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message 1: by Len (new)

Len Edgerly (lenedgerly) | 111 comments Mod
It was great to talk with Otis again for this week's show. It's clear that his decision to sell Goodreads to Amazon has been vindicated by the energy and depth of the effort to bring GR to the Kindle Fire HDX, HD, and Paperwhite this week. And, as Otis makes clear, this is just Day One of his vision to improve the way we read.


message 2: by Jason Packham (new)

Jason Packham | 10 comments Len--great to hear about Otis's vision for Goodreads. I'm a huge fan of Goodreads and really hope that you're right about the "Stay Tuned" regarding getting those features on my original Paperwhite.

In this episode you mentioned your Goodreads member number in the interview; where do you find that? I see in my profile that I joined in June 2008, but I don't see my number.

message 3: by Dan (new)

Dan (dbarnett) | 38 comments Len, excellent episode, especially now that you have most of your voice back. Fiona doesn't sound nearly as machine-like as I expected. Maybe she should do the info at the end about your theme music....

One feature you didn't talk about was the list importation into Goodreads of both Amazon printed and Kindle books. I've been looking for a long time for a place to list the books in our home library, and to (one day) annotate them with physical shelf location if they are printed books. So often I remember that I have a certain book...somewhere, and spend hours on a fruitless search.

I was playing around with the list import feature but ran across a lot of times that said "couldn't find the book." Have you seen this? Maybe just a simple bug but it doesn't say which books couldn't be found (not even sure what that means!).

Also, for those of us who have a thousand or more purchased Amazon books over the years, it seems we have to assign each book a shelf (or rating) in order to get it listed in Goodreads.

Does anyone have some experience yet with the list import feature? I'm looking forward to Goodreads being the one-stop index of my books, regardless where they were purchased. It will be my book brains! :-)



message 4: by Len (new)

Len Edgerly (lenedgerly) | 111 comments Mod
Dan, good question. I need to explore the book import feature. I also feel a need to clean up my Amazon archive, because there are a lot personal documents in it that don't need to be there.

I'm not sure why a book couldn't be found. That might be a good question for Mayday the next time I send out the call!

I like your idea of giving Fiona a regular gig on the show. Maybe even the intro!

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