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oh sorry didn't see this! um none right now but i can probably think up of something:) what genres do you prefer?

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Thats fine :)
Great! Well I do anything, but I prefer realistic over fantasy :)

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yeah alright:) um do you like romance or no?

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awesome! so hmmmm, there are a few plots we could do:)

new girl/popular
bad boy/ good girl
rich/poor or royalty/peasant
best friends romance
spy or gang romance(forbidden)

if you have anymore please do share, I'm simply thinking aloud here, and i know you like detailed posts, but as a general idea how long would you like them? Also if you like we could do doubles in this rp:)

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments There are two idea there that have just taken me on a feels trip! Best friends romance and bad boy/ good girl. They were like, the first rps I ever did on this site! I'd love to do those two idea's with you.

And you just read my mind, doubles is exactly what I want :D And if we have two different ideas, we can incorporate the doubles easier, if ya get what I mean? xD

Hmmmm maybe 15-20 lines minimum? Like not sentences, but actual lines that fill up the box if that makes sense?

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alright i'll try my best:) and u don't mind if i take my time for each post? when i do detailed rp's i like to take my time:)

And yeah sure, i love the two ones you picked, they're like one of my favs!!! okay, so would you like theses doubles to be separate or sort of like combine them so the characters all somehow know each other? either way is cool with me:)

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments That is perfectly fine, take all the time you need! :) I'd rather you'd take your time with a really good response then make it so fast there's a lot of spelling mistakes and it's difficult to read, so please, take all the time you need. I dont mind waiting :D

Hmm, I think it would be cool if they somehow all knew each other, like, they all go to the same school or something?

Now I know this is jumping the gun, but would you mind If for good girl/bad boy, that I were the bad boy? :D

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Thanks, i'll try my hardest to make good posts:) and yeah the characters all being in the same school sounds great! and that's perfectly fine, i'll be the good girl then and hmm also the boy best friend?

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Great :D Yup, sounds perfect. and I shall be the bad boy and the girl best friend :) Would you be able to make your charries first? I'm making another charrie for a different rp at the moment.

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awesome! and yes of course, but do you mind giving me a layout for the character template?

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actually i'll start making me characters, after you see them tell me if you want me to add something else to their layout and i will:)

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Great thanks :)
Sorry. Its just hard to reply cause I'm on my phone xD

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((no problem:):)

Name: Elena Vincent Monroe
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sex Type: Straight
Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/im...
Hair: extending few inches below shoulder, is a soft brown color with a slight wave to it.
Skin tone: a pale sort of olive complexion.
Eyes: a gentle blend of blue and green
Personality: Elena is a soft spoken girl. She isn't very social not because no one likes her but she actually prefers it that way. She is sweet and caring, never turning down a request to help someone in need. Elena is an honors student with top marks in almost all of her classes. She doesn't smoke, take drugs and she has never had any alcoholic in take. By many she is called a 'goody two shoes', she really doesn't mind the name but occasionally she feels the need to prove to people that she isn't perfect all the time. She is also a has a sarcastic sense of humor and is also very curious, but that's a side only people she is extremely close to see. At a young age her parents were divorced and neither of them was capable to taking care of her, so now she lives with uncle. Unfortunately her uncle isn't all that stable either, at nights he comes home drunk and messed up. He'll sometimes molest Elena and try to get her in bed, she refuses and so he just leaves and doesn't come back for days in a blind rage. As a result Elena has a tough time trusting people.

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Name: Nick Johnson Flank
Age: 18
Sex Type: straight
Appearance: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwi...
Hair: Dark brown hair usually slightly spiked up
Skin Tone: Pale complexion, sometimes tanned
Eyes: Sea green
Personality: Nick is a social outgoing adventurous type of boy. He has many friends, and unfortunately half as many enemies. He is a jock, he plays on almost all the sports teams and his grades aren't too shabby. At first he can come of as a jerk or an over confident type of person. But the more you get to know him the more lovable he'll be. He is competitive and hates losing, he is determined and doesn't like giving up on stuff. Occasionally he can be a pervert especially towards his close friends. On the outside he claims to have many peeps but really he only hangs out with one or two special ones. He had a stable past and supporting encouraging parents to help him along the way. He has a mischievous side to him and tends to be caught in detention, he doesn't mind though and he doesn't get in trouble for a too serious offence. He also has a soft side to his best friend(your charrie) and his family. He he'll anything in his capability to please them and make them proud.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments I'm here! D ANd my charries will be up soon. I love yours btw!

