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Does anybody know the characters ages?!?!?!

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Sammie Jurdy Okay, so I'm in Rebel heart reading and I cannot figure out some of the characters ages. Heres a list.
Anyone else? Anyways I am at my wits ends about it. If anyone has info on it! Thanks! And feel free to discuss bookey things here. I've never had a book discussion so this is my last resort. Thanks!

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I know that Jack is a few years older than Saba, so maybe 23 to 26, around there. Maev and Creed are both about Jacks age too, possibly a little younger from the way she describes them. I think Maev might actually be barely 20. Tommo confuses me because he was 10 in the first book but in Rebel Heart they said he was becoming a tall, strong man, like he was 16 or something, so I don't know about him. DeMalo is late 20's early 30's, because he is older but not too old, from the way he's described. I have no idea what age Bram is. Hope I helped

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