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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Hi, everyone.

My name's Joe Mynhardt and I own Crystal Lake Publishing, a new and very successful small press from sunny South Africa.

Here are all the current books from Crystal Lake Publishing, and they're available from all Amazon outlets in paperback and Kindle:

Fear the Reaper:

Kevin Lucia’s Things Slip Through:

Daniel I. Russell’s Tricks, Mischief and Mayhem:

Paul Kane’s Sleeper(s):

For the Night is Dark:

Joe Mynhardt’s Lost in the Dark:

Check out our website:
Follow us on Twitter:
Chat with us on Facebook:

Future releases include Gary McMahon's Where You Live, Samurai and Other Stories by William Meikle, The Outsiders, Tales From the Lake Vol.1, Children of the Grave and many more, including a couple of top secret projects.

I love competitions and giveaways, as well as hearing from readers, so... can't wait to hear from you.


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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out now in paperback (eBook coming December 10th):

Horror is everywhere…

It’s waiting behind a closed door, sitting in an ordinary chair, or following you on a country walk. Perhaps it’s washed up on a tranquil beach, hanging at a local skate park, recorded on an MP3 player hard drive, or even embedded somewhere deep within the design of something as simple and innocuous as a supermarket barcode.

Horror is everywhere, in the shadows and in the light.

It takes on every shape, comes in every conceivable size.

But most of all it’s right where you live.

Author: Gary McMahon
Published by: Crystal Lake Publishing
Cover by: Ben Baldwin
Interior artwork by: Niall Parkinson
eBook formatting by: Robert Swartwood
Edited by: Joe Mynhardt

Release: paperback is out now; eBook will be available December 10th,


Facebook Launch Event (with two ongoing competitions):

“Horror - but full of emotion and substance. A real commentary on the human experience.” – Kevin Lucia, author of Things Slip Through

“The latest collection from the prolific pen of Gary McMahon takes twelve stories from his sold out, very limited, collection It Knows Where You Live and adds to these an additional seven stories. McMahon is a great proponent of the short story and the selection on offer here maintains his reputation for strong, emotionally impactful fiction.” – Ross Warren, Dark Minds Press
Where You Live by Gary McMahon

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Competition time!

You can win all the Crystal Lake Publishing eBooks, including the yet-to-be-released Samurai and Other Stories by William Meikle. Check out the website's competition page to find out how:

These books are available in paperback as well.

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Competitions and Goodreads Giveaways:Samurai and Other Stories

1) Win a signed paperback copy of William's Samurai and Other Stories:

All you have to do is:
* Subscribe to William's newsletter (and receive a free eBook):
* Follow William Meikle on FB:
* Follow William Meikle on Twitter:
* Follow Crystal Lake Publishing on Twitter:
* Follow Crystal Lake Publishing on Facebook:

And if you feel like it, subscribe to Crystal Lake Publishing's mailing list, which only goes out on new releases:

The draw will take place on the 24th of January.

2) Win a Mobi or ePub eBook:

3) Goodreads Giveaway:

You can download the first 10% of the book for free from Smashwords:

Remember, Americans can already purchase a copy directly from Createspace. You'll be reading it long before the launch:

If you’re a true William Meikle fan (like I am), make sure you get a copy of For the Night Is Dark, which includes his story ‘Don’t Let the Dark Stop You
Smashwords: (enter the coupon code EV63B for 50% discount)

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out Now, from Crystal Lake Publishing, Jasper Bark (author) and Rob Moran (cover and interior artwork):

Warning! Do not buy this book, gentle reader.

No really, we mean it. Move along, click away from this page and go look at some Dino porn instead. We’re not kidding. The only reason we published it is because award winning author Jasper Bark has got some serious dirt on us. Honestly, there’s no other reason to put out something this depraved.

This is the sickest, filthiest and most horny novella you’re likely to read this year. It will turn you on even as it turns your stomach. Think you’ve seen everything there is to see in horror and erotica? Think again! Just when you think this story can’t get any lower it finds new depths to plumb.

Why are you still reading this?! Oh God you’re going to buy it aren’t you? You can’t help yourself. You’re going to click on that purchase button and download this little bad boy.
Well don’t say we didn’t warn you...

Crystal Lake Publishing

Amazon universal link:

"Stuck On You is one of the most harrowing and entertaining pieces of dark fiction any of you are likely to encounter ... in a very brief stanza of prose Jasper gives us intense eroticism, gore, and a medical affliction seldom (if ever) tackled in the annals of fiction before. Within each small chapter, horror is piled upon horror ... so that just when you feel safe again Jasper decides to throw on yet another dark layer to the maelstrom ... And hovering under the surface is always a welcome modicum of droll humour." – Matthew Tait – Hellnotes

"The kind of magic we’re looking for when we search the horror section in our local book store... I recommend eating a very light meal at least an hour before you pick up this book. And don’t try to guess ahead, this ending is scrumptious; truly a masterful climax ... a ticking time bomb of vomitous delight." – Mass Movement Magazine

"Just when I thought I had seen it all in horror novels, along comes, Stuck On You. The central premise ... is truly horrifying, ... in a grotesques sort of way it is also quite amusing. Stuck On You is one hell of a wild ride that is as sexy as it is horrifying ... highly recommended." – Horror World

" disturbing, gross-out horror with ALOT of sex thrown in... fast paced and stomach turning!" – Horror-Web

"not a story for the faint of heart... hilarious, written with tongue firmly in cheek (maybe some other places as well)... It’s crazy shit, it’s crazy fun, and it all leads up to a twisted and satisfying finale." – Josh Black - Horror Novel Reviews

"It has a way that just seems to keep you engaged, despite smelling my dinner burning in the background ...The gore and gross factor are right up there with some pretty hot sex going on in here too." – Vix Kirkpatrick

"... you’re never going to read something both horribly disgusting, and so brilliantly written, ever again. Ever." - Colum McKnight - Dreadful Tales

“… it will make you feel very uncomfortable and physically sick, and it will stay with you for a very long time. To enjoy this book should be wrong, very wrong, but Jasper Bark has created something very special and it needs to be read.” – Lisa McCarthy – Dark Thoughts
Stuck On You by Jasper Bark

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Horror 101: The Way Forward – a comprehensive overview of the Horror fiction genre and career opportunities available to established and aspiring authors.

Have you ever wanted to be a horror writer? Perhaps you’ve already realized that dream and you’re looking to expand your repertoire. Writing comic books sounds nice, right? Or how about screenplays? Maybe you just want to see what goes on behind the scenes in the horror genre or a writer's life.

That’s what Horror 101: The Way Forward is all about. It’s not your average On Writing guide that covers active vs. passive and other writing tips. Horror 101 focuses on the career of a horror writer. It covers not only insights into the horror genre, but the people who successfully make a living from it.

Covering aspects such as movies, comics, short stories, ghost-writing, audiobooks, editing, publishing, self-publishing, blogging, writer’s block, YA horror, reviewing, dark poetry, networking, collaborations, eBooks, podcasts, conventions, series, formatting, web serials, artwork, social media, agents, and career advice from seasoned professionals and up-and-coming talents, Horror 101 is just what you need to kick your career into high gear.

Horror 101: The Way Forward is not your average On Writing guide, as it is more focused on the career options available to authors. But don’t fret, this book is loaded with career tips and behind-the-scene stories on how your favourite authors broke into their respective fields.