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Name: Spencer Luke Avery. Spence
Age: 18
Orientation Straight
Eye colour Sea blue
Hair colour Brunette

Personality: To put it bluntly, Spencer is a complete jerk. He is always thinking about himself, never giving a damn about anyone else, and always putting his needs above others. He isn’t competitive, but he will always crush someone and back stab them if it means he wins whatever it is that is being won. Other than his looks, there is something else he likes to keep exposed to everyone and builds himself highly on it. Its his pride. He will never, ever admit his wrong to anyone who is below him, and that’s pretty much everyone, and he would never congratulate someone if they bet him in anything, cause truth be told, they wouldn’t. Spencer is your everyday kind of ‘bad boy’ but tis not just a phrase given lightly, because he actually lives up to the name. Being exposed to bad behaviour all the time, he’s grown up knowing his actions are okay and what everyone else says is just bullshit. Yes, he is a drug addict. And yes, he is an alcoholic, but he doesn’t give a shit. It’s his life and he will live it as he sees fit. It’s a miracle he hasn’t been kicked off the team yet because he is a jock as well as a jerk, but not even the coaches are stupid enough to give him the brush off. His flirting ways with teachers gets him the grades, and his sexual ways with the hot girls gives him his pride and mojo, so it’s a win win situation. Spence isn’t overly violent, but he can get into the occasional fight, and whenever this happens god help the other person because he will most likely kick their ass. He lives with his uncle and Aunt because his parents OD, but this doesn’t stop him from acting the way he does.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Name: Scarlet Emily Rose Scar
Age: 17
Orientation Straight.
Eye colour Crystal blue
Hair colour Blonde

Personality: Scarlet is seriously probably the nicest girls you would ever meet She is honestly so sweet, gentle, kind and caring to everyone and anyone. Scar has always been like this, despite her seriously fucked up past, which isn’t an understatement. But despite all her troubles, she still takes it in her stride to be there for anyone else and offer her advice and help whenever and wherever its needed. Of course, no one knows about her life of abuse at home by her father, not even her best friend who she adores more than anything. Scar is as loyal as they come, always standing by someone, even if she knows they are in the wrong because she will always support someone who she cares about and loves no matter what. She wouldn’t put anyone else on the line for her own sake, and is always thinking of others. Now that being said, Scar is an intelligent girl, and like most, has an incredibly bitchy side that no one would ever want to see. She can be mean and rude and a complete bitch if she feels its necessary and will not tolerate people walking all over her and suing her. She is not a push over, and would never let anyone treat her that way. Ever. She may be cute, sweet and gentle, but that doesn’t mean she cant stand up for herself. At home, it’s a different story, but no one knows about that, so why bring it up? All in all, Scar is definitely one of the smartest and brightest girls you would ever meet, not to mention bubbly and just a down to earth kind of girl. She doesn’t have serve trust issues, but you better be working damn hard in order to earn it. She doesn’t just hand it out for free

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OMG!!! I Love your characters:) okay so where shall we start?

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Awh thank you :D I love yours! Hmm I'm honestly not sure xD How would you like to start?

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aww thanks!:D hmmm, maybe just one like a random day at highschool, or like a homeroom class is going camping or something?

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~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments We could do both? Random day at highschool for the bad guy and camping for the besties?

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yeah sounds great!!! mind starting?

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Would you be able to? I have to go for a while. Or if you don't mind waiting, I'll start when I get back :) cya later! :)

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k bye! um i guess i'll just wait then:) or if i have enough time i'll post:)

