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Kristen | 45 comments Mod

Name: Alana Topaz
Age: 18
District: 2

 photo alana-blanchard-t1_zps8ebb1fe9.jpg
Hair: Blonde/Brown
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Skin Tone: Tan
Build: Light but toned
Distinctive Markings: none

Personality: At a glance, Alana is sweet and vulnerable. Of course, this is only a cover, to hide her true nature. A born killer, being from District 2. Not that she enjoys killing, but it happens, as many things do. One could call her stubborn. She almost always gets her way. Or you could call her strong-minded. She always thinks for herself in the long run, not changing her mindset for anyone. To her, love is a game that didn’t necessarily matter. Her parents’ marriage was only a title anyways. Family is a duty to her. The only opinion that matters to her, really. She values strength in a person. Not only physical, although that was a bonus, but mental as well. She respects the Capitol, along with her family. Without them, they wouldn’t be anything special. Her mindset is for survival and she will do anything to achieve it, to bring pride not only to her district, but to her family as well.

History: Alana was born to Victorya and Jason Topaz on a bright summer day. Her mother was a previous victor and her father was a peacekeeper who Alana rarely saw. This absence of a father allowed her to be independent, seeing female dominance in the household. She had a rather luxurious life in District 2, living in the Victor's Village. She was put in the Academy at a young age, becoming an experienced fighter as her parents once had. Her brother was a constant presence, always encouraging her along the way. When she turned 10, he volunteered for the Games and won, bringing more fame to the family. Alana would be next to carry on the legacy. She trained harder since, knowing that. She learned to be flexible with the weapons she used, switching often so that she could use anything. She would need to be prepared. She studied every Games carefully, learning to identify strengths and weaknesses in the tributes. She climbed daily, knowing every skill she could get would be useful at some point. When she turned 18, she knew she was ready. This would be the year. And so she volunteered.
Victorya Topaz
Jason Topaz
Mason Topaz

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: Alana can use any weapon, although she prefers knives or a bow.
Talents: Alana is a talented gymnast, although it is only a side hobby. She is also a talented killer, something her family likes to brag about.
Likes: Alana enjoys talking, to herself, although some think that is weird, and to the people around her. She also enjoys practicing flips.
Strengths: Alana can swim, not always common among tributes. She is also fairly flexible, in the mind and body.
Weaknesses: Spiders(yes, the killer girl is afraid of spiders), heights(something she's been working on with climbing and such)
Other: She volunteered.

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Vicki | 3 comments Name: Maddi-joleigh
Age: 19

Mixed martial arts expert! Lethal all round.
Loves nun shacks and samurai swards.

Only family she has left is her little sister (not so little at 6ft tall).

She loves family and is a very loving and honest and loyal friend but anyone who tries to stab her in the back will see the dark side of her and wish they had never crossed her.

She is in love with one man but not sure if she can commit to him.

Very healthy and sporty person and very well looked after.

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Vicki | 3 comments Forgot to add my district to maddie-joleigh

District 6

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Kristen | 45 comments Mod
Um....the oldest tributes can be is 18...and there's a thread in this folder with the character template...

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Kristen | 45 comments Mod
Is my character approved?

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Kristen | 45 comments Mod
Thanks :)

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Vicki | 3 comments Can't do it on my phone and you've made it too complicated for me.
If there is a max age limit then just put it to the max limit.

Thought it was Ment to be just for fun but not really mad it easy enough to do that. I'm only following what comes up on my app.

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Name: Sparkle Spade
Age: 26
District: 1



Eyes: blue
(view spoiler)
Skin Tone: very light
Build: light
Distinctive Markings: none

Personality: Sparkle is very bubbly and cheerful at almost all times. She is very observant, especially when it comes to manners, as her aunt had identified almost invisible flaws when she was a child. She sees the Games as an honor for the tributes and is blind to the terrible living conditions of the districts. Since she is a fairly new escort, she can seem ignorant at times.
History: Living in the luxury of the Capitol, Sparkle didn't experience many hardships. But no hardship could compare to the first tragedy of her life. Both of her parents were killed in a train car accident when she was only five. Unable to grow up with them, her aunt and uncle adopted her into the family. There she learned the aspects of being a lady by her aunt and the concept of the Games from her uncle, who bet on tributes each year. The Games became a second home for her, as she attended them each year. Since her mother had been a stylist, her uncle thought it would be a good idea to bring her with him to bet each year. Eventually, Sparkle came to know how to identify the winners from the pack. She soon went to college, majoring in the Games, and soon after graduating got an offer to be the escort for District 1. She accepted immediately, overjoyed at the amazing opportunity.
Uncle Charlie
Aunt Lilac
Parents: Unknown
No Siblings

