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Love Is Relative (Defining Love, #1)
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Amazon Promo - Thank you!!

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Haven Francis (agirlandherbooks) | 5 comments Hi!
I just wanted to say thank you for all the support I received from fellow goodreaders for my Amazon promotion. Day 1 went better than I could have imagined! Thanks to all of you who “purchased” it. It’s still available for free today, so, again, if you love books about desperate, forbidden love, then go get it!

message 2: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Forster (rebeccaforster) | 59 comments Fantastic. Congratulations. I have a new one coming out, too. I's always nerve racking, isn't it :)Have a great thanksgiving.

Haven Francis (agirlandherbooks) | 5 comments Thank you!
Yea, it is a little nerve racking! I'm thankful for groups like these that offer support!

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Evergreen Amundson (evergreenamundson) | 3 comments Just join this group,lots of stuff to catch up on. I'm in the third day of a five day FREE promo on Kindle for my book Spirit Rider ; Great for young adults, and anyone who loves horses!

Haven Francis (agirlandherbooks) | 5 comments I just wanted to let everyone know that Love Is Absolute , the follow up novel to Love Is Relative is available in the Kindle store for $2.99 or Free for Amazon Prime members!
Thanks, everyone, for the support!

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Julia Legian | 2 comments Hello everyone .

Just stopping by to say hi and to let you know that you can download my memoir for free from today until 28 of this month.

Here are the links: (US) (UK),au/dp/B00I7S5PK2 (AUS)

Enjoy and thanks for your support :) xxx


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Rodney Carlson (rodneycarlson) | 6 comments Free Weekend!
From Mar 21 to 25 You can get Misaligned for free.
Aliens are among us.
Illuminati are involved with their plan.
There’s a government conspiracy to cover the truth.
This has been hidden from the civilizations of earth.

The truth is out.
Over five thousand one hundred years ago the earth received creatures from another planet. Today we hardly know they still exist. They are not hiding from us, they are hiding from each other. Two alien races are struggling for dominance in a huge galactic war and earth is caught in the middle. A computer engineer discovers plans to use humanity in the battle. Can he stop it? How can one human possibly fight against an advanced civilization? With some reckless luck the planetary alignment on December 21, 2012 won’t mark the end of mankind.
“In my opinion, this story is every bit as uniquely entertaining as were the several Star Wars movies. I encourage all sci-fi fans to read Misaligned soon. It is an extraordinary adventure.” –Readers Favorite
Get it free at March 21-25

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Deb Huston (debhuston) | 17 comments Phineas Blue Shadows and Light (#1) by Deb Huston
Free AMAZON giveaway promotion for Phineas Blue series ebooks is now live thru 4/8. Here are the links to pick up your copy while the promotion lasts.

Phineas Blue Shadows and Light:

Phineas Blue Domus by Deb Huston
Book 2, Phineas Blue Domus:

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Scott Chapman (ScottWilliamChapman) | 25 comments I have just been looking at the new Kindle Direct Publishing sales dashboard. Very interesting in that the biggest days of sales were the ones following free giveaway days, but the loss of sales during the giveaway period was greater than the additional sales.

Makes you wonder if the giveaway system makes sense after the initial launch.

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