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Jessie Adamczyk | 6 comments I read this book series between 2002-2007. I think there's four of them. The book takes place after a disease like the black plague takes over the whole world. People live at either end of the US and aren't allowed to go in the middle. There's a commune in the middle the government doesn't know about where people live. There are three points of view. One girl is pregnant, one has a psycho girlfriend, and its all about them figuring out this puzzle to get to the middle.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Where did you find the books? Bookstore, library, grocers? Do you remember anything about the cover? Why aren't they allowed to be in the middle of the country? And you only list 2 of the 3POVs you said that there were. Who/what provides the third POV? Do you have any memory of about where in the alphabet the author's last name was?

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Jessie Adamczyk | 6 comments It was at the library. And there's actually six points of view, three boys and three girls. I only remember the pregnant girl, this red head girl who ends up with someone named Michael (or Mark). They can't leave the coasts because the government doesn't allow them. They live in heavily policed areas. I remember in the third book, after they all get to the commune, they find out their commune leaders are experimenting on them with the disease and they have to get out. I can't remember a thing about the covers or the authors name.

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Jessie Adamczyk | 6 comments I also remember another male. His name is Jonah (i think? Starts with J) Also Mark/Michael is a point of view and he and his girlfriend try and find the commune but she goes crazy sport of and leaves him and winds up as queen of this biker gang thing.

Justanotherbiblophile | 1767 comments And if Lisa's suggestion isn't the one, there was a request a *lot* like this within the last couple of years, so check the solved folder?

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Jessie Adamczyk | 6 comments LISA GOT IT!! THANK YOU~

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Lisa (med0ra) | 436 comments Jessie wrote: "LISA GOT IT!! THANK YOU~"

You're welcome.

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