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: N/A
Talents: fashion designing, shopping, planning parties
Likes: shopping, exploring the Capitol, throwing parties
Strengths: deadlines(most of the time), planning
Weaknesses: being last-minute, the unexpected

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Name: Faye Elizabeth Anderson
Age: 15
District: 5



Hair: Light blonde brown
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Skin Tone: Fair
Build: Slender
Distinctive Markings: None

Personality: She is a bookworm,very intelligent and smart. She is a little awkward in front of other people as she doesn't know how to act as she has been on her own for most of her life with only adults for company. When she comes out of her shell you see a friendly determined girl who knows what she wants and how to protect her friends. She has a short temper and is used to being on the outside.
History: She was born into a poor family who work at a power plant. She was not neglected as such but her parents didn't take much notice of her other than to give her food and take her to school as such she became a little withdrawn. When she started school her teachers noticed her intelligence and always gave her spare books to read about anything and everything they could find that was suitable. They tried to feed her intelligence so she had a bigger possibility of getting a good job within the district maybe as a geologist, that's if she wasn't picked as a tribute at the hunger games. As she grew she became separated from her peers because of her intelligence. Nothing much of interest has happened to her since.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: Bow and Arrow
Talents: Reading
Solving Puzzles
Analyzing the arena and her opponents weaknesses
Using Logic
Her temper

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Name: Audrey Rose Black
Age: 21
District: 12

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue- Grey
Skin Tone: Fair
Build: Slender
Distinctive Markings: None

Personality: She used to be a very bright and bubbly girl that was friendly to everyone despite the challenges of living in the Seam. But after the games she changed. She was forced to kill and had became a lot darker. She is cold and unfeeling now and refuses to get close to anybody because of what she had faced in the arena. She still has traces of her old personality left through. She can be sweet to anyone who is hurt or needs help. She is also very fragile and wants to be loved but is scared of falling in love in case they hate her because of what she has done and what she now has to do.
History: She was born in the seam to a father who came from the town and a mother who was from the Seam. No one could believe that her father had given up his life in the town to live in the seam. The couple then had a girl named Emma Janette a few months after they married. Three year later they had a little boy named Gabriel and two years after that they had Audrey. Being the youngest of three siblings her family always tried to protect her. They wouldn't let her take tessare even if the rest of the family had to go without food. When she was 12 her name was drawn as the tribute for district 12 but her brother volunteered to save her life. He was the 9th tribute to die in that years games. They all grieved over his death and Audrey blamed herself for it even through she knew it was her brothers choice to go into the games. Her name was then drawn again when she was 18, at that age none of her family could volunteer for her as they were to old. She was trained well by her mentor and districts 1 mentor who saw her potential and helped her. She fell in love with districts one mentor due to the caring way he treated her but she never found out if he felt the same. She went into the games and came out the victor due to her logic and courage. She managed to find a safe place to hide in that years arena which happened to be city. She took most of the other victors out in fair fights. Once she had one she was relieved. She felt drained of energy and emotion. The captiol then prostituted her out to the highest bidder. She had completely shut off her emotions by that point and nothing of interest has happened to her since.
William Black
Sara Black
Emma Janette Black
Gabriel Black
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single but crushing

Weapons: Sword
Talents: Fencing
Being on her own
Districts 1's mentor
What she has been forced to do
Her ability to care
Caring too much,
Other: Is know as the Ice Princess throughout Panem due to her personality.

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Could you please bold the subtitles? Other than that, I love it

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Sure :)

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Name: Kaya Elizabeth Jameson
Age: 17
District: 9
Hair: Long chestnut brown with lighter streaks
Eyes: Hazel
Skin Tone: Fair
Build: Slender but slightly toned
Distinctive Markings: A long scar down her left shoulder blade that ends at her lower back.