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Elena ripped of the covers on her bed and threw her legs over the side. Her alarm beeped monotonously, loudly ringing through her ears forcing the groggy feeling out her. It was a tiring schedule, as there was not even a single day of the week where she wouldn't have to wake up early, sometimes earlier then when the sun would rise, to head of to one of her extra curriculars. Yawning and stretching her sore limbs she strolled into the bathroom and got ready for cheer leading practice. The sky was turning from a dark velvety blue to a soft orange getting ready for the rising sun. Lately she had signed up for more activities then usual.. At first the main reason was to earn more credits for college. On the other hand people around her told her that the last thing she needed to do was impress people. Teachers could easily agree that Elena was their best student, and without the excess sports and clubs, she already had more then the adequate number activities to give her the needed credits. Hesitantly she agreed dropping some activities and relaxing a bit more. In the beginning it was great! She had more spare time on her hands and found herself having some peace and quiet at home. But soon her uncle had found out about her, and took her free periods to his own advantage. On an almost regular basis he would do anything to leave work early to spend some 'quality time' with Elena. She copped with it for a while, trying to tell him off, and explaining as gently as she could him that what he was doing was wrong. Being alone with her uncle was scary, he was a strong young fellow and when he tried hard enough he would abuse her and get whatever he needed. Most nights Elena ended up lightly bruised, but she refused to sleep with him the idea revolted her. Every night when he started she would lock herself in her room occasionally even missing dinner because of this. Wanting to stay away from home for as long as possible she picked up the activities again. At the best she would come home only after eight, eating dinner at her friends place or at a fast food center. She dried her hair and slipped into her uniform, packing some spare clothes in her bag. She sprinted downstairs and into the kitchen dropping her bag by the front door. Unexpectedly she ran into Jim, her uncle sipping coffee at the table. Tensing she dropped her gaze and quickly went pouring herself some juice and grabbing an energy bar. Without saying another word she headed out. " where do you think your going?" Jim snapped grabbing her elbow stopping her in her path. She felt her stomach knot but she kept her expression neutral. " Cheer leading." she answered. He scowled and dug his nails into her soft skin, pulling her to him. " since when did you have cheer leading bitch." he muttered angrily into her ear. Elena wrenched her arm away and glared at him. " since you became a lazy ass." she spat, and ran out of the house. Even as the door shut she could hear his muffled swearing and cussing. She forced the tears not to come and walked briskly down the path putting on a brave face. The secrets she hid inside her were well concealed, so far no one other then herself and her parents knew about this daily torture.

Nick sent a final message to Scarlet reminding her to come early for the bus which was schedueled to leave early for the class's camping trip. He smirked to himself, if anything Scarlet should've been reminding him but oh well. He scarfed down his breakfast and grabbed his bag. He had spent a last minute cramming session. Packing whatever he thought he would need for the camp. Kissing his mother good bye, he left for school catching the city bus just in time. Taking his seat he placed his ear buds and bobbed his head slightly listening to some new pop song from his ipod. He was more then excited to be going on this trip, and having Scarlet along made it all the more better. He had been friends with her since they were in Kindergarten, but lately he had some weird thoughts about her and their friendly relationship in general. Normally he would push down the thought getting embarrassed, but these visions had started invading his dreams as well. Nowadays he had to be more careful around her, having sudden urges to kiss her or like..well you get the idea. She was always cute in his eyes, but now she was becoming more beautiful, hot and dare he say it sexy! Shaking his head he cursed himself silently, getting of the bus and rushing to the parking lot. Right now they were friends, and until she was more comfortable he would keep it that way.

(( sorry, i didn't know what to write for him, had to come up with silly stuff, i'll get more deep later on.))

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments ((Okay, I'm here! My post will be coming shortly, just replying to others. And its perfectly fine, I understand that it can be short to begin with :)))

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Drugs. Parties. Alcohol. Hot bitches. Drugs. Parties. Alcohol. Hot bitches. Drugs. Parties. Alcohol. Hot bitches. It was the only thing on Spencer’s mind. Unlike miss goody two shoes, he wasn’t even thinking about his currnent year at school let alone colleges, for his future. He wouldn’t get any glowing recommendations, in all honesty he wouldn’t even get a single one, and he certainly wouldn’t get any credits. Now if they were given for those who lived on the wild side and lived most of their life on cloud nine and waking up in the morning with a pounding head and last nights taco and bottle of beer in their hands, he’d be the guy to get all the colleges for sure. They way he saw his future was that if he was lucky enough ot get into a college, he’d spend his day time relaxing and getting ready for the night, then spending his nights partying hard and doing keg stands at the keg party going on down the street, and the following morning he’s be getting over his hangover and the cycle would start all over again. The way he saw it, his life was pretty well sorted and pretty good. Of course, his Aunt and Uncle didn’t approve, and tell him he was throwing his life away. In fact, it was what they were doing right now as Spencer put on his shirt.
“Honestly Spence, when are you going to get your life together?” His aunt growled as his uncle stood on as an innocent bystander, just watching.
He shrugged in response. “My life is together. This is who I am, and I Like myself thank you very much, I’m not changing for you, or for anyone,” Came his muttered response.
“Spencer! You have your whole life ahead of you to do something great!”
“This is my life! And it is great!”
“Do you honestly think you parents would want this?”
“My parents died because they overdosed on drugs, I think I’ve done them proud by following in their footsteps and that they expect nothing less. So don’t pull the parent card on me, bitch,” He growled, grabbing his bag and a new packet of smokes as he through the front door open, storming out and getting into his mates truck.
Jake, Spencers best mate who knew all the hot girls and the best dealers always picked him up in the morning and always dropped him off after practice. He didn’t say anything, knowing that Spence wasn’t a morning person and just merely drove them to school without a world. When they arrived, Spencer climbed out of the car, ran his fingertips through his hair and popped a smoke in his mouth, lighting it up in front of the cheerleaders who stood in front of his car, “Hey gorgeous girls,’ He grinned, talking and walking smoothly past them, slapping some of their asses as he moved on past with his mates. The girls giggled and waved at him, dying to get his attention. But the only thing getting his attention right now, was either sleep, or a full on burst of energy from the party drugs he had in his bag.