Horror 101: The Way Forward is perfect for people who:
• are suffering from writer’s block
• are starting their writing careers
• are looking to expand their writing repertoire
• are planning on infiltrating a different field in horror writing
• are looking to pay more bills with their art
• are trying to further their careers
• are trying to establish a name brand
• are looking to get published
• are planning on self-publishing
• want to learn more about the pros in the horror genre
• are looking for motivation and/or inspiration
• love the horror genre
• are not sure where to take their writing careers

Published by Crystal Lake Publishing
Edited by Joe Mynhardt and Emma Audsley
Cover art by Ben Baldwin
eBook formatting by Robert Swartwood

Foreword by Mort Castle
Making Contact by Jack Ketchum
What is Horror by Graham Masterton
Bitten by the Horror Bug by Edward Lee
Reader Beware by Siobhan McKinney
Balancing Art and Commerce by Taylor Grant
From Prose to Scripts by Shane McKenzie
Writing About Films and for Film by Paul Kane
Screamplays! Writing the Horror Film by Lisa Morton
Screenplay Writing: The First Cut Is the Deepest by Dean M. Drinkel
Publishing by Simon Marshall-Jones
Weighing Up Traditional Publishing & eBook Publishing by Robert W. Walker
Glenn Rolfe Toes the Line with Samhain Horror Head Honcho, Don D’Auria by Glenn Rolfe
Bringing the Zombie to Life by Harry Shannon
Audiobooks: Your Words to Their Ears by Chet Williamson
Writing Aloud by Lawrence Santoro
Ghost-writing: You Can’t Write It If You Can’t Hear It by Thomas Smith
Ghost-writing by Blaze McRob
The Horror Writers Association - the Genre's Essential Ingredient by Rocky Wood
What a Short Story Editor Does by Ellen Datlow
Self-Publishing: Making Your Own Dreams by Iain Rob Wright
Self-Publishing: Thumb on the Button by Kenneth W. Cain
What’s the Matter with Splatter? by Daniel I. Russell
Partners in the Fantastic: The Pros and Cons of Collaborations by Michael McCarty
The Journey of “Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears” by Richard Thomas
Writing Short Fiction by Joan De La Haye
A beginner’s guide to setting up and running a website by Michael Wilson
Poetry and Horror by Blaze McRob
Horror for Kids: Not Child’s Play by Francois Bloemhof
So you want to write comic books… by C.E.L. Welsh
Horror Comics – How to Write Gory Scripts for Gruesome Artists by Jasper Bark
Some Thoughts on my Meandering within the World of Dark and Horror Art by Niall Parkinson
Writing the Series by Armand Rosamilia
Running a Web serial by Tonia Brown
Reviewing by Jim Mcleod
Avoiding What’s Been Done to Death by Ramsey Campbell
The 7 Signs that make Agents and Editors say, "Yes!" by Anonymous
The (extremely) Short Guide to Writing Horror by Tim Waggoner
Growing Ideas by Gary McMahon
Filthy Habits – Writing and Routine by Jasper Bark
A Room of One’s Own – The Lonely Path of a Writer by V.H. Leslie
Do You Need an Agent? by Eric S Brown
Ten Short Story Endings to Avoid by William Meikle
Submitting Your Work Part 2: Read the F*****g Guidelines! by John Kenny
Rejection Letters – How to Write and Respond to Them by Jasper Bark
Editing and Proofreading by Diane Parkin
On Formatting: A Concise Guide to the Most Frequently Encountered issues by Rick Carufel
How to Dismember Your Darlings – Editing Your Own Work by Jasper Bark
From Reader to Writer: Finding Inspiration by Emma Audsley
Writing Exercises by Ben Eads
The Year After Publication… by Rena Mason
Writing Horror: 12 Tips on Making a Career of It by Steve Rasnic Tem
The Five Laws of Arnzen by Michael A. Arnzen
The Cheesy Trunk of Terror by Scott Nicholson
How to be Your Own Agent, Whether You Have One or Not by Joe Mynhardt
Networking at Conventions by Lucy A. Snyder
Pitch to Impress: How to Stand Out from the Convention Crowd by RJ Cavender
You Better (Net)Work by Tim Waggoner
Vaginas in Horror by Theresa Derwin
Friendship, Writing, and the Internet by Weston Ochse
Buttoning Up Before Dinner by Gary Fry
How to Fail as an Artist in Ten Easy Steps by John Palisano
Writer’s Block by Mark West
Be the Writer You Want to Be by Steven Savile
Afterword by Joe Mynhardt

Get it now, for only $0.99:
Amazon Universal Link:
Horror 101 The Way Forward by Joe Mynhardt

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments We recently opened for short story submissions for our TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.3 anthology: Accepted stories will receive a token payment of $20 and a paperback contributor’s copy.

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments New releases from Crystal Lake Publishing:

FLOWERS IN A DUMPSTER: “…hilarious and horrifying, as all great satire must be. An interpretation so left of field that its concept alone must be celebrated.” – Clive Barker
The world is full of beauty and mystery. In these 17 tales, Gunnells will take you on a journey through landscapes of light and darkness, rapture and agony, hope and fear. Come pick a bouquet from these FLOWERS IN A DUMPSTER:

NAMELESS: LUNA MASTERSON SEES DEMONS. She has been dealing with the demonic all her life, so when her brother gets tangled up with a demon named Sparkles, ‘Luna the Lunatic’ rolls in on her motorcycle to save the day. This is volume one in The Bone Angel Trilogy by Mercedes M. Yardley, author of the award-winning novella, Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love. Come meet Luna and the gang:

LITTLE DEAD RED: The Wolf is roaming the city, and he must be stopped. In this modern day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf takes to the city streets to capture his prey. But the Hunter is close behind him. Can you catch the wolf:

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Lisa Goldman | 541 comments Mod
Thanks Joe. Great list! I am check some out :)

message 10: by Crystal Lake (new)

Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Lisa wrote: "Thanks Joe. Great list! I am check some out :)"

Thank you. Enjoy.

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Brand new release from Jonathan Winn and Crystal Lake Publishing:

Eidolon Avenue: where the secretly guilty go to die.

Eidolon Avenue is a collection of novellas that will take you to places that are disturbingly horrific and visceral. Places filled with hungry ghosts and monsters that are all too human. Some of these stories are definitely not for the squeamish. Jonathan Winn's captivating writing has earned him a new fan.” – Horror Maiden’s Book Reviews

Enter if you dare:
Or peek through the door on our website:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Brand new release from Crystal Lake Publishing and up-and-coming author Patrick Rutigliano: WIND CHILL. This chilling novella (with several short stories) is available at a special 99c price for the eBook. This special will last for the first 150 eBook copies only.

“The characters in this novella are supurbly crafted and well fleshed out. The main character, Emma, is lifelike and draws the reader’s attention from the start. A typical rebellious teen, Emma gives her father a hard time about his decisions. Fortunately, when she has to take control, she handles situations with remarkable maturity. Her father, clearly a troubled man, is portrayed with the kind of realism that will make the reader remember him for a long time.” – Books4Tomorrow

Face the chill right now in paperback or Kindle format (including KU):

Or trudge on over to our website for more info:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments It’s launch day. Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Novel of Murder and Whimsy by Mercedes M. Yardley is now available for only 99c – Friday and Saturday only (also available in paperback and Kindle Unlimited):

Mercedes M. Yardley’s Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Novel of Murder and Whimsy is a dark, lovely fairy tale with lyrical language and a high body count. It features a cover by Hugo award-winner Galen Dara, and also includes “Oliver Bloom” by Ryan Johnson, a short story featuring characters from Pretty Little Dead Girls.