Kaya is very sweet although it may be hard to get past her shell of shyness. She's very quiet and prefers to keep it that way for fear of people hurting her or judging her. She's very insecure and loves to compliment other people. The girl is selfless and very generous. She has a big heart and loves to make people smile and laugh.
Kaya was born into a family made up mostly of victors. They've always expected a lot from her and put pressure on her. When she was 15, she went out in the woods alone and encountered a grizzly bear. Being the shy girl she is, she froze and looked at it. When it attacked her, she came to her senses and escaped with a long scar down her back. Now she just tries to please her parents, but they constantly point out every little flaw she has and make her feel terrible about herself.
*Mother* Lavender Jameson
*Father* Keith Jameson
*Brother* Luke Jameson
Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, daggers, and a sickle
Talents Running, singing, playing guitar, hunting, and drawing
Being Alone
Letting people take advantage of her kindness.

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Edited Audrey

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Nisi (tigercheetah) | 25 comments Under Construction

: Allia Topaz Atwater
: 15
: 11

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∇~ṨФЯЄℕ~∇ wrote: "εƈɧσşσŋɠ12*ɢσʟɔ тεεтн. ɢяεч ɢσσƨε. тяıρρıп' ıп тнε вαтняσσм.* wrote: "

Name: Kaya Elizabeth Jameson
Age: 17
District: 12
Hair: Long chestnut brown with lighter streaks

Oops, sorry >.<

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I fixed it ^.^ is she approved?

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Completed Faye

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Yay :)

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Name: Addison Melissa Zoetisch
{ Addison } of English descent, 'Addison' means 'child of Adam.'
{ Melissa } of Greek descent, carries the meaning of 'bee.'
Nickname Addy

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

Age: Sixteen { 16 }
Date of Birth December 20th
Time of Birth 23:18 o’clock
Place of Birth District 3

District: Three { 3; technology }


(view spoiler)
Hair: light blonde
Eyes: bluish green
Skin Tone: pale
Build: slim
Distinguished Markings: nothing more than the fact that she’s intelligent beyond compare.
Blood Type: AB Positive { AB+ }
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 101 pounds
Face Claim: Elle Fanning

Personality: Addy doesn't like to talk much. She prefers to stick in the background with her book and a little machine to occupy her hands. The first thing that anyone needs to understand about Addy is that she's beyond intelligent. Her mind is her greatest strength. Addy’s IQ is above any philosopher's, her ability to solve problems, answer questions, memorize facts--anything really--is far stronger than you'd expect looking at her. Addy is always one to depend on logic. She's clear headed, but no one really knows much about her. Addy is very introverted, very shy. Not so shy that she'll go into panic if you look at her, but more like the just barely there girl that no one really notices. Addy is rebellious, but in a quiet way. It's hard to see her rebel side.

History: Addy had it tough right from the start. Her mother, a victor of previous games, was hardly around, and her father, the mayor, was less than nice. The young girl was raised by her older siblings, which didn't last long. By the time Addy had turned eight, both of her siblings had been killed in the Games, after making it reasonably far.

Addy knew she'd be next, she'd always known. Macy, her best friend, had known it, too. So together, they learned, they trained, and they hoped that the day Addy got reaped, at least she'd be ready. No one had expected Macy to get reaped.

Macy didn't win the games. She was killed in the blood bath.

And Addy was alone once more. Her mother had disappeared, assumed dead, and her father was MIA.

Addy often found herself aimlessly wandering the streets, hopelessly waiting for someone.

Until Coop. He'd teased her before, but eventually, it stopped. And they became friends.

Ulrich Zoetisch | Father | Alive and Well | Mayor
Hanna Metzger Zoetisch | Mother | Alive and Well | Victor
Talbot Elliot Zoetisch | Older Brother | Deceased | Tribute
Karla Eliza Zoetisch | Older Sister | Deceased | Tribute

Macy Estella Martinez | Best Friend { Ex } | Deceased
Dalton Georgeson | Boyfriend { Ex } | Alive and Well
Cooper 'Chicken Coop' Alecai James West | Best Friend | Alive and Well | Tribute

Weapons: Addy isn’t the best at fighting, but she’s got wits. She can make things explode with immense ease. And she’s smart. Strategy and combustion, that’s what she does.