Scarlet sat at the breakfast bench, picking away at her blueberry pancakes, not all that hungry. She had that dream again, the one about her father and his horrible abuse to her. But not only was her sleep invaided by that nightmare, but after she had awoken in a cold sweat and in tears then finally had fallen back asleep, she woke once again after dreaming about Nick! He’d been in her dreams for the past couple of weeks, and she honestly didn’t know why. Sure she really cared about him, and even in a best friends kind of way, she loved him, but why were these urges of her expressing her real intimate feelings coming to her mind? Scar thought that when she was sleeping they’d stop, but no! Her dad just glared at her from the bench, sipping at his boiling hot coffee that seemed to burn his lips on his emotionless face. Scarlet cleared her throat, throwing the remaining pancakes in the bin and getting her bag, pulling out her phone to see a text from Nick. She smiled, replying quickly before slipping it into her pocket and throwing her bag on her shoulder, I’m on my way It really wasn’t that far to school from her home, so she’d just walk it. “Bye….. dad,” She murmured bitterly as he watched his play toy and punching bag leave for her camp. Scarlet moved quicker than she usually would, arriving at school not a moment after Nick had. Scar observed the busy car park with her gorgeous blue eyes, spotting Nick almost instantly. She walked over to him, her bag still over her shoulder as she slipped up beside him, “Hey you,” Scar smiled, wrapping her much more fragile arms compared to his around his body and giving him a gentle hug. Even hugging him made the girls heart pound deeply in her chest. Ugh, why!? Why was she basically telling herself to screw up a perfectly strong and good FRIENDSHIP!? That’s all it was, and that was all he wanted, so she’d push her feelings aside to the best of her ability and move on.

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Reaching the school Elena tugged of her sweat pants and t-shirt revealing a body show casing cheer leading outfit. Personally it unmasked a little too much skin and drew unnecessary attention to her, all from the wrong people. Sighing she tugged on her short tight skirt, as far down it could go, and tied up her shoes. Being co captain she had to be early, and have all the routines, music and props out and ready for use. Sighing she looked up just in time to see some girls from the team rushing towards her all giggling and chatty. She smiled politely, and greeted them. As soon as all the girls had arrived they began stretches, with Elena in the middle leading them. In the mornings it was generally quiet with minimal distractions, but today while Elena had turned around to start the music, she heard an eruption of swoons and exaggerated sighs coming from almost every girl. She frowned a little and looked over her shoulder to see some football players pull up in the parking lot. Most of them were your regular cheesy jocks, but for a split second longer her eyes landed on dark haired boy with an hot, devilish grin. His face looked familiar but his name didn't come to her mind. Pinching herself she clapped her hands twice getting the girls attention. " Kay, we're gonna work on our second half of the routine, so get into positions." she said raising her voice a little. The girls hesitated briefly before listening to her. One of the football player, obviously one of the cheesy one wolf whistled, and yelled something of a sexual context towards Elena. Rolling her eyes she turned her back to the boys and turned her attention to the girls.


