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{Full name} Cole Rickhael Diamond
{Nickname} None. He disapproves of all variants and nicknames of his true name

{House} Fox
{Year} Slightly confused on this one...
Is it how many years they have attended the School?
{Age} 18

Black hair that is naturally spiky and mussy. Eerie Amber coloured eyes and a slim body build. A fair amount of body Piercings and surprisingly delicate hands.

{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Pansexual
{Relationship status} Single, yo!
{Crush} Not yet.

{Species} Umm... A strange kind of Human. I
suppose you would call it Mutant.


Morphing. Like shape shifting, but less powerful in some ways, such as he can't change the shape of himself entirely and the more he changes about himself the more effort it takes. He is most comfortable with Fox ears and Fox tail. House pride!


His powers are the obvious ones, accompanied by a small blow dart which he is excessively skilled with.


A bit stuck up, but not intentionally so. He was just used to being treated, well, like a prince. He is cheerful and is very boisterous, once he has overcome his slight affiliation to shyness. He is innocent in many ways, and trusts easily. Why would people betray him, after all.


Cole lived on a small island not far from Ireland, and was the youngest of the 'Kings' sons. The Island was a retreat from civilization, away from technology and processed foods. Having been used to the old ways that were custom on the Island Cole came into the real world and it was as though he had traveled through time to the future. How did he get away from the island? He had to run away. His older brother was about to become king and would have made him marry a young village girl. Of course he knows how selfish this move was, but he is a strong believer in Love.

Father- King Tetherr (Tet- Her)
A nice man, but very strict and stuck up.

Mother- Queen Rosabelle (Roz- A- Bell)
Kind, but listens to the King without question

Oldest Brother- Prince Diabler
Always been a bit crazy, which runs in the family. He has gone 'exploring' a long time ago and never returned.

Older Brother- Prince Tetzar
A cruel older brother, but not 'evil' as some portray him. He is just lazy and selfish.

His Blow Dart


His... Problem.
People assuming his looks co-ordinate to his personality.
Drugs etc.


Makes friends easily. Or tries to.
Blow darting...


Once more, His problem.
Being alone for to long changes him.
Getting Chained/Tied down.

{Pets} N/A


Being mentally unstable runs in his family. He has Schizophrenia. Despite his bubble demeanor he can easily be put into depression. Connected to this he is Bipolar.
If something happens he kind of hides in himself and puts up these walls. These walls are a different side of Cole. A darker, meaner one. This Cole is much more dangerous and has no loyalties or compassion. Well, not really.

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Thank you so much!

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{Full name} Tybalt DiArgos
{Nickname} Ty (Tie)

{House} Mouse
{Year} Just started.

{Age} Biologically- 18 Real age- ???

Ty is on the right, the girl is a vision of the Snow Queen

{Gender} Male
{Sexuality } Bisexual
{Relationship status} Single
{Crush} N/A

{Species} Mostly Human

- He can't die. He just... Can't. Not yet, anyway.
- Gravity does not hold sway over him


- Throwing Knives
- Daggers
- Any type of short blade, including razors


Basically, Ty is a little sh- Oops, no swearing, sorry. He lies, cheats and is generally sarcastic. It's hard to know wen you are a true friend of his, but when you are it's worth it. Of course, he hasn't had a true friend in... A while. While he is friendly enough trying to get to close is inadvisable. But Ty would never do anything excessively malicious if you haven't done him wrong. Mind you, his version of malicious is normal peoples horrifically cruel.


It was during a war. Just a normal war between 'mythical' beings. Ty was the General of the humans army's son. The Snow Queen, the being the were waring against, killed him simply because of his father. Because with Ty's heart she would be able to get the Generals, through magic and dark arts. So she simply plucked it from the young boys chest while it was still beating. But as she followed the ways of the witch she had to keep the balance of the universe. 'What do you wish for?' The evil woman asked before he could die. His wish, on instinct, was to live. And so he woke up tens of years later. Alive, thank you very much, and with only a dim memory of his previous life.


Ty can not remember anyone, but the that his father was important in the war Ty died in.


+ Sleeping
+ Eating
+ Fighting
+ Tricking people
+ Flirting
+ Parkour
+ Rook running


- Being tricked
- Being beaten
- People with holds over magic (Witches, wizards and all that)
- Being dismissed


+ Daggers
+ Immortality
+ Athletic


- Although he can not be killed he can still be stopped.
- He is extremely easily swayed by magic, but not being hypnotized/taken over etc. due to a wish already granted by the Snow Queen.

{Pets} This adorable thing, which he has called Basil. Basil is not his, but sometimes turns up.