Talents: Making things explode; building; memorizing; knowing useless facts; outsmarting things

Likes: explosions; math; science; whales; languages; humor; music
Dislikes: silence; confusion; chocolate; pie; destruction; failure; dresses
Strengths: knowing things; memorization; blowing things up; stealth
Weaknesses: loyalty; fear; pride; stubborn; rebellious

Other: Addy is left side dominant, a genius of epic proportions, and an all time klutz.

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cecilia Why thank you, thank you //sweeping bow//
She was supposed to be slightly less depressed version of Rae. But not really XD

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Maddy Haha funny CC, we all know she will end up being depressing. It will be weird getting to know Rae all over again XD

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cecilia Oh shush. I'm trying to make an effort here. Less depressing, less evil, more kindness.
I'm tryingggg.
Well she's not suicidal as of right now so already we're better off than Rae.

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cecilia Well everyone loves Addy :3 I can't blame them >:D
Just telling you, though, the D3 guy is gonna be amazing too XD

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Maddy CC: Hahaha lol, for now... Maybe Ill make a stylist or escort, for D3. I don't know... I gotta make D4 awesome, working on editing Rylann. Make her more interesting. XD

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cecilia Mads: her name's gonna be Rylann? That's gonna be awkward O.O I already know her secrets
Soren: oh geez. XD

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Maddy CC: No its not XD Its Felicity

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  { Tribute }

How many people think this is a sparkler?

Your wrong, its a magic wand

Name: Felicity Elise Eden
[ Nickname ] Izzy, Lisse, Elle
[ Age ] Sixteen years [ 16 ]
[ Gender ] Feminine
[ Sexuality ] Heterosexual
[ Relationship Status ] Single
[ District ] Four [ 4 ]

[ Appearance ]
It is clear that Felicity spends every free moment at the beach. She has the body of a swimmer, defined muscles in her otherwise small arms. Her skin is a rich healthy tan, you know, past all the sunburns she has. Her hair is bleached from constantly being in the sun. She even smells of salt water.

(view spoiler)
[ Hair ] Blonde
[ Eyes ] Brownish Blue
[ Skin Tone ] Tan
[ Build ] Muscular
[ Distinctive Markings ] Some fishing hook incident scars. Nothing too big.
[ Height ] 5'8
[ Weight ] 127 pounds
[ District Token ] It doesn't look like much, but it was her mother's wedding ring. (view spoiler)

[ Personality ]
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ~Albert Einstein

Felicity is a very imaginative girl, she believes in magic and fairy tales. And yes, she is sixteen. She is a very whimsical soul, living in her own world because real life sucks. Her way of thinking isn't through logic or reason, but more of intuition. She is a dreamer, not a realist. Why face the reality of things when you have the mind to change it?

Now, Felicity is a career, lets not forget that. But not the kind you would expect. She has the skill of a career, but her mind is her own. She does not have the passion to kill, nor does she have the arrogance or over confidence of one. She knows where her weak points are, she realizes she isn't the best at everything and gives credit to others where it is deserved. Yes, she still does believe in the Capitol, or thats what she tells herself.

One key aspect of her personality is her cluelessness. She doesnt know what she believes, Capitol or rebellion? Is there such a thing as a rebellion? Where does she fit in? Will she die out in the arena? Does she ask to many questions? Yes.

Felicity tends to keep to herself, its whats always worked best for her. She isn't shy, and will get up and talk to people when she has to. She has confidence, but not to the point where she is big headed. When your out in the games, there isn't last minute thinking. You have to act now and think later. You have to be confident in your choices. And that's exactly what she is.

Felicity isn't your little wide eyed puppy dog, ready to follow you around. She will stand by you no matter what, but she will not follow because you said so. She walks along her own path and sticks to her choices. This leaves us with our next characteristic; stubbornness.

[ History ]
Felicity, growing up in one of the wealthier districts, should have had a golden life. Beaches, sunshine, fishing, swimming, all things outside districts would die for, right? But her life was anything but luxurious.

Its one thing to know that the Capitol is always there, but its another thing to know that they are slowly killing you; they have plans to pick you off. What did Felicity do to anger the Capitol? Nothing, its what her mother did.

Mabel was always a rebellious soul, which wasn't necessarily a good thing in a district like four. Yes, they were always a little more rebellious then one or two, but Mabel wanted extreme change which upset many people.