Nick spotted her as soon as she entered the front gates. No way, could he possibly miss that goddess like face. Keeping his expression normal, he grinned and hugged her back, kissing her forehead softly. This wasn't abnormal, they did this often, but inside for him at least it meant a whole lot more then just a friendly peck. Grinning down at her, he kept one arm securely around her small waist. He wouldn't admit it out loud but when she gave him a hug, his heart was doing a little tap dance. " you excited?" he asked smirking at her. It was a 3 hour bus ride, but being with Scarlet the whole while through would easily make up for it. He gently urged them into line as the teacher took attendance making sure everyone was here. He stood right behind her, wrapping his hands around her back, and holding her close to his body resting his chin on her head. Closing his eyes for a brief second longer then usual he inhaled her alluring scent, making him blush at the many thoughts that raced through his mind as they stood together.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Spencer just grinned that dopy and high grin of his as he leaned against his locker door, his hands resting in his pockets smoothly as he eyed off every single girl that walked past, giving them a nod of his head, and the hotter ones, a wink and a flirtatious grin. When they cheerleaders began to come into the corridors having finished practice, he whistled as each of them went past, his hair flopping into his eyes. God they were sights to see. He continued to take drags of his ciggarette puffing out clouds of smoke after each one. As he leaned against his locker and watched everyone walk in, his eyes landed on his girlfriend, Annabell. Honestly, she was one of the hottest girls and the fittest, but he was surprised at how long they had lasted. Without fail, at every party he’d hook up with someone different, all activities changing every time he did it. It varied from a simple kiss, to a full on make out session in the spa, to meaningless sex that he’d forget about the next day, most likely leaving the girl distraught. But in all honesty, he didn’t care. And neither did Annabell to be honest, because without fail here she was, walking up to him even though he’d been with a different girl at Noel’s party just the other night. Spencer took out his smoke, crushed it on the ground and kicked it away before wrapping his big and strong arms around his girl, lifting her up and allowing her to wrap and locker her legs around his waist. He grinned as he held her, trailing kisses up and neck and to her lips. It made all the other girls go crazy because he was giving attention to the girl he seemed to be in a strange relationship with, and not them. But Spencer knew they’d get there turn eventually. It was only a matter of time before his next party, and his next girl, which he had no shame in admitting. Actually, it made him fell kind of…. Proud?

At the feel of his arms snaking around her body and the feel of his soft gentle lips on her flawless skin, Scarlet felt her heart race, pounding heavily in her chest like the drums in a marching band that would go down the main streets during festivals and important days. She didn’t know what it meant to him, but for her, the kiss just made her blush, and she wanted to hold onto him longer than necessary. It wasn’t unusual for them to do this, and it wasn’t unusual for the surrounding people to stare and whistle, always encouraging them to be something more than what they were. It was what was happening right now. Some of her friends and his mates would nudge each other, laugh and giggle at the sight of them. She smiled up at him as he kept his arm around her wait, following as he nudged them into the line. Scar giggled softly and nodded, “I get to spend three hours on a bus with my best friend, I think that calls for some excitement,” She winked playfully, nudging him gently before his arms when around her, pulling her close to him. Scar felt another blush creep into her cheeks as she held onto him, closing her eyes for a brief minute. Moments like these were perfect when it came to him, and she hated having to let go. As the people in front of them began to board into the bus, Scar gently pulled away from him and took his hand in hers, holding it as she stepped up into the bus, sitting a few rows from the back like they always did when they went on a bus together.

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Elena rushed to the showers after their 45 minute practice. Quickly freshening up she entered the school just as the first bell rang. She ran a hand through her still slightly damp hair, and walked to her locker, glancing briefly at the clock relaxing seeing that she still had a good 10 minutes before her next class. When returning her gaze to her locker door, her eyes skimmed over a couple making out in the corner. Something about made her want to giggle, only because it seemed so rushed and there was no love, or affection in it. Pursing her lips she hid the oncoming smile but the corners of her mouth quirked up slightly. Elena knew she shouldn't be judging, because she wasn't in a relationship so she wouldn't know the in's and outs of a proper couple. The main and only reason she didn't have a boyfriend was because she had turned down every boy who had asked. And it wasn't a breeze or anything, some of these boys were hot, and a good majority were pretty talented. But being in a relationship was not her top priority and she didn't have any experience so she was a bit hesitant to start one now. Personally she saw herself to be normal, a plain Jane if anything. She was medium height maybe 5'8. She was told she had a gorgeous face but to her own eyes she had never seen that beauty, maybe because she was to modest or something. She had a good body, she looked sexy in a bikini, but didn't have those prominent curves and bumps males seemed to go crazy for these days. Reaching inside her locker she got her books out for her first class 'chemistry'. Her phone vibrated in her pocket, and a notification sound rung muffled by her shorts. She opened her cell and glanced at the text surprised by the message. It read,
' Hey Elena having a party tonight at 8 at my place, please come:)' The text was from Chris a former homeroom student in her class. Elena had never gone to a high school party as she heard some crazy things about them. On the other hand though this was her last year and she didn't want to leave without at least going to one of them herself. Before she could change her mind she returned the text.
' thanks. I'll be there.' she hit send and stuffed it in her pocket smiling a little as she headed to her classroom. This should be fun! (( hi, um sorry for interrupting but maybe she could meet spencer at one of these parties? I'm just suggesting its up to you.))


