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Rosie (rosiee_xxx) What were your thoughts on the Catching Fire movie? Did you think it was as good as, better or worse than the book? :)

Jenna | 12 comments I don't know I really liked it but I loves the book

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I thought it was great but nothing can be better than the books. I really enjoyed catching fire better than the first film

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Allison Janezic (allilj) | 16 comments I think it was better than the first by a long shot. Of course they had more money to work with which helps. It was very close to the book but there were some things that were changed (as they do for every book to movie adaptation) and the one thing they changed (view spoiler) Which I wish they had not changed that but understand it makes his character seem more heroic. I have to say with everyone complaining about Finnick's casting, the actor who played him was exactly as I imagined Finnick to be. In my opinion he did him justice. What surprised me was the woman who played Johanna. I liked her so much more on screen than in the book. She made Johanna come alive for me. I loved the scene in the elevator. I also found myself loving Effie a lot more here. In THG I found her to be kind of annoying but this movie had me laughing out loud and found her to be quite loveable. Even though she is kind of completely clueless to the tragedy around her. Of course the entire capitol is in fact quite vapid and self centered.

I would have to say the one thing that viewers of the film will have to be is familiar with the first movie. I took my 16 year old nephew to see this and honestly he had so many questions of what and why certain things happened that it was distracting. This was my favorite book only because the ending of Mockingjay was rushed and IMO incomplete. They did a great job with this film. I hope they can improve Mockingjay from the book.

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Allison Janezic (allilj) | 16 comments That is exactly how I felt Maxine. In the book I could take her or leave her but on film the actress was so badass that she made me want to be her. I loved the scene where she was interviewed by Caesar. She was bold enough to say whatever she felt no matter what. Something none of the others (not even Katniss) would ever do.

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Amy Jackson | 27 comments Oh, I wish I could've seen it, it sounds like it was amazing! I can't wait until I get the chance to watch it!

Allison Janezic (allilj) | 16 comments Amy wrote: "Oh, I wish I could've seen it, it sounds like it was amazing! I can't wait until I get the chance to watch it!"

Amy if you are able I recommend IMAX. It's so great in IMAX. :D

Flavia | 2 comments I thought it was FANTASTIC! Really, I have never seen a better book to movie adaptation! It was just perfect and there's nothing I would have changed. I loved that a lot of lines were almost the exact copy form the book and that they kept the essence of everything.
You know how the saying goes, the book is always better than the movie, but I'm afraid I'll have to admit this movie was fairly close to do it
The only important part I think they didn't include was (view spoiler) ,although I think that if they have included that part the ending wouldn't have been so unexpected

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Allison Janezic (allilj) | 16 comments Flavia: While I agree about the movie deleting that scene was disappointing it made the climax of the film more unexpected and exciting. It left viewers wanting more. 13 is supposed to be gone. To now know it's not is what will drive people to want to find out how and why in Mockingjay.

The one thing I did notice. (view spoiler). I found that kind of disappointing. Simply because not all YA movies are alike. More than likely this directer never saw BD1 but it was the only part where I went, UGH... doesn't anyone have a unique approach on a cliffhanger? This is why critics compare all YA adaptations. JMO...

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Cassie | 1 comments I,loved it of course the books will,always be better but i did find the movie to be fantastic i loved the character who played finnick alot and also johannah (sorry if i misspelled) i wish they could have put more of the baby humor they did in the book as to when they are in the arena but yes some scenes from the book,that i liked were not in the movie but its understandable alot to put in the movie i really cant wait for the last one to come out so far catching fire best movie of the year for me

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ (charlie_awesome) | 625 comments The book is always better, but few movies have a better portrayal of the book than Catching Fire. Of course, some things were changed, but it was a drastic improvement over the first movie, and a spot on interpretation of the meaning and feel of every character. It's always nice to see direct quotes from the book, and there was a lot in here.

Aizel (aizelm) | 10 comments though the book will always be better, i actually liked the movie version. It was a mixed of lil' bit comedy and action. I just felt that the arena scene started too late during the movie and cut short way early? I dunno.. but all in all, it somehow justifies my expectations towards the movie. And Effie's edgy look is to die for! She managed to pull off every dress.

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Fakhara Agam | 2 comments I saw the movie last night alone with no friends at all, but the movie is quite friendly to me, no better than a book that detailed, the book was just lil better, but the movie still amazing.

Kelechi (kele_xo) | 2 comments I absolutely ADORED the movie.
The change in director was definitely for the better. There was just more emotion for me, and more depth, as well as more intensity.
Finnick was EXACTLY as I's imagined him, Sam Claflin was just PERFECT acting him, he was charming yet sensitive, cheeky yet well-meaning, and completely in love with Annie, you could just see it.
And as for Johanna, she was just so BADASS and incredibly fierce and defiant and courageous and brave. I admire and respect her character so much, and Jena Malone really captured the essence of her.
This movie just adapted the book in the best, most RIVETING way possible.

William Watkins | 2 comments I did enjoy Catching Fire, yet I felt there were certain things that needed to be more prominent within the film, such as
1) Mags' death needed to be played on, I couldn't even find it emotional as it was over before it started.
2) The realization of Katniss and Peeta that everyone was helping them, they said the odd bit but nothing that was really noticeable.
3) I found the film went really quickly and even though it was a lot longer everything seemed rushed to me.
4) Cinna getting beaten up didn't seem as tragic as it did in the book.

However, did you guys think in the book that Johanna and Finnick were characters I didn't like, but in the film I loved them, they were the most likable characters for me. I also thought that they made the actual arena look just how I imagined it in the book, so that was a bonus.

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beth (beth01) William wrote: "I did enjoy Catching Fire, yet I felt there were certain things that needed to be more prominent within the film, such as
1) Mags' death needed to be played on, I couldn't even find it emotional as..."

Also, they didn't include Bonnie and Twill, the two escapees from District 8.They changed the last line and added on a sentence,and yeah, I felt that Mags' death was waaaay more dramatic in the books, and they thought about it for ages afterwards.
So yeah.

Alyssa I finally got around to see Catching Fire today (thank you snow day!). As usual, I think the book was better than the movie, but I was still quite impressed. I was slightly disappointed with the first film and surprised to find out that Catching Fire was better. I'm glad that they are improving the movies and now have high expectations for Mockingjay.

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