It started as little acts of rebellion, but those little things led to greater things. The Capitol labeled the entire Eden family a threat that must be eliminated. They couldn't have Mabel's children inheriting her rebellious personality. So why take the chance and just eliminate them without having the potential for a problem?

Each threat was attended to personally, though it was done secretly. Except for Mabel's, hers was made a giant scene for show. Peacekeepers came and took her right out of her house and threw her into the street. They beat her until she had passed out, and even then it didnt stop. They eventually took her to the Capitol where it is easily assumed she was killed.

To make sure the family would not influence the rest of the district, they were forced into exile. Meaning, they lived in seclusion from everyone else, and the children were kicked out of the Academy.

Her brother was entered into the games and almost made it out, but was killed by a district two tribute. Without knowing it, Felicity would be next, and then her younger brother.

Despite all this, Felicity is not anit-Capitol. She doesnt understand why her family is constantly drafted into the games or why they live by themselves. She thinks it just by chance, and she never asked her father for an explanation why everyone looked at her as if she was diseased.

[ Family ]
Mabel Eden | Mother | Nurse | Assumed Deceased
Jordan Eden | Father | Fishermen | Alive
Gavin Eden | Older Brother | Tribute | Deceased
Bentley Eden | Younger Brother | Alive

[ Weapons ] Trident, spear, small blade, fishing pole (view spoiler)

[ Talents ]
[ Strengths ]
~Knot tying
~Longer range weapons
~Strength and speed
~Medical experience

[ Weaknesses ]
~Fire making
~Making allies
~Making logical plans
~Sword fighting

[ Likes ]

[ Dislikes ]
~Being inside
~District 2
~Being cold
~Dressing up

[ Other ]

Pick a cloud and tell me what you see

Well, I see a cowboy riding into the sunset on a teddy bear.

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Everything has beauty

This includes you

[ Name ] Calliope Briar Lotus
[ Age ] Thirty [ 30 ]
[ Gender ] Feminine
[ Sexuality ] Bisexual
[ Relationship Status ] Single
[ District ] Three [ 3 ]

[ Appearance ]
Face Claim: Emma Stone

(view spoiler)
[ Hair ] Red
[ Eyes ] Green
[ Skin Tone ] Pale
[ Build ] Slim
[ Distinctive Markings ]

[ Style ]
[ Dress ] Her outfits usually consist of dresses that branch out from the dress itself. The parts that branch out usually wind up her neck or branch out around her arms. They are usually tight fitting and always extravigant. She always says you should dress your best while looking your best. Never do her outfits disappoint.
(view spoiler)

[ Makeup ] Her eyes are always emphazied. Extra lashes are added for length and several colors are applied. Sometimes she wears feathers or gems on her eyes. Her lips are a bold, solid color consisting of a wide range of colors. Black, red, pink, blue, purple, whatever her outfit will allow. With makeup, she doesn't hold back. Ever.
(view spoiler)

[ Hair ] Her hair actually isnt always the most abnormal thing about her. Usually she always has it done according to her dresses, and occasionally she will add a decorative headpiece. Most of the time, her hair is a different color, never does she ever leave it natural.
(view spoiler)

[ Personality ]
Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain.

You know that slap happy time when children eat a lot of candy to stay awake? Thats Calliope. Always full of energy, positive energy. Most of the time she is just a giant version of a kid, looking to have fun.

She always sees the glass as half full, always putting a positive spin on a negative outlook. Calliope thinks life should be perfect, that all the bad and evil in the world should just vanish. She does not see that this is exactly the opposite of the Capitol. All she sees is glamour, food, clothes and an entertaining TV show.

Calliope is nothing if not kind. She is always looking in your best interest, never wanting to hurt you. She tends to become attached to her tributes, only to let them go in the end. Heard of the phrase, cold hands warm heart? She will do anything for you by a simple request. Just know her heart is always in the right place.

She is a bit of a ditz, oblivious to the obvious. Calliope is very gullible, but still has a mind of her own believe it or not. She will either take everything seriously or not understand at all. Sarcasm is not something she understands very well and has a hard time processing.

As hard as you may try, it is hard to hate Calliope. Most tributes she has worked with come in hating her immediately because of the anger they feel for the Capitol. But they can't stay mad at her for long. To most people, she is like an innocent child. She does not have a 'mean' side, always sweet as can be.