Nick relaxed in his seat placing his bags and Scarlet's on the upper compartment. He settled in the window seat and leaned his head back, grinning widely. " yeah, me and you on a bus." he joked softly. Glancing over at her and leaned in close to her ears. " you know with the Valentine dance and all..." he started shyly. For ages he'd been wanting to take Scarlet as a date to one of these dances, but both of them would always end up with someone else. Last year he had chickened out and the one before that another guy had gotten to her faster then he did. This year though he was going to take her, or at least try. " um well do you have a date to take you there?" he asked softly, a blush slowly creeping onto his cheeks. He normally was fine around girls but Scar made him get all airy and happy. He wasn't used to it and wasn't sure what it meant. Maybe, or hopefully by the end of this trip they'll have something figured out between them. Sighing he mentally rolled his eyes, he was keeping his hopes up to high, a girl like Scarlet deserved a great guy possibly the best guy in the world not some dork like him, he thought sadly to himself.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments ((No need to apologise, ahaha feel free to throw out any ideas whenever you wish, its not interrupting at all :) I absolutlu love that idea! Its great :D))
Not long after Elena got her text, Spencers and Annabell’s make out session was cut short when he felt the vibrations of her phone buzzing through his shirt and onto his skin, and to be quite honest it was rather uncomfortable. He looked up at her, pulling his lips away from her and slowly placing her down on the ground, pulling his phone out of his pocket. He read the message from Chris, a grin forming on his lips.
Hey my favourite party animal and stoner buddy, come to my party, it’ll be sick. Starts at 8 tonight!
Spencer let out a soft chuckle, not even replying to the message. Everyone knew that when there was a party on he’d be there, cranking things up and being the life of the night, getting everyone in the party mood. It was just who he was. And Chris didn’t even need to send the text, he’d show up invited or not. He looked down at Annabell, “Message from Chris? You’re coming right?”
Anna nodded with a smile, “Of course, I wouldn’t miss a good party.”
“That’s my babe,” he grinned, kissing her lips gently before grabbing his books off the top of his locker, “Catch ya later,” He called to her as she went to her own friends and he caught up with his, making their way to class. His eyes landed on Elena for a split second. He knew he’d seen her co captaining the cheerleaders, but he’d never ever spoke to her. She didn’t seem like the type he’d be interested in for the simple fact she wasn’t interested in him. If she was, she would have come over to him like every other girl. She was clearly not worth his time. He turned his attention away from her and stepped into class, right on the bell. It was a surprise being here on time, but even he surprised himself sometimes. He took his seat in the back of th class as per unusual, people getting up and moving for him and his mates after he’d give them a small glare. It was great when everyone did as they were told without even having to be spoken to. He dumped his books on the desk with a very loud thud and slumped into his chair, pulling out his phone and texting his girl a message before putting it away, turning to his mates and talking about the part tonight and what each would bring. It was going to be a great night, full of music, drunks and people on highs. He wondered if that Elena girl would go. He knew she got an invite because everyone did, especially when it was Chris who was hosting. But he wasn’t sure if she’d go. He’d never ever seen her at a high school party before. Spencer was kind of praying she would go, so her first party could be a night she’d never, ever forget, but something she wouldn’t want to remember either.


Scarlet smiled up at him as Nick placed her bag up above them, “Thanks,” She murmured, sliding into her seat beside him, letting out a soft sigh of contentment. She loved going on camps and field trips, she got to spend a lot of time with Nick, just talking and hanging out like the best friends they were. It made Scarlet feel guilty for feeling something more for him. She didn’t want to ruin such a good friendship and the strong bond they had, and there would be nothing worse then being rejected by him. Scar’s thoughts were interrupted when he leaned in near her ear, talking to her in that gentle and husky voice of his that sent her heart racing like a the horses on the race track. As he mentioned the dance and trailed off, Scar turned slightly to look him in the eyes, nodding, “Yeah, what about it?” As he paused, she noticed his blush and just wanted to nothing else but kiss him, but she had to remain calm and keep her cool, and force herself to look at his eyes and not his tempting lips. When he asked her about a date, she paused herself for a moment, thinking Don’t answer to quickly, don’t answer to quickly. He might get suspicious and ask questions Scar shook her head, after a moment, “No. I don’t have a date, why?” She asked in return. Was he going to ask her to be his date? Really? Scarlet could only hope. She went once with another boy, Matt, but he was a jerk and only wanted her there to make another girl jealous, he even tried to kiss her and make multiple moves on her. It was awful, so last year she went without a date, and went solo, but Nick was there so it was still an incredible night

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Elena walked early into class smiling at the teacher before looking at the slowly filling room. She took her seat in the middle row and sat at the edge close to the window. Honestly, she never understood why she preferred the window seat, maybe it was because it showed the outdoors or let her feel more free, so that it didn't seem like she was spending most of her day crammed in one classroom, and then just getting up to move to another one.

