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message 1: by Josh Sitter (new)

Josh Sitter | 2 comments Hey so I was looking in the groups and I came across you all. I am the author of "How to Grow a Mask" and a not so anonymous member of Anonymous. I wrote my first book thinking of writing a book on zero to low cost travel and found myself with a front row seat for the revolution. I would love to engage with you all in this group and show you all what I have done to help with the courupt system that we all know. So thanks for having me and I look forward to many discussions and dialog with you all! By the way I am giving the book free on amazon (kindle version) tomorrow and if you happen to miss it msg me and I will email it to you. I wrote the book more for people to read it than the money. Again thanks for having me!


message 2: by David (new)

David Zumas (DavidDomon) Hey congratulations on the book. I read through a little and it sounds like you had a adventure. I can't promise that I'll get around to it but you can send your book to 79domon (at) gmail.com though I don't have a Kindle so it'll have to be a PDF. I also write but from a very different place. You can check it out on Amazon under the name of Seeing Time Through Revelation. Keep the mind fighting, this battle is far from over.

message 3: by Josh Sitter (new)

Josh Sitter | 2 comments Hey good morning David I will send the book to ya right now and you can download a free kindle reader from amazon for any format (PC Mac idevive tablet ect) from amazon here is the link


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