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{Full Name} Caleb Stevens
{Nickname(s} Cal

{House} Hawks
{Year} 1st Year

{Age} 18
(view spoiler)

{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Heterosexual (Straight)
{Relationship Status} Single
{Crush} None yet

{Specie} Elemental
- Control and Manipulate Electricity
- Control and Manipulate Air/Wind
- Teleportation

Cal is very playful and quite the troublemaker. He loves making people laugh and is overall a very silly person. Though he's actually quite smart and mature when he needs to be. He's very caring and loving, also a romantic.

Caleb's family put him up for adoption when they figured out he had powers. He never got adopted and the kids there bullied him for being strange. He eventually got a letter inviting him to the school, and he gratefully accepted.

He can't remember who his family was.
-Making people laugh
-Unnecessary violence

-Beautiful Girls
-Being serious

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Eerie (eeriev) description

{full name} Aer Thomas
{nickname} Aer (no nickname.)

{house} Foxes
{year} His 3rd year.

{age} 17
Human form:

{gender} Male
{sexuality } Straight
{relationship status} Single
{crush} None

{specie} Shifter
- Change in his wolf form.
- Super hearing.
- Super sight.
- Super smell.
- Super speed.

He doesn't like carrying weapons but he has a silver dagger.

He's exremely intelligent and observant very perceptive to details, possesses creative imagination and ability to focus and concentrate outside of exterior distractions. He understands and predicts human behavior. He doesn't sympathize with people unless it's his sister.

He was born in London, England. The family lived there until one day Aer was walking in the park at night after a football match with his friends. He found a wolf in his way and stood completely still. The wolf jumped over him and threw him on the ground. It didn't wanted to kill him, it just bit him and ran away, like if Aer had been chosen for this. A few nights later he turned into a werewolf biting his yonger sister making her a creature of the moon too. The father decided to take his children to a safe place so he flew to America where they got the letter from the school.

Father: Jason Thomas
Sister: Alison Thomas (age 9)

+ Smiles.
+ Snow.
+ Sweets.
+ Logic.
+ School.

- Arrogant/bossy people.
- Easy things.
- Stupid people.
- Emotions.
- Surprises.


+ Logic.
+ Observation.
+ Deduction.
+ His sister.

- Emotions.
- Physical strenght.
- Talking about his transformations.
- His sister.

{pets} None.



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Eerie (eeriev) Finished.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 58 comments Name: Adrian Paradox
Nickname: none
House: Wolf
Year: 2nd
Age: 17
Human Appearance: he stands about six foot six with tight strong muscles. He has a large and serious looking scar across his throat and four parallel scars down his back. He has pale skin, deep iridescent black hair, and red iris and silver pupils eyes.
Hybrid Appearance: he stands nine feet tall and heavily muscled. Skin is like a combo of feathers, scales, and hide; it is very very soft when he wishes or very very hard. He is a deep iridescent black with red iris and silver pupil eyes. Has a long strong tail. Wickedly curved and sharp claws on his hands but can be used in surprisingly delicate ways. Claws on legs are thicker than hand claws but still very sharp.
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: single
Crush: none yet but open.
Species: hybrid of dragon, wizard, demon, and angel.
Abilities: able to change to a hybrid form. Immune to all but the most potent of holy and unholy of objects. Able to do magic and such that no one else can besides some powerful ancient beings.
Weapons: many and anything he can make.
Personality: he is loyal and brave. He is sarcastic. He thinks more animal and different than most others. He has a sentient being named the Beast living in his mind.
History: he was born to an angel-wizard mother and a demon-dragon father. His soul was ripped in half by a witch and so Death blessed him with the ability to recover from seven death wounds no matter what. When he was eight he left his family and traveled, when he was nine he was captured and forced to fight in an arena on live-TV. When he was eleven he escaped but not before all knew him as a proven killer. When he was thirteen he fought against the Winter Fae Court’s greatest killer and won. When he was fifteen he was tricked into a den of hungry succubi and had to do something to get out a virgin, he hasn’t told anyone what he did though. When he was sixteen he fought against Bahamut to save his friend Nickolas van Helsing, he when and in the process gained a new ability as well as a raised position among the magical hierarchy. He came here to learn a bit as well as to recover from his fight.
Family: mother and father only.
Likes: chocolate, women, and making things.
Dislikes: idiots, those that harm women or children, and anything trying to eat him.
Strengths: immune to all but the most holy and unholy of objects, very powerful, and very smart. He is also blessed by Death, he can be killed seven times but will recover each time no matter what.
Weaknesses: bound by certain laws that restrict what he can make and when. He also loses control sometimes and rampages. Has a mind being that can take control easily.
Pets: he has a little magic pig, he is very cute and the ladies love him.
Other: he has an assistant named Bob.

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Stephanie (WildQuaffle) | 149 comments

{full name} Jesse Dominic Xavierons
{nickname} none

{house} Wolves
{year} 2nd years

{age} 17 years old

{gender} Male
{sexuality } Heterosexual
{relationship status} single
{crush} -

{specie} Water Elemental
-Control And manipulate water
{weapons} a knife

{personality} Nice guy. He is cheerful guy. He’s friendly and love making friends with everyone.