She is extremely social, considering one of her favorite things to do is party. Any tension seen in the room is easily subdued by her easy carefree chatter without her realizing it.

[ History ]
Calliope grew up in the Capitol with a wealthy family. She was always daddy's girl, whenever she would bat her eyelashes, a new toy appeared in her hands. She was raised on the games, watching them, cheering, and placing bets on which tributes would die first. But her main competition came from her brother; twin actually. He was always jealous of her, getting all the attention.

Her father was an associate to president Snow, always attending parties, meetings, gatherings and most of the time was out on business. Their mother died when the twins were of young age during childbirth. It was always a strange concept for Calliope to understand, with the Capitols advanced medical care, her mother should have been saved. But still, their mother did not make it.

Calliope grew up thinking she was all high and mighty, on top of the world, better then everyone else. Well, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, right? She got knocked off her stool in seventh grade, and everything plummeted from there. She went from popular to being average. The person that knocked her down? Her brother.

Then her father started going away on "business" more and more often, leaving the children home with the maids and nanny. As it turns out, he was attending presidential parties, getting drunk and flirting with women.

When Calliope was left alone, her brother would do more then just call her mean names, pull her pigtails and spill grape juice on her favorite skirts. But did the maids do anything. Never. They would let them be, settle it themselves. The nanny might as well have left them in charge of themselves.

But still, Calliope was happy. She still had a golden life, to herself anyways. She needed people to be happy, it didnt matter if they liked her or not. People and clothes. Sure, her brother made her life hard at home, but her best friend, Daisy, made everything worth it. They would watch the games together, shop and gossip.

Her brother eventually took on the job as head Gamemaker, but was replaced after four years for being too ruthless. Thats when Calliope accepted the letter she was given to become an escort, to avoid her brother. He was at home feeling sorry for himself, while she was out doing what she loved. She has now been an escort for nine years for various districts.

Clothes. Talking. People.

[ Family ]
Ovid Garric Lotus | Father | Snow's Adviser | Alive
Volumnia Eta Lowenek | Mother | House wife | Deceased
Jago Bise Lotus | Brother | Gamemaker {Ex} | Alive

[ Weapon ]
Nail polish, beware

[ Talents ]
Calliope has a soft voice, and loves to sing. But she doesn't often. Though she does tend to hum to herself often.

[ Likes ]
~The color purple
~Dark chocolate

[ Dislikes ]
~The color red
~Being alone
~Bad luck

[ Strengths ]
~Easy going (personality)

[ Weaknesses ]

Just remember...

You can only go up from here

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Maddy Hehehe thank you >:D

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Name: Poppy Esmerelda Glinda Minor
Nickname Poppy

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single { Open }

Age: Twenty-Two { 22 }
Date of Birth: October 27th
Time of Birth: 23:19 o’clock
Place of Birth: District Two, Panem

District: Four { 4; fishing; escort }


(view spoiler)

Hair: Pastel pink
Eyes: Dark brown
Skin Tone: tan
Build: curvy
Distinguished Markings: heart shaped mole under left eye
Blood Type: O positive { O+ }
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 101 pounds
Face Claim: Marina Lambrini Diamandis

Personality: If there’s one thing about Poppy that stands out, it’s her optimism. She can be optimistic even in her worst hours. All she does is bubble and squeal and squeak and bounce. Poppy is, essentially, a rabbit. Always bouncing, always sweet, and the kind of person that you just want to hug. She doesn’t have much of a serious side, but when it’s seen, she’s somber as a funeral. Poppy is actually a wise person. She’s seen a lot, she knows a lot, and she knows pain. Not on a large scale, but definitely enough to help people with their troubles. It’s why she decided to become an escort; helping people get through the death they would must likely suffer.

History: Poppy’s life was relatively normal as a child. Both her parents were average citizens, and Poppy was raised in the blind happiness of a Capitol childhood. As she grew older, Poppy grew ever closer to her mother, who was with her through years of bullies and torture. Every day, Poppy’s school life got worse and worse, and she hated it more and more.

Then, of course, her mother died. Each day, it grew worse and worse, and Poppy hated every moment of it. Many years passed of nothing but darkness, sadness, and bullies. People took advantage of her weaknesses, and Poppy knew it.

All of them but Dexter. When Poppy hit sixteen, they’d been together a while, and she was certain they were in love. But on meet the family night, her father decided he didn’t like Dexter, and disowned Poppy. Of course, there was more leading up to that, but that was the gist.