Can Bryony survive her destiny?:
Pretty Little Dead Girls A Novel of Murder and Whimsy by Mercedes M. Yardley


Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love by Mercedes M. Yardley:

Streetwise Romeo and Juliet meets Stephen King’s Firestarter.




Can their souls coincide and endure?:
Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu A Tale of Atomic Love by Mercedes M. Yardley

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.2 out now from Crystal Lake Publishing:

If you came here to read short stories about tranquil lakes, run to the nearest exit. Run as far away as you can from Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, and our array of international voices: Lisa Morton, Tim Lebbon, Richard Chizmar, Jim Goforth, Ben Eads, Jan Edwards, Hal Bodner, Raven Dane, Rocky Alexander, Glen Johnson, Mark West, and Aaron Dries.

Tales from The Lake volume two also includes the three winners from Crystal Lake Publishing’s Tales from The Lake Horror Writing Competition:
1st: Descending by John Whalen
2nd: Forever Dark by Jonathan Winn
3rd: Ripperscape by Vincenzo Bilof

“All in all, another great volume of stories from the eerily melancholy to the full-blown horrific, you will be entertained!” – Paula Limbaugh, Horror Novel Reviews

Dive on in. The water’s just…right:
Check out our website for more info:
We even have a Pinterest page:
Tales from The Lake Vol.2 by Jack Ketchum

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments New Release Special from Crystal Lake Publishing and Kevin Lucia - only 99c for DEVOURER OF SOULS:

Welcome back to Clifton Heights.

In Kevin Lucia’s latest installment of his growing Clifton Heights mythos, Sheriff Chris Baker and Father Ward meet for a Saturday morning breakfast at The Skylark Dinner to once again commiserate over the weird and terrifying secrets surrounding their town. Sheriff Baker shares with Father Ward the story of a journal discovered in the ruins of what was once an elaborate koi pond and flower garden, which regales a tale of regret, buried pain, and unfulfilled debt. Father Ward reveals the story of a tortured man from the nearby town of Tahawus, who visited his confessional seeking solace from a cosmic horror he can never outrun.

Available in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback:
Devourer of Souls

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments New non-fiction release from Crystal Lake Publishing.

Learn the craft of writing from those who know it best.

This is Writers On Writing – An Author’s Guide, where your favorite authors share their secrets in the ultimate guide to becoming and being an author.

"Creating Effective Characters" by Hal Bodner
"Fictional Emotions; Emotional Fictions" by James Everington
"Home Sweet Home" by Ben Eads
"You" by Kealan Patrick Burke
"How about them free books, eh? (the art of becoming a book reviewer)" by Nerine Dorman
"Treating Fiction like a Relationship" by Jonathan Janz
Edited by Joe Mynhardt.

Are you ready to unleash the author in you?
Writers on Writing Vol.3 by Hal Bodner

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Brand new Crystal Lake Publishing collection: Tribulations by Richard Thomas. Out now in paperback for only $14.99!

In the third short story collection by Richard Thomas, Tribulations, the stories cover a wide range of dark fiction—from fantasy, science fiction and horror, to magical realism, neo-noir, and transgressive fiction. The common thread that weaves these tragic tales together is suffering and sorrow, and the ways we emerge from such heartbreak stronger, more appreciative of what we have left—a spark of hope enough to guide us though the valley of death. Fireflies and wolves, ghosts and golems, tentacled beasts and demonic spirits—these psychological thrillers will hypnotize you as they slide the blade between your ribs, up close and personal, whispering in your ear as you gasp and pull them closer. Tribulations includes 25 short stories—including two that were long-listed for Best Horror of the Year. There are also five original full-page illustrations by Luke Spooner.

Come read the best in horror:

“Tribulations, his third collection, contains 25 succinct and affecting tales that once again prove Thomas to be as fine a writer as he is an editor. As with most collections, common threads run through the stories, sometimes deep between the lines and other times screaming their way to the surface. The title is a perfectly fitting one.” – Josh Black, Hellnotes

“Richard Thomas is on the cutting edge of neo-noir fiction and I dare anyone to say different. Tribulations is his best yet: elegantly twisted, superbly creepy, and dripping darkness. This is required reading for anyone into the shadow side of literature.” – Brent R. Oliver, Dread Central

Tribulations by Richard Thomas

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments It’s launch day! Grab a 99c Kindle copy of William Gorman’s BLACKWATER VAL right now before the price goes up to $4.99. This Supernatural Suspense Thriller / Horror novel is available in paperback and Kindle Unlimited, as well.

"It's hard to believe BLACKWATER VAL is William Gorman's first published novel. It is written with a sure hand, clear prose, palpable emotion, and pitch-perfect suspense. The life of a small town is created beautifully, and the characters diverse and intriguing. Reverend Julian is a truly nasty villain, and the finale at Jasper Park is thrilling. Crystal Lake Publishing has another winner on their hands here." – Mark Allan Gunnells, author of FLOWERS IN A DUMPSTER and FORT

So come on down to the Val. They’re waiting for you:
Blackwater Val by William Gorman

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Some stories capture the imagination, others will be the death of you.

The Final Cut is a genre busting mash up of crime, horror and urban fantasy. An imaginative and thought provoking tale that explores our need to watch and make horror fiction, examining not just the medium, but the purpose of storytelling itself. Taking in everything from ancient myth, to modern atrocity, this novel will entrance, mystify and appall you in equal measures, haunting you long after you’ve reached the very last line.
In an East London lock up, two film makers, Jimmy and Sam, are duct taped to chairs and forced to watch a snuff film by Ashkan, a loan shark to whom they owe a lot of money. If they don’t pay up, they’ll be starring in the next one. Before the film reaches its end, Ashkan and all his men are slaughtered by unknown assailants. Only Jimmy and Sam survive the massacre, leaving them with the sole copy of the snuff film.

The film makers decide to build their next movie around the brutal film. While auditioning actors, they stumble upon Melissa, an enigmatic actress who seems perfect for the leading role, not least because she’s the spitting image of the snuff film’s main victim. Neither the film, nor Melissa, are entirely what they seem however. Jimmy and Sam find themselves pulled into a paranormal mystery that leads them through the shadowy streets of the city beneath the city and sees them re-enacting an ancient Mesopotamian myth cycle. As they play out the roles of long forgotten gods and goddesses, they’re drawn into the subtle web of a deadly heresy that stretches from the beginnings of civilization to the end of the world as we know it.

“A dark, twisted journey into the indie horror film underworld... and the true underworld that dwells beneath. Every story needs an ending!” – Jack Thomas Smith, Writer & Director of DISORDER and INFLICTION

“Be warned, after reading The Final Cut you'll believe stories can kill.” – Aaron Sterns, co-writer Wolf Creek 2, Wolf Creek: Origin
The Final Cut by Jasper Bark

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments It’s Crystal Lake Publishing’s biggest launch ever!

