid. Why should she have to be friends with them?)
-School work. (Shes smart, she just doesn't have the motivation)

~A young female Hellhound named Shade. 
~A black dragoness, more of a friend then a pet that comes and goes named Nightslayer (Night)
{Other} Technically royalty, as in going to be official queen of her species when she turns 18. But she wants no part of it.

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