He is an Irish man, he was born in Ireland. He was had a good family ‘till when he accidentally killed them by his uncontrolled abilities. Then he lived with his uncle who treated him bad. His uncle hate him so much so he sent him to the school and disappeared.

All deceased

-Music (his favorite instrument is guitar!)
-His power
-he can’t wake up too early
-have no food

{pets} -
{other} -

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Stephanie (WildQuaffle) | 149 comments Aye, thank you! ^^

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 58 comments {full name} Nickolas van Helsing
{nickname} Nick, Nicky, and (more often than not) YOU IDIOT! ((i am down right serious))

{house} Wolf
{year} 2nd

{age} 17
{appearance} he stands about six ft seven inches. Really dark black hair. Deep striking emerald green eyes. Very well-muscled. Somewhat pale skin.

{gender} male
{sexuality } straight
{relationship status} single
{crush} none but open

{species} hybrid of incubus and wizard
{abilities} he is very good with powerful destructive magics, he is attractive to all but eunuchs and the genderless and even they feel attracted to him. He is able to sense the aura of things and read them. He also has an old and rare ability that makes him extremely more powerful when he fights any kind of supernatural being.
{weapons} a staff that allows him to channel his magic better, several magic swords,axes,maces, etc and has a living whip called Mors Mille Verbera or Death by a Thousand Lashes.

{personality} he is very charming and sarcastic. He tends to be blunt but can be subtle sometimes. He is brave and loyal to those he likes.

{history} when he was eight years old his magically powers awakened and from there everything fell down hill. When he was eleven he traveled and not a week after leaving home fought against a demon and killed it with a torrent of magical fire. When he turned fourteen his incubus powers awoke and since then every time he sees a pretty lady he can’t help but use his incubus powers on her. He later met Adrian and helped him out when he needed him. Since coming he has already gotten a reputation with the ladies as a “giver and a gentleman” , he had also beat some bullies to little puddles of whining drooling idiots and blown up a couple of rooms and buildings.

{family} a succubus mother named Lilith and a dad with old wizard blood and directly descended from THE Van Helsing.

{likes} women, making monsters and such go BOOM!
{dislikes} people who harm women and children, bullies, and anything trying to eat him, and cleaning up the monsters he explodes.
{strength} very powerful magically, able to beat most if not all supernatural beings in a fight, able to distract any female when he uses his incubus come-hither-and-taste-a-little whammy magic. ((yes i said that, admit it is funny!))
{weaknesses} he couldn’t use healing magic if his life depended on it. He also tends to blast and apologize for the mess afterwards.

{pets} has a giant magical wolf named Fang.

((this good?))

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Stephanie (WildQuaffle) | 149 comments @Rainpelt: umm, I just saw the Approved Character List and I saw my char, Jesse in girls list. Jesse is a guy. Could you move him to guy list, please? It would means a lot to me. thank you :)

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Stephanie (WildQuaffle) | 149 comments it's okay ^^

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 13 comments {full name}Anthony Bridges



{relationship status}Single

{species}Grim Reaper
-Mastery over scythe
-Shadow Walking(ability to travel through shadows)
-Shadow Manipulation
{personality}Anthony is a very shy and timid boy. He has difficulty talking to his peers as well as those older than him. He is skilled in a few fields, but has never fit in at Sapharon Academy, thus him being put in the Mouse house. He is antisocial and is usually found sitting alone. He is usually depressed and has a low self-esteem due to years of bullying at human schools.

{history}Anthony had a hard life. He lived with his mother who took care of 7 kids including himself. His father had left when the child, having been Anthony, was born, meaning he is the youngest. He desperately wanted to help, but one day his family suddenly died in a fire while he was out of town with his grandmother, which left Anthony an orphan. He then began to attend human schools at the age of 7, so he was behind alk of the othwr kids. He was bullied by the other students for not being as smart as them. Finally, at the age of 13, he began to attend Sapharon Academy.

Heather Bridges(Mother, Deceased)
Oscar Bridges(Father, Location Unknown)
Garret Bridges(Older Brother, Deceased)
Isaac Bridges (Older Brother, Deceased)
Luke Bridges(Older Brother, Deceased)
Weiss Bridges(Older Brother, Deceased)
Jacob Bridges(Older Brother, Deceased)
Kevin Bridges(Older Brother, Deceased)

-Sweet foods
-The color orange
-Sour foods
-Being bullied
-Fighting(Swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, etc)
-Phobia of blood
-Phobia of fire
-His past
-Low self-esteem
-Motion sickness


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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 13 comments Is chattie approved?

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 13 comments Its fine ^^ now I just need someone to rp with!

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 13 comments Lol that's okay!

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