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The premise lost me - anyone else?

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message 1: by Tom (new) - rated it 2 stars

Tom Mini-spoilers
I loved her other books, but I got off the bus early on this one. The idea that She can go in and sit down with roommates and pretend to be someone. No one asks about last Tuesday? No private jokes? Where's the can opener? I just couldn't believe that it could be pulled off. I closed the book.

Marni I finished it but I agree...pretty far fetched.

Tash Dahling I loved this book. Far fetched for sure, but it reminded me somewhat of Donna Tartt's Secret History. Both so beautifully written. And if you stick with this series you'll find that each ofher books are written in almost entirely different styles.

Tim The Enchanter I love Tana French. Without a doubt she is one of my 5 favorite authors. I will agree that the premise of the book is far fetched and it does not become more believable as the story progresses. That said, it didn't matter much to me while reading. French's novels are so character driven that the plot only plays a secondary role. The development of the MC is so captivating that I didn't really care that the plot was absurd. That said, if you love plot driven novels than you probably won't get past the first few chapters.

message 5: by Tom (new) - rated it 2 stars

Tom Don't get me wrong, I love Tanya French, and have read and enjoyed all of her other novels. Sometimes though one issue with a book will distract me so much that it prevents my suspension of disbelief & ability to get into the story.

Christine Z Mason I love French's other books, and the prose was good in this one, but the plot was utterly implausible. I was greatly disappointed with The Likeness.

Marni Tash wrote: "I loved this book. Far fetched for sure, but it reminded me somewhat of Donna Tartt's Secret History. Both so beautifully written. And if you stick with this series you'll find that each ofher b..."

Oh good I just bought The Secret History (she has a new book out as well if I remember correctly). I've actually read In the Woods, Faithful Place and Broken Harbour...hands down favourite so far...Faithful Place.

Janet I enjoyed The Likeness and Tana French's writing style. However, I do agree that being able to pretend to be someone else for such a long period of time seems not very plausible but I still enjoyed the book. I just got Into the Woods and am anxious to start reading it.

Sarah This book resembles the Secret History more than anything I've ever read.

I'm fine with suspending my disbelief for the purpose of her fitting in with them and no one can tell the difference, (although yes they would have had inside jokes and its implausible) but the part I couldn't ever get over was why they looked identical? That just doesn't happen. I was so sure there'd be an explanation in the end. It's not good enough for me, I need a reason two unrelated girls could pass for identical twins.

Elizabeth R I agree, it seems to resemble the Secret History, but I picked that book up and threw it down in digust after only a chapter. It had that deathly depressing pall over it that some books have (ahem, Gillian Flynn) and I hate. This book was vibrant and full of love. In general, French's characters are redeemable. Flynn's and possibly Tartt's are not, and I've come to realize that's something I can't stand in a book. The first time I read this was on the heels of In the Woods, and nothing could do for me like that story. But in subsequent rereads, this book has really started to shine. I always loved Cassie as a narrator, and Daniel is one of the better characters I've read, ever. Their whole conversation in the garden when she's wireless is breathtaking.

message 11: by Anja (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anja Banjanja ^ I'll have to agree on that one! I read "The Secret History" expecting to love it as much as "The Likeness", but I just wanted to slap all the characters and listen to some bridged version. Yes, the story and character's parts in the game are similar, but French makes it lovable. People compare Daniel and Henry, but to me they are very different, beside "oddness" - Henry's sociopath, while Daniel just has weird and brilliant mind, but is not robbed from feelings; all he did, he did for his friends. That being said, I also agree about him being one of the best characters. I still re-read that conversation, it's stunning.

As for the plot, it is pretty impossible, but in order to appreciate the story I just gave it the benefit of the doubt. It would never had happened in real life, but, hey, it's book and it's there to enjoy in it, and I certainly did!

message 12: by Shaun (new)

Shaun Bossio I agree completely. I got through In The Woods, though I didn't love the ending. Here, I had to put this down after 100 pages. Just couldn't buy into the doppleganger. I read the synopsis later and was glad that I didn't spend the time reading the entire thing.

Walter Krause I have Read, In the Woods, The Likeness and Faithful Place and I agree that I love the way Tana French weaves a tale but not the biggest fan of how she ends said tale. I think for me The Likeness had the most complete ending, and I pulled for Cassie all thru In the Woods and The Likeness. I have never read Secret History nor will I because of the many bad reviews I've read and heard, but will continue to enjoy Tana French's books even if I find the endings for the most part unresolved and,for me, unsatisfying

Emily Barker Agreed, the premise is absolutely preposterous, like something out of Victorian melodrama. I have to say that I still got caught up in the book and was sorry when it ended. Tana French is a wonderful writer, and I'm glad that, with Faithful Place and Broken Harbor, she has finally found stories to tell that are worthy of her talent.

Blues Just couldn't force myself to wade through this book past the first few chapters. Way too many issues and conditions which I, for one, wasn't willing to accept.

Tasula I just read it and although I did enjoy it, I agree the premise was completely unrealistic- posing as the missing roommate and claiming amnesia for only the few missing days- no one could manage to avoid slips that would reveal they were not the roommate. I picked up Tana French because she was likened to SJ Bolton, who I think is fabulous, but I greatly preferred Bolton.

Heather Nelson I thought the premise was not plausible and also once Daniel figures it out... it should have been over then not 200 pages later.

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