GUTTED: BEAUTIFUL HORROR STORIES – an anthology of dark fiction that explores the beauty at the very heart of darkness. Featuring horror's most celebrated voices, as well as a number of exciting new talents: Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell, Paul Tremblay, John F.D. Taff, Lisa Mannetti, Damien Angelica Walters, Josh Malerman, Christopher Coake, Mercedes M. Yardley, Brian Kirk, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Amanda Gowin, Richard Thomas, Maria Alexander and Kevin Lucia.

What is beautiful horror? Awe meets ache. Terror becomes transcendence. Regret gives way to rebirth:

Edited by Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward. With a foreword from Cemetery Dance magazine founder Richard Chizmar. Interior artwork by Luke Spooner. Cover artwork by Caitlin Hackett.

“Truly one of the best anthologies I have ever read.” – Paula Limbaugh, Horror Novel Reviews

“As the title says, Gutted really is a collection of Beautiful Horror Stories that isn't afraid to look for light in the strangest of places, even as it embraces the appeal of the darkness.” – Bob R Milne, Beauty in Ruins

“It's a book for readers who love language as much as story, who understand that horror can be beautiful, ecstatic and revelatory as well as down-right scary.” – James Everington

Gutted Beautiful Horror Stories by Doug Murano
Facebook page:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments It’s launch day over at Crystal Lake Publishing.

You can get our latest release for only 99c/99p on Kindle – limited to the first 100 sales. Available in paperback and Kindle Unlimited, as well:

Meet Sarah Killian, a foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, serial killer (for hire!). This thirty year-old single woman might kill for a living, but don’t call her an ‘assassin.’ You’ll never hear the end of it.

In this Crime Fiction / Thriller novel with a twisted sense of humor, Sarah works for T.H.E.M. (Trusted Hierarchy of Everyday Murderers), and you’ll be surprised to learn who her biggest clients are. Conspiracy theories, anyone?
But a wrench is thrown into the clockwork of Sarah's comfortable lifestyle when, on her latest assignment, she is forced to take on an apprentice, Bethany—a bubbly, perky, blonde with a severe case of verbal-vomit. In short, Bethany is everything Sarah is not.

Will Sarah be able to adjust and work with her new apprentice, or will she break her contract with T.H.E.M. and murder the buxom bimbo?

So if you’re looking for a strong female lead that doesn’t care what you think, in a book similar to the best of Dean Koontz and J.A. Konrath (with a bunch of Jack the Ripper), then look no further than Sarah Killian – Serial Killer (For Hire)

Come meet Sarah. Just remember, she hates everyone:
Facebook page:
Sarah Killian Serial Killer (for Hire!) by Mark Sheldon

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments It’s launch day over at Crystal Lake Publishing.

The legend continues with volume 3:

This non-themed horror anthology is filled with suspenseful stories, terrifying thrillers, tragic tales, mystifying mysteries, and memorable adventures that will leave you wanting more. Let these modern urban legends prickle your imagination, share it around a campfire, and revel in the magic of Crystal Lake’s exceptional authors:
The Owl Builder by D. Morgan Ballmer
Tragedy Park by Chris Pearce
Enclosures by Sumiko Saulson Woe
Violent Water by Lily Childs
The Cruel by Harper Hull
Red Scream with Little Smile by Paul Edmonds
Maybelle by Meredith Cleversey writing as Mere Joyce
Rodent in the Red Room by Matt Hayward
The Deeper I Go The Deeper I Fear by Natalie Carroll
The Pigmalion Pigs by Mark Allan Gunnells
Chemical Oasis by Tommy B. Smith
Hush by Sergio Pereira
The Reaper’s Fire by Kenneth W. Cain
Effigy by Kate Jonez
Scents of Fear by Steve Jenner
The Bet by Amy Grech
A Hand from the Depths by Dave-Brendon de Burgh
The Monster of Biscayne Bay by Roxanne Dent
The Song at the Edge of the Unfinished Road by Patrick Bates

Foreword by the editor, Monique Snyman.

“Read the book. Find your story that leaves your mouth dry and you unable to swallow. There's one here for everyone. Highly recommended.” – Tere Fredericks

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing.

Tales from The Lake Vol.3 by Monique Snyman

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments New non-fiction release from Crystal Lake Publishing:
Writers on Writing Vol.4 by Michael Knost

Learn the craft of writing from those who know it best.

This is Writers On Writing – An Author’s Guide, where your favorite authors share their secrets in the ultimate guide to becoming and being an author.

“Blunt Force Trauma: How to Write Killer Poetry” by Stephanie M. Wytovich
“Happy Little Trees” by Michael Knost
“In Lieu of Patience Bring Diversity” by Kenneth W. Cain
“Networking is Scary, but Essential” by Doug Murano
“Are You In The Mood?” by Sheldon Higdon
“What if Every Novel is a Horror Novel?” by Steve Diamond
“Description: You Can’t Win so Why Play” by Patrick Freivald
“Long Night’s Journey Into…This? A First-Time Novelist’s Odyssey” by William Gorman
“I Am Setting” by J.S. Breukelaar
“Finding Your Voice” by Lynda E. Rucker

Are you ready to unleash the author in you?

In case you missed the others:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Brand new Sci-fi poetry collection from Crystal Lake Publishing (out today at a special 99c launch price):

Brief Encounters with My Third Eye by Bruce Boston - over one hundred of Boston’s best short poems (under fifty lines) from more than forty years of publishing, including fifteen award-winning poems.

Boston forces us to make eye contact with alchemists, angels, ghosts, werewolves, demagogues, monsters, demons, spacers, robots, berzerkers, their lovers, and their victims. Inventive, speculative to the point of scewering us with wonder, innovative, resonant with melody, this overview of Boston's work from the early 70's to the present dramatizes the development of one of America's most skilled and inspired—and under-appreciated—poets. Even if you are not a Boston collector you will want this book. --- Mary Turzillo, Lovers & Killers, Mars Girls, Elgin and Nebula Award Winner.

Brief Encounters with My Third Eye Selected Short Poems 1975-2016 by Bruce Boston

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments It’s launch day over at Crystal Lake Publishing!

The WRITERS ON WRITING VOL.1 – 4 OMNIBUS is now available at a special 99c launch price to the first 200 customers. If you hurry, you can also get one of our Bram Stoker award nominated non-fiction books for free.

