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Biased and Over the Top

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Cj I myself attended Prior Lake High and Ellie's interpretations were very off par. The teachers she so bashed were some of the most liked and kind ones. They did their jobs perfectly and many of the portrayals (especially Strege's) are way off kilter. Also many of her stereotypes (like the only black kid in school) were very wrong. My friend's sister was featured in this book and even she agrees that her high school years here were nothing like how Ellie wrote it. She hung out with the crowd that genuinely hated school and never applied themselves, leaving room for disapproval. Not to mention her 'favorite' teacher that had just started no longer works in the district, and not by said teachers choice. She was very unfair in some of her accusations and assumptions, ultimately writing from her own perceptions and opinions rather than fact. It's a good cliche book to read on your spare time, but still very inaccurate and down right wrong on most of the scenarios.

Gary Braham Thanks for the feedback. I was interested in knowing if the people who actually lived it found the book to be fair. I graduated from a suburban hs in NY a few years before this book was researched, and found a lot of it to be relatable. I didn't think she bashed the teachers too much, with the exception of Strege. Even she was shown to have some strong points. But she's not like any teacher I've ever known if even half of the stuff writen about her is true and accurate.

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