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Post your characters name, age, godly parent and the number of years they have been at camp please.

Arion Quentin (18) Been at camp for 10 years. He's head of the Poseidon Cabin.
Rosalie Quentin (6) Been at camp for 0 years

Brittany Stevens (17) Been at camp 10 years. Head of the Athena Cabin
Graham Mayer (17) Been at camp 7 years.

Astrid Faye (17) been at camp for 1 year.

Alexander Williams (18)- six years

Alexander Edwards (13)- 0 years

Arianna Potter (16)- two years

Ailsa Thompson, 16, 4 years-
Guinevere 16- 8 years

Poseidon- Hayley
Zeus- Megan
Apollo- Hayley
Khione- Hayley
Aphrodite- Hayley
Athena- Megan
Artemis- Megan

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Rosalie Quentin, six, zero -Poseidon

Brittany Stevens, 17, 10 -Athena

I'll get back to you on Alex.

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Alexander (Alex) Williams, 18, six years -Hephaestus

♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) | 52 comments Name: Astrid Faye
Godly Parents: Ares
Number of years at camp: 1 year shy

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rimskur Alexander Edwards, 13, 0 years--Hades

Arianna Potter, 16, 2 years--Hermes

Graham Mayer, 17, 7 years--Athena

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rimskur Ailsa Thompson, 16, 4 years--Dionysus

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Ella (bumblebella) Fabio Alexander Di Antonio
15 years old
Been at camp for 4 years

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rimskur Anastasia Corrine Winsor, 16, 8 years--Athena

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Donnie Woods 16; Zeus

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Celestia Vinditorri; 13; Apollo

Luna Vinditorri; 8; Poseidon

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E M M A Dean Mateo Romano; 16; Appollo; 0years

Abbigail Rae Callaghan; 6; Demeter; 0years

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Sierra Finley(17

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Sierra Finley (17) been at camp 5 years

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Daughter of Athena (I will edit my posts after school today)

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