Plus there’s an exclusive WRITERS ON WRITING content page link at early in the book, which includes:
-Links to videos
-Essays by authors
-Interviews with authors
-Free eBooks by some of the authors
-Some hilarious videos by WoW contributors

Ready to unleash the author in you?
The Infrastructure of the Gods by Brian Hodge
The Writer’s Purgatory by Monique Snyman
Why Rejection is Still Important by Kevin Lucia
Real Writers Steal Time by Mercedes M. Yardley
What Right Do I Have to Write by Jasper Bark
Go Pace Yourself by Jack Ketchum
A Little Infusion of Magic by Dave-Brendon de Burgh
Confronting Your Fears in Fiction by Todd Keisling
Once More with Feeling by Tim Waggoner
Embracing Your Inner Shitness by James Everington
The Forgotten Art of Short Story by Mark Allan Gunnells
Adventures in Teaching Creative Writing by Lucy A. Snyder
Submit (to psychology) for Acceptance by Daniel I. Russell
Character Building by Theresa Derwin
Heroes and Villains by Paul Kane
Do Your Worst by Jonathan Winn
Creating Effective Characters by Hal Bodner
Fictional Emotions; Emotional Fictions by James Everington
Home Sweet Home by Ben Eads
You by Kealan Patrick Burke
The art of becoming a book reviewer by Nerine Dorman
Treating Fiction like a Relationship by Jonathan Janz
How to Write Killer Poetry by Stephanie M. Wytovich
Happy Little Trees by Michael Knost
In Lieu of Patience Bring Diversity by Kenneth W. Cain
Networking is Scary, but Essential by Doug Murano
Are You In The Mood? by Sheldon Higdon
What if Every Novel is a Horror Novel? by Steve Diamond
Description by Patrick Freivald
A First-Time Novelist’s Odyssey by William Gorman
I Am Setting by J.S. Breukelaar
Finding Your Voice by Lynda E. Rucker

Learn the craft of writing from those who know it best:
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Writers on Writing Vol. 1 - 4 Omnibus

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments It’s the official launch day of Crystal Lake Publishing’s brand new apocalyptic horror novel WHERE THE DEAD GO TO DIE, which follows a mother’s emotional journey through some of today's toughest issues (

Where the Dead Go to Die by Aaron Dries

Available in eBook and paperback. And if that’s not enough, you’ll get another link inside the eBook (limited to the 1st 200 sales) to a free eBook “(CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE) and other exclusive content from the authors. So hurry up.

“They say there’s nothing worse than waiting to die—but they’ve never had to wait to come back!” – John Palisano, author of Dust of the Dead, Bram Stoker ® award-winner

Official YouTube Trailer:
Goodreads Giveaway (ends Dec. 5th):

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments TAKE OFF YOUR MASK!

The Yellow Kings go on tour this February 3rd – pre-order now for only 99c (price goes up after 1st 100 sales):

The Final Reconciliation by Todd Keisling

Thirty years ago, a progressive rock band called The Yellow Kings began recording what would become their first and final album. Titled “The Final Reconciliation,” the album was expected to usher in a new renaissance of heavy metal, but it was shelved following a tragic concert that left all but one dead.
The sole survivor of that horrific incident was the band’s lead guitarist, Aidan Cross, who’s kept silent about the circumstances leading up to that ill-fated performance—until now.
For the first time since the tragedy, Aidan has granted an exclusive interview to finally put rumors to rest and address a question that has haunted the music industry for decades: What happened to The Yellow Kings?
The answer will terrify you.
Inspired by The King in Yellow mythos first established by Robert W. Chambers, and reminiscent of cosmic horror by H. P. Lovecraft, Laird Barron, and John Langan, comes The Final Reconciliation—a chilling tale of regret, the occult, and heavy metal by Todd Keisling.
Proudly brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing - Tales from the Darkest Depths

Find out more (and sign up for exclusive content directly from the author):

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out this Friday. Pre-order now:

Visions of the Mutant Rain Forest by Robert Frazier

“These stories and poems all reside in the made-up world of the Mutant Rain Forest. They are by two of the sf world's hidden gems, Boston and Frazier. And yet made-up as these stories, poems are, they ring true, because the authors are poets. It's in the blood. They are truly foretelling—as in one of Boston's challenging poems—'foretell our changeling future as they read the clouds collisions...' Dense, delicious, often delirious, needing unpacking as difficult literature often does, this is a book you might miss—but shouldn't.” – Jane Yolen, Nebula winner, World Fantasy Assn, Grand Master, Science Fiction Poetry Assn, Grandmaster


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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Two Crystal Lake eBooks for only 99c?

Beatrice Beecham's Cryptic Crypt by Dave Jeffery

Pre-order this Supernatural Adventure/Mystery Novel from Dave Jeffery and Crystal Lake Publishing now for only 99c (limited to the first 100 sales). The first 100 sales will also get a free Mobi/ePub copy of Mark Sheldon’s SARAH KILLIAN: SERIAL KILLER (FOR HIRE!) if they sign up to the exclusive content link inside the book or on the dedicated webpage.

Beatrice Beecham's Cryptic Crypt - A Supernatural Adventure/Mystery Novel

The fate of the world rests in the hands of four dysfunctional teenagers and a bunch of oddball adults. What could possibly go wrong?

This supernatural / adventure / mystery novel is perfect for fans of The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, The Three Investigators, Goonies, Monster Club, Lost Boys, and Miss Peregrine. It might be a YA book perfect for ages 13 and older, but it’s a fun read no matter what age you are.

Dorsal Finn is a sleepy coastal town facing the gleaming Atlantic Ocean. It is a town with quaint customs and inhabited by people who are as welcoming as they are weird. It is also a place where long lost tombs hide long held secrets.

Because beneath Dorsal Finn lies The Dark Heart, an ancient and malevolent entity determined to be free of its eternal prison. It has lured allies to the town, people with corrupt agendas determined to resurrect the greatest evil history has ever known, and in doing so release The Dark Heart upon an unsuspecting world.

What could possibly go wrong?

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing – Tales from the Darkest Depths

Follow Beatrice and the rest of The Newshounds to Amazon:
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Or straight to the dedicated webpage: (where you can sign up for exclusive content, including free Beatrice Beecham short stories and even a free eBook copy of Crystal Lake Publishing’s SARAH KILLIAN: SERIAL KILLER (FOR HIRE!) by Mark Sheldon)

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments The pre-order link is now live (! Out this Friday in paperback and Kindle: ALETHEIA: A SUPERNATURAL THRILLER novel by J.S. Breukelaar

Aletheia by J.S. Breukelaar

Some people become monsters. Other monsters become you.

“JS Breukelaar’s ALETHEIA is simply a masterpiece. Drawing on elements as different as folk-horror, mythology and symbolism, JS Breukelaar weaves a terrifying , yet beautiful psychological and metaphysical patchwork that reads like a dream. JS Breukelaar is definitely the next huge name in horror fiction, right along King, Koontz and Straub. Mark my words.” – Seb Doubinsky, Author of White City and Lost Signals.

Brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Pre-order now:
Download a sample from the webpage:
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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out today, a brand new Dark Fiction collection from Kenneth W. Cain and Crystal Lake Publishing:

“You’ll need some genuine embers to warm you after this, for some of these tales will chill you to the core.”—Jim Goforth, author of PLEBS and THE SLEEP

Embers A Collection of Dark Fiction by Kenneth W. Cain

SPECIAL OFFER: The first 100 buyers get it for only 99c! The first 50 buyers will find an exclusive content link inside the eBook directing them to exclusive content from the author as well as a free eBook copy of TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.3, which includes another Kenneth W. Cain short story:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Brand new Horror anthology from Crystal Lake Publishing – out today at a special $2.99 launch price (first 100 Kindle sales only). Also available in paperback.

Twice Upon an Apocalypse - Lovecraftian Fairy Tales by Armand Rosamilia

“You’ll find re-imaginings of “The Snow Queen,” “Jack the Giant Slayer,” “The Little Mermaid,” and several other well-known tales herein, all of them dropped without warning or apology into Lovecraft’s cold and merciless universe.” – Gary A. Braunbeck

Come and get it:
Amazon UK:
Everywhere else:
Goodreads: (paperback)
Webpage (download a sample):

Brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out today from Crystal Lake Publishing! A brand new poetry collection by the Bram Stoker Award-winning poet, Alessandro Manzetti.