The lesson dragged on longer then usual. Sitting back in her seat she kept her posture polite and acted like she was eagerly listening to the presentation. Her mind wasn't concentrating on the boring lesson on immigration and such, she was more occupied with the party that she was planning on attending tonight.

Never in her whole years attending this high school had she ever gone to a party. Sure she gone to birthday parties and family weddings but never a blowout like this. Right from the start her relatives, not including her uncle, had warned her about staying away from invites like this. And for a long time she had faithfully listened.

But now she was almost an adult, she figured that the majority of the choice and decision should be hers alone to make. If she felt like going so be it, she would go. The whole morning went like this, right through History and Chemistry. When the afternoon bell rang she smiled softly walking to her locker and placing her books away. She texted her friend and thought maybe she could help her in choosing a dress wearing the right makeup. This being her first and maybe last party she wanted to ensure it was going to be great!


He avoided looking at her as he was positive that his gaze would seem idiotically desperate. Instead he focused on the seat in front of him keeping his face relaxed and calm. Scarlet had no idea about his crush, and at best for now he wanted to keep it that way.

He rested his arms on the arms rest on either side of him, and let his head tilt back slightly as he hung on each of her words. It was silly but she seemed to keep the suspense going making him more and more anxious for her response.

Gripping the edge slightly his knuckles turned a pale white as she continued. When she finally said she didn't have a date, he raised his eyebrows a little in disbelief. Even before asking he thought he had known the answer, of course she would have a date you big doof. The hottest girls in school always did.

He exhaled maybe a little to sharply and smiled a little, before just as quickly regaining himself. He forced an expression so it looked like he was acknowledging what she had just said. He cleared his throat and turned to look at her.

He forced himself not to waver his gaze, he took a deep breath before continuing. " uh, well Scar, um." he started stumbling over his words. He blushed a softly before going on. " S-Since you don't have um a date for the dance, and well." he nervously scratched the back of his neck with his hand. " well i don't have a girl either so i was wondering if you maybe you wanted to go to the dance with me?" he said quickly rushing the words out so he wouldn't make a fool of himself anymore. A dead silence hung in the air making his heart grow heavy.

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~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Spencer continued to stay on his phone through the whole class, leaning back in his chair and resting his feet up on the table, humming softly to himself as everyone else did the work they had to do. He refused to do any of the work and knew for a fact that being here was good enough. Spence ran his hand through his hair, ruffling his hair slightly and looking at the front of the room, his eyes landing on that girl who seemed to always keep to herself. Unless she was cheerleading. He bit his lip gently, looking at her with a soft sigh. For some reason, she seemed to be catching his attention a lot, even though she’d never even spoken to her. Ever. He didn’t even acknowledge her as a human being let alone as someone who he was so…. Drawn too? He shook his head, standing up and grabbing his things when the bell had run. He walked out of the classroom first, hearing the yell of his teacher letting him know he had an after school detention. He knew he’d end up having too for the very reason he wasn’t going to the first. Spencer had much better things to do then spend time with his teacher. Unless it was that hot teacher of his, Gem. She was a stunner. It was a surprise that he hadn’t slept with her yet, maybe because teachers weren’t really his strong point. He sighed and opened his locker, shoving his books into his locker, turning around to meet Annabell. “Hey baby, good to go? I know I’m starving.” He chuckled and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, walking to the cafeteria with her.


