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Love Is Relative (Defining Love, #1)
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Haven Francis (agirlandherbooks) Hi!
I just wanted to say thank you for all the support I received from fellow goodreaders for my Amazon promotion. Day 1 went better than I could have imagined! Thanks to all of you who “purchased” it. It’s still available for free today, so, again, if you love books about desperate, forbidden love, then go get it!

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I have just "aquired" your book, Haven, with the intent of mentioning it on my Reading group. But I must first make sure it will not give any of we old fogies a heart attack. (Though some of us have been immunised by reading "Fifty Shades ..." :-)

Haven Francis (agirlandherbooks) Ha! No, this is definitely not 50 shades! I recommend it for readers seventeen years and older because there are a few scenes that could be considered explicit, but nothing over the top. Danny, tends to swear quite a bit so you will run into the "s" word and "f" word. Thanks for even considering mentioning it on your reading group. Also, I had initially set my promotion to end today but I just extended it through tomorrow.
Thank you!

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Ok, I am whizzing through it, Haven - not that I am a fast reader - more a compliment on your flowing style - BUT my lot are hyper critical and there are lots of typos and - horror of horror for we oldies - misplaced apostrophes.
Can you handle the flack?

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What I actually meant was " Can you accept the explosios of horror without having a nervous breakdown?" :-)

I wish I had time to offer to proof your ms but I have a lot of commitments at present. I bet you have found other errors yourself by now after going through that list.

I am wondering if your word processing programme is responsible for the capital letters at the beginning of attributes. My Lotus hates me to write "Hello," she said. I have to insist every time that I do not want to wite "Hello,"She said.

I will try to note down any glaring typos as I finish the book. I do remember an apostrophe in parent's which I feel should have neen parents'. I forget the noun but if it had meant one parent you would surely have written mother's or father's.

Don't be discouraged ...

Haven Francis (agirlandherbooks) I swear I am not searching for free proofreaders! But I did misunderstand your comment and so I was just trying to strongly suggest that if you were going to point out my errors, that you point them out to me personally! Some more corrections were made last night. I was just on KDP and it looks like they are still being published. Thanks for the encouragement, so far I have not been discouraged by the process. The promo went great, 5,500 people picked up my book - which, means I gave away 5,500 books- but I'm great with that because I'm just finishing up the follow up novel, Love Is Absolute, and I love the story so much so I'm just happy that there are people out there who will hopefully read my second novel.
Thank you!

Haven Francis (agirlandherbooks) I just wanted to let everyone know that Love Is Absolute , the follow up novel to Love Is Relative is available in the Kindle store for $2.99 or Free for Amazon Prime members!
Thanks, everyone, for the support!

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Deborah Camp (deborahcamp) | 43 comments My new novel will be available on Amazon April 4. It is a romantic/suspense/sexy novel with paranormal elements in that it centers on two psychic detectives on the trail of a serial killer. I'm in the market for a few beta readers who promise to post reviews of it on Amazon and here on Goodreads.
The name of the book is Through His Eyes. Through His Eyes by Deborah Camp

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Alex (ucbstirling) | 140 comments Hi Deborah,

This really isn't the best place to post a request for beta readers or reviews.

I might suggest this group:

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Gloria Piper | 49 comments Hi, Alex,
I had no idea a beta group existed. Great to know. Thanks.

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