No Mercy by Alessandro Manzetti

“No Mercy is a journey through time and history on a real/surreal road, rocking and rolling with no pity. Manzetti’s poems inspire a transcendent reality, a dream reality that slips in and out of nightmares; earthscape ruled by sensory overload, soul underload and imagination that melts into hunger for love, life and music. I loved this unearthly and yet strangely familiar meal laid before my eyes.”—Linda D. Addison, award-winning author of “How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend”

Out today in paperback and Kindle:
Universal link:
Webpage (download a sample):

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Pre-order now for only 99c (limited to the first 100 sales):

Journey through the Heart of Terror

Whispered Echoes by Paul F. Olson

From the pen of horror writer Paul F. Olson comes Whispered Echoes, a stunning dark fiction collection that will carry you down lonely twilight byways into a world of darkness and dread. It’s a world of forgotten roadways, sleepy small towns, deep forests, windswept waters—a place where the uneasy spirits of your imagination roam free and anything at all can happen.

WHISPERED ECHOES will be available in paperback and Kindle, as well as Kindle Unlimited. Brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing - Tales from the Darkest Depths.


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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments The biggest and most anticipated anthology release of the year is OUT TOMORROW!

I'm talking Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, John Langan, Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Morton, Brian Kirk, Hal Bodner, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Erinn L. Kemper, John F.D. Taff, Patrick Freivald, Lucy Snyder, Brian Hodge, Kristi DeMeester, Christopher Coake, Sarah Read, and Richard Thomas. With a foreword by Josh Malerman.

BEHOLD! Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders by Doug Murano

Crystal Lake Publishing and Doug Murano, the Bram Stoker Award-nominated editor of GUTTED: BEAUTIFUL HORROR STORIES, are proud to present BEHOLD! ODDITIES, CURIOSITIES AND UNDEFINABLE WONDERS.

Slide into the spaces between the ordinary. Embrace the odd. Indulge your curiosity. Surrender to wonder. Witness as the finest talents of our time bring you tales of the strangeness at the edges of existence.

Special $2.99 pre-order:

Check out the official YouTube trailer:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out tomorrow!

THIS IS GOING TO HURT (pre-order now:

“Todd Keisling is a born storyteller, drawing the reader into artfully constructed narratives that scout the darker end of the literary spectrum with skill and bravado. A pleasure to read, his stories linger well after the last page has been turned. Excellent stuff.” – John Langan, author of The Fisherman

Ugly Little Things Collected Horrors by Todd Keisling

Out September 15th from Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.
Book Trailer:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Brand new Jasper Bark novella from Crystal Lake Publishing out this Friday - (pre-order now at the special $2.99 launch price)

In the quiet of the forest, the darkest fears are born.

Quiet Places A Novella of Cosmic Folk Horror by Jasper Bark

The people of Dunballan, harbour a dark secret. A secret more terrible than the Beast that stalks the dense forests of Dunballan. A secret that holds David McCavendish, last in a long line of Lairds, in its unbreakable grip.

It’s down to Sally, David’s lover, to free David from the sinister clutches of the Beast. But, with the whole town against her, she must ally herself with an ancient woodland force and trace Dunballan’s secret back to its bitter origins. Those origins lie within the McCavendish family history, and a blasphemous heresy that stretches back to the beginning of time. Some truths are too terrible to face, and the darkest of these lie waiting for Sally, in the Quiet Places.

Quiet Places is folk horror at its most cosmic and terrifying. Blending folklore with psychological terror, it contains stories within stories, each one leading to revelations more unsettling than the last. Revelations that will change the way you view your place in the cosmos, and haunt you, relentlessly, long after you have put down this book.

Quiet Places is a novella in the Heresy Series story cycle and has been substantially rewritten and revised for this edition.

Represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths

Book your experience:
FB event:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments It's launch day at Crystal Lake Publishing!

The legend continues with TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.4:

Tales from The Lake Vol.4 by Joe R. Lansdale

Twenty-four heart-rending tales with elements of terror, mystery, and a nightmarish darkness that knows no end.

Welcome to my lake. Welcome to where dreams and hope are illusions…and pain is God.

In the spirit of popular Dark Fiction and Horror anthologies such as Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories and Behold: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders, and the best of Stephen King’s short fiction, comes Crystal Lake Publishing’s Tales from The Lake anthologies.

This fourth volume of Speculative Fiction contains the following short stories:
• Jennifer Loring – When the Dead Come Home
• Joe R. Lansdale – The Folding Man
• Kealan Patrick Burke – Go Warily After Dark
• T. E. Grau – To the Hills
• Damien Angelica Walters – Everything Hurts, Until it Doesn’t
• Sheldon Higdon – Drowning in Sorrow
• Max Booth III – Whenever You Exhale, I Inhale
• Bruce Golden – The Withering
• JG Faherty – Grave Secrets
• Hunter Liguore – End of the Hall
• David Dunwoody – Snowmen
• Timothy G. Arsenault – Pieces of Me
• Maria Alexander – Neighborhood Watchers
• Timothy Johnson – The Story of Jessie and Me
• Michael Bailey – I will be the Reflection Until the End
• E.E. King – The Honeymoon’s Over
• Darren Speegle – Song in a Sundress
• Cynthia Ward – Weighing In
• Michael Haynes – Reliving the Past
• Leigh M. Lane – The Long Haul
• Mark Cassell – Dust Devils
• Del Howison – Liminality
• Gene O’Neill – The Gardener
• Jeff Cercone – Condo by the Lake

With an introduction by editor Ben Eads. Cover art by Ben Baldwin. Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing – Tales from The Darkest Depths.

Experience great fiction today:
Everywhere else:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out this Friday from Crystal Lake Publishing!



Where Nightmares Come From by Joe R. Lansdale

Book one in Crystal Lake Publishing’s The Dream Weaver series, Where Nightmares Come From focuses on the art of storytelling in the Horror genre, taking an idea from conception to reality—whether you prefer short stories, novels, films, or comics.

Featuring in-depth articles and interviews by Joe R. Lansdale (Hap & Leonard series), Clive Barker (Books of Blood), John Connolly (Charlie Parker series), Ramsey Campbell, Stephen King (IT), Christopher Golden (Ararat), Charlaine Harris (Midnight, Texas), Jonathan Maberry (Joe Ledger series), Kevin J. Anderson (Tales of Dune), Craig Engler (Z Nation), and many more.

The full non-fiction anthology lineup includes:
• Introduction by William F. Nolan
• IT’S THE STORY TELLER by Joe R. Lansdale
• A-Z OF HORROR of Clive Barker
• WHY HORROR? by Mark Alan Miller
• PIXELATED SHADOWS by Michael Paul Gonzalez
• LIKE CURSES by Ray Garton
• BRINGING AN IDEA TO LIFE by Mercedes M. Yardley
• THE PROCESS OF A TALE by Ramsey Campbell
• THE STORY OF A STORY by Mort Castle
• WRITING ROUNDTABLE INTERVIEW with Christopher Golden, Kevin J. Anderson, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia
• THE REEL CREEPS by Lisa Morton
• THE MONSTER SQUAD by Jess Landry
• WHAT SCARES YOU by Marv Wolfman
• CREATING MAGIC FROM A BLANK PIECE OF PAPER: Del Howison interviews Tom Holland, Amber Benson, Fred Dekker, and Kevin Tenney
• WHAT NOW? by John Palisano

Come listen to the legends…

Cover design by Luke Spooner. Edited by Joe Mynhardt & Eugene Johnson.

Brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Don’t miss out…

Follow the Where Nightmares Come From Facebook page ( for regular updates, sneak peeks, links, interviews, and more. Or subscribe to the Crystal Lake newsletter:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out this Saturday from Crystal Lake publishing:

The Ghost Club Newly Found Tales of Victorian Terror by William Meikle

The Ghost Club: Newly Found Tales of Victorian Terror

Writers never really die; their stories live on, to be found again, to be told again, to scare again.
In Victorian London, a select group of writers, led by Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and Henry James held an informal dining club, the price of entry to which was the telling of a story by each invited guest.

These are their stories, containing tales of revenant loved ones, lost cities, weird science, spectral appearances and mysteries in the fog of the old city, all told by some of the foremost writers of the day. In here you'll find Verne and Wells, Tolstoy and Checkov, Stevenson and Oliphant, Kipling, Twain, Haggard and Blavatsky alongside their hosts.

Come, join us for dinner and a story:
• Robert Louis Stevenson - Wee Davie Makes a Friend
• Rudyard Kipling - The High Bungalow
• Leo Tolstoy - The Immortal Memory
• Bram Stoker - The House of the Dead
• Mark Twain - Once a Jackass
• Herbert George Wells - Farside
• Margaret Oliphant - To the Manor Born
• Oscar Wilde - The Angry Ghost
• Henry Rider Haggard - The Black Ziggurat
• Helena P Blavatsky - Born of Ether
• Henry James - The Scrimshaw Set
• Anton Checkov - At the Molenzki Junction
• Jules Verne - To the Moon and Beyond
• Arthur Conan Doyle - The Curious Affair on the Embankment

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Place your pre-order now:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out tomorrow!

An Epic Fantasy tale of action, adventure, heroism, horror and sorcery…

Beyond Night by Eric S. Brown

Beyond Night is a Dark Fantasy Horror novel that pulls back the veil of nearly two thousand years of jaded history. Come trod in the bloody footprints left by monsters, soldiers and wizards and behold what lies hidden Beyond Night itself.

It’s Bigfoot War mixed with Lovecraftian horror on the edge of the Roman Empire.

How could Rome lose a Legion? What could’ve happened to blot out the existence of over five thousand men not only from history but the Earth itself?

As the Legion moves north to engage the forces of Pictdom, a dark horror emerges from the bowels of the Earth. Thought to be random attacks by hulking monsters, Decurion August soon learns a dire truth, that these bloody events are directed by opposing the wizards of the Picts. While one side assembles all tribes in a confederated army to battle the Legion, the other pulls these Greyman beasts from the depths of the Earth.

August fights not only these creatures and workers of magicks, but internal passions in the Legion itself.

Can he discover a way to survive the enormous bloodletting about to take place that will only serve to satisfy the wizards of Pictdom?

“Fans of David Gemmell will lap up this earthy, brutal fantasy.” – William Meikle, The Ghost Club

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.


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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out tomorrow for only 99c (launch special ends Sunday):

“Speegle’s delicious evocation of landscape delivers the reader, quite seamlessly, from places of precisely-evoked geography into landscapes of haunting spiritual menace…” – Graham Joyce

Varying Distances by Darren Speegle

Available in paperback, Kindle, and KU!
Experience it:

Proudly brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out tomorrow from Gene O'Neill:

Frozen Shadows and Other Chilling Stories by Gene O'Neill

“A maestro of the field, Gene O’Neill’s stories are consistently well-executed. He writes with authority, depth, and loads of worldly and writerly experience, and delivers fascinating stuff.” – Darren Speegle, author of The Third Twin and Varying Distances

Hitch a ride with the master of setting as he blends and bends genres with science-rich, thought-provoking short stories. “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

Along the way you will travel to the top of Mt. George, up and down Napa Valley, through Sacramento, and into the heart of the Bay Area, to the ‘Loin in San Francisco, Hotel Reo, Chapel of the Chimes, the back streets of Oakland, and other familiar dark places.

The stories explore quantum entanglement, Visual Migraine Events, electro-shock treatment, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Tourette’s syndrome experimentally treated with Temporary Deep Brain Stimulation. And as you read you may start to notice all these stories are connected in a way.

It’s a wild ride through genre-bending fiction, but well worth the ticket.

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Today’s top Horror and SF authors pay tribute to C.H.U.D. film in this anthology of original fiction.

C.H.U.D. LIVES! A Tribute Anthology by Jonathan Maberry

C.H.U.D. is a genre defying, cult classic film featuring monsters living in the sewers below New York. The stories in this anthology expand the world created by the film and add depth to the C.H.U.D. universe like never before. From stories of apocalyptic horror and all out monster action, to tales of underground parties interrupted by uninvited guests and evening strolls that end in death, this anthology will leave you both smiling and breathless.

Relive the fear as these original stories take you beyond the movie to events that occurred before, during, and after the scenes we remember so well.

C.H.U.D. Lives! also features in-depth interviews with Andrew Bonime (producer) and Parnell Hall (screenwriter).

Relive the terror!
• Introduction by David Drake
• Interview with the late Andrew Bonime
• “Dog Walker” by Robert E Waters
• “The Dwellers” by Nick Cato
• “The City Will Eat You Alive” by Ryan C. Thomas
• “Date Night” by David Robbins
• “Strange Gods” by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes
• “Lost and Found” by Greg Mitchell
• “They Are C.H.U.D” by Alex Laybourne
• “C.H.A.D.” by Michael H. Hanson
• “Samsa’s Party” by Ben Fisher
• “The Way to a Man’s Heart” by Tim Waggoner
• “Dweller Messiah” by Jason White
• “That’s Entertainment!” by Mort Castle
• “Toxic Disposal” by David Bernstein
• “Monstrous Me” by Martin Powell
• “Step Ate” by Chad Lutzke
• “Zero Hour” by JG Faherty
• “The Deuce” by Philip C. Perron
• “All at Sea” by Ross Baxter
• “You Will Never Leave Harlan Alive” by Jonathan Maberry and Eugene Johnson
• Interview with Parnell Hall (screenwriter) by Eric S Brown

This book is dedicated in loving memory to Andrew Bonime, the producer of the C.H.U.D. film.

Experience it:
C.H.U.D. Webcomic:
Official Trailer:
Press release / Webpage:

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out today from Crystal Lake Publishing and Aaron Dries!

House of Sighs by Aaron Dries

“This taut, grisly thriller reads like a sick and twisted extreme horror SPEED. You don’t know who, if anybody, will make it. Catch this bus at your own risk.” – Eric Red, The Hitcher and Near Dark

Board for free. But the cost might be your life.

Local bus driver, Liz Frost, pulls the gun from her mouth and decides to live with her loneliness for one more day. She dresses, combs her hair, and goes to work. Nine souls board her route that fateful morning in rural Australia, nine souls who Liz drags back to her home against their will. She wants to build a new family from these passengers, men and women who are willing to kill to avoid becoming her kin. The bus leaves a trail of carnage in its wake as it rockets towards a house that has held its secrets for far too long, a place where crows now gather, ready to feed on whatever is left behind.