Dexter and Poppy broke up within the top of the year.

Eventually, she found herself an escort, forgetting all those things before it.

Family: None to speak of; they all disowned her.

Weapons: charm? Nothing, really.

Talents: charming people; giving advice

Likes: fashion; happiness; advice; wisdom
Dislikes: death; violence; depression; idiocy
Strengths: bringing up spirits; smiling
Weaknesses: sad people; temptation

Other: nothing to be spoken of

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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Stylist


Jenna Lolain

Appearance: http://www.free-hdwallpapers.com/wall...

Personality: Jenna has always participated in the capitol fashions. She absolutely adores it. She is very light and cheery and she gets very sad to see her tributes go. She tries very hard to meet to the tributes needs and wants. She almost never fails to impress her fellow capitolites. She completely loves bright colors and she really attempts to capture the district image.

History: Jenna was born in raised in the capitol. She prefers to be called Jenny but she never calls people out when they call her Jenna. She has no idea what goes on in the districts, all she knows is that she gets sent two people that she needs to make fabulous every year. Her mother and father are both retired stylist and they taught her everything that she needs to know about fashion. She likes to think of herself as a helper. She tolerates rude tributes even though she is not to fond of them. Sometimes if the tributes act a little too rude, she lacks in effort on the outfits.

Strengths: Impressing, Making people laugh, capturing the district essence, making friends, and looking at the brighter side.

Weaknesses; Dark colors, uncooperative tributes, sad moments, sob stories, insults.

I hope that i did a good job on her. I think that the pic really captures her capitol appearance. :3

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) lmao shes perty annoying.

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Name: Annika Sedan
Nickname: Anni
Age: 19
Role: Mentor
District: 8

Appearance: http://skinzweb.files.wordpress.com/2...


Personality: Anniks is a sweet girl. She is understanding and is a people person. She does her work diligently and takes it seriously. She is a bright girl, and likes to get to know the tributes well. If they are not feeling good, or are acting strangely, she will make sure they weren't have that burden on their shoulders. She is a great friend because she is loyal and dependable. No one wants to make her upset because she can have a hot temper if you make her really upset. Otherwise, she is funny and the type of person everybody wants to be around. Annika can be stubborn and once she has her mind set in something it is hard to change She tries to be organized and likes to have everything go as planned. She always has backup plans for emergency situations, and like to be a leader whenever possible. She tends to be a bit bossy if she gets control of a situation controlling at least 6 people, but encourages people to tell her if she is being a bit too tough. She can have some sass to her at first, but it is pure genetics from her mother.

History: Annika was born into a house of Stylists and Mentors in district 1. She loved all of the luxuries that surrounded here there, but she wanted to move some where she could have adventure. Her parents decided to go to district 8 because most of their family lives there. They are one of the wealthiest families in the district, as when they moved their wealth came with them. Her mom was a mentor, and her dad, a stylist. Her eldest brother, Benjamin, is a mentor as well, and her twin sister, Katie, is a stylist. They are all happily alive and well. She wasn't upset after being picked to be a mentor, for her, it was a dream job.

Tolerating rude people
Making Friends

Her Family

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∇~ṨФЯЄℕ~∇ wrote: " Tribute female

{General Info}
Name: Garnet Elsee
Age: 16
District: Twelve

Physical Appearance:

Hair: Long, brown, and curly
Eyes: Brown..."

Who did you use for her faceclaim? I used her once but never found her name :/

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Name: Anna Sharkwen
Age: 27
District: 5

Appearance: http://www.hdwallpapers3d.com/wp-cont...
Hair: Chestnut brown
Eyes: Green
Skin Tone: Olive
Build: Generally skinny
Distinctive Markings: A large scar running down her back.

Personality: She's cruel and cold. She doesn't like helping people, even when she's forced to. She enjoys being alone and cold dark places. She never fit in the capitol.
History: She was reaped into the games at age 17. She had no family and no one to go back to. She never thought she would win the games, nor did she intend to. She attempted to kill herself many times during the games but none attempts were successful.
Family: Deceased
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: The whip.
Talents: Using the whip, annoying people, killing, throwing knives, the cleaver, criticizing, making people second guess themselves, manipulating.
Likes: Being alone, reading, food, coldness.
Strengths: Resisting drugs, Reading, using the whip.
Weaknesses: Heights, Spiders, Claustrophobia, depression.

