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message 1: by alessia (last edited Nov 27, 2013 06:44PM) (new)

alessia (classick) [Lacey, Natsu, Mysti and AℒℰSSⅈA's topic]

There are three divisions in Finale City, Farrier, Paratroopers and Legislator. The Farriers are the ones that support both the Paratroopers and Legislators by supplying food, materials and weapons. The Paratroopers are the warriors and soldiers of the city, protecting the boarders and helping to invade other lands to gain more money and supplies. The Legislator are the rulers of the city, they make the laws and they are the ones that decide the movement of the city. Everything that they do not approve is illegal.

The city has always been lying in peace, the Legislator ruling well, the Paratroopers loyal and the Farriers hardworking.

But it crumbles away when a conflict arises.

The Farriers want more pay than they are given, they want more respect than they are given, they want more. But the Legislators have nothing to give. The Farriers stop working at the weapons and food supplies swoop low. This causes an uprising in the Paratrooper community, they are hungry and their men are dying as they lack of weapons. The Legislators cannot persuade the Farriers into working again, The Paratroopers are mad and start striking against the Legislators.

In an instant, nothing is what it once was.

Now, the Legislators are cowering in the shadows of the city, trying to avoid everyone else and survive. The Farriers are rowdy gangsters storming down the streets and picking on potential victims. The Paratroopers are highway robbers that are tense with the Farriers.

Life grows this way now.

But outside the abandoned walls of the city lurks a mysterious danger.

One strike,

And Finale City will fall in flames.

message 2: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments WHOOO

message 3: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) So, what do you want to be? I'll be a Paratrooper.

message 4: by Holt (last edited Nov 22, 2013 11:59PM) (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments WHOOOO!! FARRIER!!

(view spoiler)

message 5: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Yeah, the enemy would be good. We should have made this a 1x1x1x1.

message 6: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Yeah...

message 7: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Could we, like, change it and put this in the other folder?

message 8: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Maybe?

message 9: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Let's hear from Lacey.

message 10: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Okay!

message 11: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) So until she does, I'll sit here and shake a leg. I have nothing else to do.

message 12: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments I'll just watch anime.

message 13: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Fairy Tail?

message 14: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments So.. Lacey you there for this?

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Sorry! But yes! It works. I love it!!!

message 16: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Alessia was saying that we should make this into a 1x1x1x1?

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

That works for me!

message 18: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Now lettuce wait.

message 19: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) OKAY, MYSTI HAS JOINED US.

message 20: by Mysti (new)

Mysti  | 959 comments Hello!

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)


message 22: by Mysti (new)

Mysti  | 959 comments :) I'm using your line: I know you!

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

No.. Really?

message 24: by Mysti (new)

Mysti  | 959 comments Really. It's true

So....who all is what?

message 25: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Who wants to be a Farrier?

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Natsu wanted to

message 27: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Okay, then Legislator?

message 28: by Mysti (new)

Mysti  | 959 comments I could be a Legislator.

message 29: by alessia (last edited Nov 27, 2013 07:26PM) (new)

alessia (classick) I'll be a Paratrooper. Anyone else with me?

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

I will.

message 31: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) who will be the evil force?

message 32: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments NO ONE TOLD ME!! TT^TT

message 33: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Sorry?

message 34: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments TT^TT

message 35: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) What? I'm sorry. Nothing big has happened yet, anyway.

message 36: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments okay.. So.. Character templates ideas?

message 37: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments Or.. Lacey can take the part of the Farrier, I can be evil.. MUAHAHA--- I mean yes?

message 38: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Okay. You'll have to settle that with Lacey, though.

message 39: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments YEP

message 40: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) As for the template...

message 41: by Holt (new)

Holt (tnkphk) | 4724 comments yeah.. Or outline.

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