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Don't you think the giants are a bit too easy to beat?
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I think that giants are a bit too easy to beat .Zeus killed,with Jason's help,Enceladus very easy, and even though Polybotes is supposed to be the anti-Poseidon,Percy killed him without facing extreme difficulties. Alcyoneus wasn't also much of a challenge and Dionysus humiliated Ephialtes and Otis without even getting tired. Clytius was more difficult to beat but I think Hecate with Hephaestus and a demigod's help could have managed it. I mean that they're supposed to be a threat but it looks like without Gaea they stand no chance.What do you think?

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They're not at full power yet.

They aren't easy to beat; demigods are just awesome! :)

They aren't at full power. A god and a demigod working together kills a giant, with the exception of Alyconeus. The demigod struggles against the giant, not the god.

Yeah, both the monsters and giants seem like huge pushovers; I really hope Gaia isn't beaten in a chapter.

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I definitely agree; it was too easy fighting the giants. The one thing that I have to say is this - I feel like some of the Tartarus creatures were portrayed badly.

Example: Percy and Annabeth convinced Nyx for a little bit that they were taking a tour of Tartarus. I understand somewhat what Rick was doing here, but seriously? I just couldn't get over the fact that a goddess in Tartarus, of all places, could be tricked by such foolish reasoning.

"Welcome to Canada, idiot!" Best line in the series.
The only thing I think is unrealistic is how every monster they meet stands around explaining their mythological backstory for two pages. Just kill the demigod and be done with it.

Neha Lol yup.
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I think that the Giants ARE a little easy to beat. I mean, they boast and laugh all around till demigods attack them. They aren't that awesome in doing 'action' scenes like the demigods do. But they're still pretty powerful and big and pretty dangerous as they can crush (& control) mortals and demigods.

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