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Name: Cosette Lily Valentine
Age: 23
District: The capitol but is the escort for district 6

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin Tone: Olive
Build: Curvy
Distinctive Markings: none

Dressing Style:

Personality: She is bubbly and ditsy to most people but there is more than her than that. She is passionate about what she believes in and is also very smart.
History: She was born in the Capitol to a wealthy family. She watched the games every year and was amazed by what she saw. When she was old enough she became an escort for district 11. She was horrified by what she saw in the district compared to what it was like in the capitol. When the chance came she swapped to district 6.
Family: Mother
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: -

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Nisi (tigercheetah) | 25 comments Tribute
Name: Allia Topaz Atwater
Age: 14
District: 10
Hair: Chesnutt with russet streaks (natural)
Eyes: Bright Cobalt Blue
Skin Tone: Brown (Native American)
Build: Light, toned, curvy, slim, and tall
Distinctive Markings: Dragon crawling up the front of her lower right leg. A Yin/Yang with a tiger & dragon on it with blue and red instead of white and black. On her belly is a white Bengal tiger with bright cobalt blue eyes and on her neck is a red and white rose to represent her deceased mother.
Personality: She is a sweet girl and is loved by everyone. Never liked violence and tries to find ways to avoid it. Loves animals and does everything to protect them. She is pampered girl but not an evil witch.
History: Had her parents until she was five. Her father was an abusive man. Her mother was someone she loved so very much. She now lives with her Aunt Syfka.
Family: Both parents dead. No siblings and lives with her aunt.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Weapons: Only knows how to use cooking materials.
Talents: She likes cooking, baking, reading, writing, drawing, painting, running, and hiding.
Likes: She likes cooking, baking, reading, writing, drawing, painting, running, and hiding.
Strengths: Get everyone to like her and she is really good at hiding.
Weaknesses: too sweet

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Nisi (tigercheetah) | 25 comments Thanks Typing up stylist now.

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Nisi (tigercheetah) | 25 comments Her height is 5'8". Forgot to add.

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Nisi (tigercheetah) | 25 comments Stylist
Name: Karliah IceFire
Age: 18
Hair: curly dark blonde hair
Eyes: natural layered top to bottom this order sea-green, topaz, and cobalt blue
Skin Tone: is a soft crème color
Build: tall and curvy 5’ 11”
Distinctive Markings: Indian (found in India) henna that Phet gives Kelsey in Tiger’s Curse (just like that)
Personality: Kind and loving and will listen to the tributes. Hates the games.
History: had a simple easy life. Always hated the games. Part of the rebellion.
Family: None that she talks to.
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: Married to Velyo IceFire
Weapons: she can use any weapon she chooses
Talents: making clothes
Likes: making clothes and painting
Strengths: will fight in what she believes in even in secret.
Weaknesses: loves children
Other: Hates Snow

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Is Anna approved, btw she's a mentor and I'm a derp ^-^

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♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) | 94 comments {MENTOR - ELEVEN}

Name: Skylar Davis

Nickname: The Bloody Axe Queen, Sky

Age: 23

Gender: Female



Hair: Blond

Eyes: Green

Skin Tone: Slightly Pale

Build: Athletic, 5' 6'

Distinctive Markings:


Slightly nice, but not outrageously rude, Skylar doesn't mind children. But when they get on her nerves. She tends to get slightly cranky.


Murley just a citizen before the games, Skylar lived with her mother and her father. As an only child, she didn't know what it was like to have a sister or brother.

When she was 16, the reaping devastated her when a 12 year old went up to the stage. As a feeling straight from the soul, and doing something for a person she hardly knew, She volunteered as tribute.

Skylar won the games for nearly decapitating three careers with her lumber axe. The win was a bloody massacure which people in the capitol call today as "The 58th massacre".

After the 58th hunger games,in the capitol, she is known as the "Bloody Axe Queen".


Samuel Davis - Father - Deceased
Charlie Davis - Mother - Deceased

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Weapons: Lumber Axe, Battle Axe


-Wood Cutting
-Scaring people
-being nice.. at times


-getting into arguments.

♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) | 94 comments R... I think i might change that....

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