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The Monkey
b.andherbooks b.andherbooks Nov 22, 2013 09:33AM
So, what IS up with the monkey? At the end Jen and Eric allude to if only they had known then what they now knew about the monkey...I feel I may have missed something.

I just returned this book to the library I work at to give the next person in line the pleasure, so I need to save some pennies to purchase my copy :)

I haven't quite sorted it out, but as I think through this book, I'm wondering if the monkey is supposed to be a metaphor. That it is S's "monkey on his back". That S. has this problem--either real or self-created--in Vedova which is represented by the monkey (which ages along with S. to show that he carried it for a long time).

You could argue that all of the characters have monkeys on their backs, I suppose.

Or also maybe a reference to Hanuman, though I also have to think this through some more. :)


I figured the entire section with the Monkey was a rewrite by the editor in love with Straka.

Maybe the Monkey is the S group and it's her way of saying that Straka should have let go of his S group work and just gone and been with her. Which is what happens in the ending with S and Sola and Jen/Eric.

At first when I read the ending I hated the Monkey part, but when I think of it as a rewrite it makes sense. I wonder what the original ending to "Ship of Theseus" by Straka would have been.

I finished it yesterday and I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out! Did you crack the code in the footnotes? I haven't yet. That monkey thing is driving me crazy too.

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