Scarlet bit her lip gently as he continued to avoid her gaze. It made her kind of worried. She ran her fingertips through her luscious blonde hair, looking down a the ground with a gentle sigh. Maybe he had a date already? Surely he would have. Other girls must have seen what she saw in him and felt the same way about him that she did… Surely. Scar sat in her seat silently, wanting him to hurry up and ask her what he seemed to be so nervous to ask. She so desperately wanted to grab his hand and pull him close to her, and kiss him. So much… When he started to talk again, it made her heart pound even faster. His nervousness spoke volumes and it was making her nervous too, like she should be expecting the worst here. Wouldn’t he just be able to ask her whatever it was he wanted to but seemed to be stopping himself? “You don’t have one?” Her voice came out more shocked then it should have and her eyes widened at how surprised it came out. She looked away from him, looking down at the floor of the bus, fidgeting with her hands that rested in her lap. His blush that had crept into his cheeks only made her blush too. “You want me as your date?” She looked up at him in complete shock, staring at him before she realised how it sounded. A smile formed on her lips and she nodded, “I’d love to go with you,” She murmured to him and meaning it. She gently kissed his cheek before letting her head rest gently on his shoulder, all her nerves disappearing. Scarlet relaxed into him, still smiling. Scar had honestly never been so happy to go to the dance. Since the dance a couple of years ago, she swore she’d never want to go again and that she would never have fun if she did. But being on the committee, she kind of had to show up and make sure everything went to plan, and as stated before, her best friend was there too, so the night went from being horrible to beautiful, and now she’d be going to the dance with him.

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Elena ran a hand through her silky smooth hair and opened her locker door quickly grabbing her purse and shouldering it. She felt hungry, and normally she was willing to settle for the crappy cafeteria food, but today she felt different. She wanted to satisfy her hunger. Glancing at the clock, she decided to head out and have lunch at Chipotle instead.

Most kids didn't have a choice, due to restricted timing they could only have lunch at the cafeteria or bring a meal with them to school. During the summer of her 8th grade, Elena had took a summer's course and finished one of her subjects then. This gave her a full hours lunch period and an extra spare for 70 minutes. So she had pretty much two hours to kill.

Walking outside she left the school building and looked around the street before crossing the road. The balmy breeze gently breathed through her hair, causing it to blow over her face slightly as she picked up pace hurrying to the fast food center. She quickly opened the door and walked in, immediately greeted by the smell of spicy Mexican sauces.

Scanning over the menu she settled for a beef taco and coke. Only once in a while would she allow herself to indulge in greasy dare she say it unhealthy foods. Regularly she stuck with a healthy diet. She took a small table and began eating leisurely. Looking out the window she saw the clouds hide the sun, and heard the gentle tap of rain against the glass.

After eating she sipped her drink and stood paying for her meal and walking out. She quickly called a taxi and sat at the back. Elena surprised herself when she asked the driver to take her to a dress shop. At home she had the most geekiest dresses so she figured the least she could do for the party was to dress about properly.

As she walked up to the doors the automatic doors slid open showcasing an expensive high end, flamboyant dress shop. She smiled her eyes twinkling as she looked around the endless rows of designer outfits. Still grinning she headed to an area that seemed to hold her size. There was so many good choices the only trouble Elena had was choosing between her favorites. In the end she settled for a cute short black dress that hugged her body perfectly. It made her look like she had some curves and showcased her slim long legs beautifully. (http://www.prom-dresses-wedding.com/p...)

Within the two hours of free time she had, she was able to collect all the necessary items for the party tonight. Just in time she returned to the school, quickly grabbing her books and heading to her next and final class. She couldn't help but smile to herself as she walked down the hall.


Nick felt his heart pound loudly in his chest. Time moved incredibly slowly as he saw her expressions change considering his question. Silently he cursed himself, he was stupid to think she would agree. Scarlet was a goddess and he was mere mortal walking on this earth. He didn't deserve her and he let reality sink in.

Hearing her ask questions helped him snap out of his thoughts. He sighed and shook his head, getting enough courage to look at her. " no, i don't have a date." he mumbled shyly looking down at his fingers that were laid on his lap.

His eyebrows creased a little at her next question. Of course he wanted her as his date! Hadn't he made that obvious already? Pursing his lips he nodded not even trying to hide the strong blush that appeared on his face. He was a little surprised seeing a blush form on her cheeks as well. Was she embarrassed of him or something?

He dropped his gaze looking out the window instead sadly. Nick really thought she would give in maybe he could have a chance at being lucky, but no this was it. Nothing more the a strict friends relationship. He leaned his head back on the head of his seat looking out the window staring at the blur of gray and spots of colors as the bus rushed past cars on the highway.

Just as his heart returned to its slow boring pace, her last words rang through his ears. He jerked his head up looking at her, not really believing it. A laugh escaped his throat. He sat up processing this. Scarlet, his secret childhood and high school sweetheart had agreed to go with him to the dance. He grinned like an idiot when she kissed him. His heart fluttered pumping twice as fast as he let her rest her head on his shoulder. He had never felt more happy in his life. " Thanks Scarlet, I promise to make this your best dance." he whispered kissing the top of her head softly, resting his head on hers.

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