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The book is great

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Nicholas Nicholas Downing

The Absolutely True Dairy Of A Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie is an realistic fiction book based on a Indian who has a troubled life; Who thinks his life is a waste and that no one likes him but mostly agrees who them. His appearance and personality is very separated from everyone else’s. His appearance will be a word describe as prissy.
There were certain things that really stand out to me in this boo. This book felt mostly as an autobiography and comedy. Certain parts in the book it makes you feel like your emotions are mixed up, because of there was a girl he felt in loved with named Mary Runs Away an Indian girl. The chapter names stood out the most and the way he would describe that in a joke. For example, the chapter slouching Toward Thanksgiving he describe him as zombie as if he was addicted to any food that was handed to him. Also, the comedy and how he describes himself gets a little out of hand, the way he acted.
The book is good, very funny and fun to share to others. The book is great it talks about his life which is fun to read from my prospective, learning about what happening in people life’s makes me think more about what’s around me. Also, the book is different it’s a made of story of someone life, and can give someone a great explanation of what might be going on. Overall the books brings smiles, and also fun and good book to read.

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Jason I agree, I really enjoyed this book. I've read most of Alexie's work and would recommend his other young adult novel, "Flight". He's got some really good adult novels as well. One of which was turned into a movie.

Kathy Hale I thought that this book would be good for a teenage boy who doesn't care for reading. It speaks to many of the problems that all of us have gone through Indian or not.

Robin I read this for Spring break for school and went in thinking how much I hate sports and how slow of a read it would be for break but I feel in love with it after the first couple of pages and was very pleasantly surprised how wrong I was. This book was amazing and I was rooting for him the whole time. This was my favorite book I read all of freshmen year.

Andrew Hicks Just posted a 5-star review of this book today. It was one of my favorite reads of the past few months. Found out after finishing it that Sherman Alexie had started it as a memoir and later made it into a "fiction" book. Which is probably why it felt so authentic to me.

Andrew Hicks Jason, good thing I read your comment - I had just mentioned in that review I wrote that Alexie didn't have any other YA books. Didn't know about Flight .

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