This award-winning, psychological experience is back in print, and includes the exclusive sequel The Sound of his Bones Breaking, a novella that will leave you leave you truly shaken.

“Prepare to be blown away.” – Dread Central

Experience it today:

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out today from Crystal Lake Publishing and multiple award-winning poets, Marge Simon and Alessandro Manzetti!

Look in my eyes. My bronze skin reflects the flames of the battles.

War by Marge Simon

I feed on bullets and shrapnel.

I have trenches instead of veins and a bombardier’s whirring plays my favorite symphony inside my big head. This is my story, with some of my best camouflages and disguises, and you should expect your peace plans to fail. Because that's what I do for living.

Look at my million golden teeth necklace. Ring any bells? Maybe you’re too young. I probably should have mentioned the fireworks over the Baghdad night sky, my new friend, or the live broadcast of two great skyscrapers disintegrating. You know what I'm talking about, right? So, you can call me by one of my many names: Great General, Lock-box of the Powerful, Red Rain, Lord of Steel or, more simply, WAR.

I appear as strife of many kinds, from Stalingrad to Scotland. Africa to Afghanistan, the civil war of Italy and the War Between the States, ghostly wars, drug wars, the battle of the sexes, World Wars I, II and visions of a holocaust yet to come. It’s all herein and more, with poems both collaborative and individual.

“Stoker-winning authors Alessandro Manzetti and Marge Simon teamed up to produce this searing volume of dark poetry written in the blood of history’s battles. With an unflinching eye that merges the lyrical and the unspeakable, the poets lead the reader into the depravity and carnage of humankind’s endless wars, from a Vietnamese prostitute seeking razor-studded revenge to an Iraqui girl running home with her mother’s head under her arm. Not for the
faint-hearted, WAR is both unforgettable and, at times, shockingly beautiful.”—Lucy Taylor

“Absolutely Loved the collection! The poetry brought tears to my eyes, made me furious, made me sad, made me feel hopeful for our futures. A very emotionally-moving collaborative collection! Words begin wars; words end them. War is horror incarnate, the utter destruction of humanity. Marge Simon and Alessandro Manzetti, two of the most brilliant poets and fiction writers working today, have collaborated on a collection simply titled War (one of the shortest yet most powerful of words), exploring centuries of a battle-scarred and -scared world. War is history versed through poetry, a beautifully-horrific dissection of humanity.”—Michael Bailey, author of Palindrome Hannah, Phoenix Rose, and Psychotropic Dragon

“This powerful collection by two masterful poets has an equally strong title in three simple letters and Stefano Cardoselli’s amazing interior art. The human need to dominant makes ghosts of the victims, survivors, and victors; all stuck in a perpetual march towards endless battles. No country or time, no one from unborn to elderly is spared; spanning conflicts from 1520 to the future, each graceful poem pulled deep at my heart.”—Linda D. Addison, award-winning author of 'How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend' and HWA Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Experience it:
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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out tomorrow:

Lost Highways Dark Fictions From the Road by D. Alexander Ward

It’s dangerous out there…on the road.

The highways, byways and backroads of America are teeming day and night with regular folks. Moms and dads making long commutes. Teenagers headed to the beach. Bands on their way to the next gig. Truckers pulling long hauls. Families driving cross country to visit their kin.

But there are others, too. The desperate and the lost. The cruel and the criminal.

Theirs is a world of roadside honky-tonks, truck stops, motels, and the empty miles between destinations. The unseen spaces.

And there are even stranger things. Places that aren’t on any map. Wayfaring terrors and haunted legends about which seasoned and road-weary travelers only whisper.

But those are just stories. Aren’t they?

Find out for yourself as you get behind the wheel with some of today’s finest authors of the dark and horrific as they bring you these harrowing tales from the road.

Tales that could only be spawned by the endless miles of America’s lost highways.

So go ahead and hop in. Let’s take a ride.

• Introduction by Brian Keene
• doungjai gam & Ed Kurtz — “Crossroads of Opportunity”
• Matt Hayward — “Where the Wild Winds Blow”
• Joe R. Lansdale — “Not from Detroit”
• Kristi DeMeester — “A Life That is Not Mine”
• Robert Ford — “Mr. Hugsy”
• Lisa Kröger — “Swamp Dog”
• Orrin Grey — “No Exit”
• Michael Bailey — “The Long White Line”
• Kelli Owen — “Jim’s Meats”
• Bracken MacLeod — “Back Seat”
• Jess Landry — “The Heart Stops at the End of Laurel Lane”
• Jonathan Janz — “Titan, Tyger”
• Nick Kolakowski — “Your Pound of Flesh”
• Richard Thomas — “Requital”
• Damien Angelica Walters — “That Pilgrims’ Hands Do Touch”
• Cullen Bunn — “Outrunning the End”
• Christopher Buehlman — “Motel Nine”
• Rachel Autumn Deering — “Dew Upon the Wing”
• Josh Malerman — “Room 4 at the Haymaker”
• Rio Youers — “The Widow”

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out now from Crystal Lake Publishing:

Welcome to The Show: 17 horror Stories – One legendary music venue.

Welcome to the Show

We all know the old cliché: Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Now, add demons, other dimensions, monsters, revenge, human sacrifice, and a dash of the truly inexplicable. This is the story of the (fictional) San Francisco music venue, The Shantyman.

In Welcome to the Show, seventeen of today’s hottest writers of horror and dark fiction come together in devilish harmony to trace The Shantyman’s history from its disturbing birth through its apocalyptic encore.

Featuring stories by Brian Keene, John Skipp, Mary SanGiovanni, Robert Ford, Max Booth III, Glenn Rolfe, Matt Hayward, Bryan Smith, Matt Serafini, Kelli Owen, Jonathan Janz, Patrick Lacey, Adam Cesare, Alan M Clark, Somer Canon, Rachel Autumn Deering and Jeff Strand.

Compiled by Matt Hayward. Edited by Doug Murano.

Bring your curiosity, but leave your inhibitions at the door. The show is about to begin…

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Experience it:
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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Just one season can change everything.

Out September 7th on Kindle. Pre-order today:

“Kenneth W. Cain takes timely social topics and explores them against the backdrop of America’s pastime. What begins as a baseball story quickly delves into something rich, deep, and dark.”—Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Pretty Little Dead Girls

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Crystal Lake Publishing (crystallakepublishing) | 92 comments Out September 14th from Crystal Lake Publishing and Tommy B. Smith -

The tale of a widow's harrowing journey through grief and peril into the cold remnants of a dead world.

Damon Sharpe had in part found victory, he believed, in his battle to unearth a truth obscured by time. By autumn, he was dead, leaving to his wife Anne a house of unfulfilled wishes, remnants, and the key to the enigma of his obsession, the Mourner’s Cradle.

A journey through grief and peril delivers Anne Sharpe from her home in St. Charles to the faraway skeletons of a long-dead civilization where she will find the desperate answers she seeks…or die trying.

This horror novel is perfect for fans of…
• The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz
• The Fisherman by John Langan
• The Grieving Stones by Gary McMahon
• Daphne du Maurier
• Thomas Ligotti
• Shirley Jackson
• Dan Simmons

We even have a free short story for you, written by the author and set in the world of the novel. You can grab it in Mobi or ePub formats from:

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