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Zeno had a chance to look at the Camp while everyone else was settling in. He stumbled upon a forest filled with Nymphs. Z took his camera along with him and started to take photos of the nature and tried to catch a picture of a nymph.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 7 comments Juliette and Damien took a small walk through the Forest of Nymphs. They were quite unknown to the meaning of the forest, or what it held. The pair simply believed it was a normal forest. Juliette and Damien walked along side each other, not a word being said. There was friends, and there were best friends. Friends would not be able to walk beside one another without speaking a word and feeling awkward, while best-friends could sit in silence forever and not a single moment would be awkward. It wasn't like there would be much talk going on anyways. Although good friends, Juliette still had a rough time speaking to people. She spoke quite often to Damien, but there were times where she would just hide away shyly. Damien on the other hand could speak loudly and obnoxiously and not give a damn. Damien didn't really give about what people thought of him. It only mattered what he thought of himself.

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After taking a couple of snapshots, Zeno stood there flicking through his pictures deleting the ones her thought weren't good enough. He loved taking photos for, memories. Good memories, as he had none at all. All his life that lead him to where he was, was terrifying. Z was about to run after a nymph but remembered what happened to Dionysus when he did the same thing and ended up being director of Camp Half-Blood for 100 years.

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☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 7 comments As the pair walked forward, Juliette grazed her hand across the tree's and flowers, gaining new information each and every single time her finger pads made contact with a new species of plant. This was Juliette's favorite way of gaining information.You could say it was almost a way of research for her. Without a single word, Damien nudged Juliette's side, causing her to look up. He nodded in the direction of Zeno,noticing that they were not the only ones who liked to take the occasional stroll in the woodland. Juliette nodded, acknowledging that they had company. She went back to her 'studies' and Damien returned to his silent thoughts. They didn't do much, just provided each other the company they so dearly needed.

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