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message 1: by Fred (new)

Fred | 33 comments I am only about half way through this book and don't foresee being able to finish by month's end. How would everyone feel about taking December off to catch up on the material. I know I'll be busy and might have less time for reading. I am a slow reader and certainly won't be able to finish Ring Around the Sun plus another book in one month. John got a late start on this one, but he's a pretty swift reader. I think Lawrence may have already read it so I'm probably asking for a favor. Yes / No? Please circle one.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

That's fine, Fred. I was going to suggest that we take December off. Extending Ring through December works just fine. I don't think Lawrence cares at all. He's chiming in now and then with comments based on his reading from the past. I don't think he's re-reading the books currently.

I'm not even halfway done with Ring. I've been spending a lot of time exercising and it is miserable. Worst of all, it's impossible to read when I'm doing stupid active things. My morning reading hours have disappeared. Grumble grumble.

I'm still planning on finishing Ring before the month is over but it'll be nice not to have any reading pressure in December.

message 3: by Fred (new)

Fred | 33 comments Wonderful. I know what you mean about exercising. I have neglected it since Easter because I was given a banjo and have been learning how to play. It is so maddeningly fun that I use all my before-the-family-wakes-up morning time to play in the basement. But that's neither here nor there.

message 4: by Lawrence (new)

Lawrence | 11 comments Yes. I'm just sort of hitching a ride.

Never attempted banjo, but I was lent a ukelele once and found it very addictive.

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