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Any Payoff?
Alicia Alicia Nov 22, 2013 07:46AM
I think this book sounds really interesting, but before I get invested I want to know if the mystery has any pay-off? I love Lost and Fringe (only partway through S.4 so no spoilers, please), but my one issue with JJ Abram's stuff is that he's very good at setting up a great mystery, but he's terrible at providing answers. He's of the opinion that the mystery is always better than any possible solution can be, which I just disagree with. I'm not saying everything needs to be written out, I love having some ambiguity, but there's a world of difference between having everything spelled out and having a jumbled mess of "it could be absolutely anything."

On a scale of "completely holding the reader's hand" to "Aliens? Magic? The Doctor? Take your pick!", what level of solution-providing does S fall into?

there is zero payoff for the novel or the margin story

And I would say for your payoff question, the ending answers more than Lost, but definitely leaves you as the reader to make a lot of your own logical leaps.

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I'm a huge Lost fan, every episode of that series practically memorized. I read every word of this book, initially loving it like Lost.

If Lost's mysteries annoy you, then this book will even more. There are concepts/events that are left completely to the reader.

Personally I prefer that to how "Lost" ended. "Lost" pretty much put an end to any major lingering questions. It answered everything to some degree. This book is more open.

TLDR The book does leave a jumbled mess on your hands, but a fun enjoyable mess. Despite how weird that sounds.

See my other topic for an extended rant (only if you've finished the book).

I imagine there is more to be found. Each chapter has a cipher in the footnotes (most of which have now been figured out). Also, consider that the final chapter wasn't formally written by Straka... (make of that what you will.)

So far as I'm aware, no-one has figured out the endgame yet, if there even is one. But we know Dorst wrote the puzzles, and I do imagine we will find much more to the world of S. over time.

This website (ran by people with FAR more time than I) will probably help with a lot of these questions!


I finished this last night and am still trying to figure the whole thing out! There is a code breaker with the book to help you solve a code within the footnotes...I still haven't figured it out but am hoping this provides some answers. It's not completely mind boggling but it's got about 10 stories in one story! It's definitely worth a read though I would highly recommend it.

I finished this book, and I think you understand it pretty well in the end.

I just wish there was a wiki (maybe one day there will be?). The characters have a lot of links between them, and I found it hard to remember them all. So I feel some references went over my head.

At the end of the book they should have included how characters are linked, what their relationships are, etc. I think that would have added a lot to the story!

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