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Unearthly vs beautiful creatures

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Kelly Merzi What book should I read next? I am torn between the two. I enjoy very romantic books with a strong plot.

Lorena Haro Unheartly it is a better book than beautiful creatures, i enjoyed it very very much, besides, this series are oly 3 books and BC are four.

Reyhaneh unearthly

Wren i agree you should read unearthly first

Veronica (In love with Patch No Logic Needed) Unearthly. My friends say Beautiful Creatures sucks.

Eshana Unearthly all the way beautiful creatures is boring

Betlheam uhh.... hello its not a hard decision unearthly beautiful creatures is shit I fell asleep while watching the movie as well

Emily Krouk UNEARTHLY!!! you know a book is good when you have dreams about it...

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