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Alex (alice-andwendy) At the highest level of the school lies the hospital wing. The kind nurse helps take care of every possible injury.

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Little Hawk wandered into the medicine place of the white-men and women. She looked around taking in all of the things around her, she kept her animals at her sides and took small steps that echoed.

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Alex (alice-andwendy) ((Hey! You can always ask someone to rp with you :) most of us won't notice that you're posting somewhere))

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Merlin entered the medical wing in search of something to cure his stomach ache. He was hoping for herbs of some kind but didn't see any right away.

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Little Hawk turned around when someone entered the room. Her animals (bear, mountain lion, and wolf) stepped in front of her all of them growling. There was something wrong with the boy that entered the room, a faint scent of sickness wafted off of him.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Merlin didn't flich at the sight of the large animals. Once you had faced down a griffin a mountain lion didn't really seem like much. He whispered a quick spell that should soothe the animals, just in case they decided to eat him.

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Little Hawk stepped around her animals and stood in front of the boy. She tried to remember how to speak English, "Are"-she nodded and knew she was doing alright at the moment-"are you sick?" She asked in her best English.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Just a stomach ache." Merlin said. "I just need to find an herb and I'll be fine." He nodded and went to a cupboard. Luckily it was full of herbs and he found the one he wanted. "What brings you here?"

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Little Hawk thought hard about what he was trying to tell her. She pointed at herself, "I have come to look." Then she gestured to the room around her. "What do you call yourself?" She asked suddenly interested in this white-man.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Interesting choice of a hang out spot." Merlin said. He found a mortar and pestel and began grinding down the herb he had found. "Merlin." He told her extending his free hand. Then he realizes she might not know what that was but he wasn't sure what hand gesture would be proper.

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Little Hawk looked around. She pointed at herself again, "Little Hawk." She said and shook his hand, her father had taught her this is how white-men say hello. "Come from over mountains," she smiled. "Always wanted to see ocean."

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Nice to meet you Little Hawk." Merlin said in a friendly way. He smiled when she mentioned wanting to see the ocean. "I'd like to see the ocean to." Merlin told her. He wiped a bit of the paste on his tongue and swallowed despite the bitter flavor.

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Little Hawk watched Merlin as he took what the white-men called medicine. "No"-she grabbed his hand and pulled some herbs out of her pouch that was strapped to the belt around her waist-"these help better." She gave him the herbs and closed his hand around them.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "I appreciate the thought but my uncle was a healer." Merlin said gently. He wasn't going to take anything Gaius hadn't showed him before. Though this girl was obviously some kind of native who most likely knew her herbs. "It's only an herb." He assured her.

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"Healer?" Little Hawk asked. "Like Medicine Man correct?" She smiled knowing she was indeed correct. She pointed at herself, "Father is Medicine Man." She said and smiled wider.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Yeah, like Medicine Man." Merlin agreed. Her English was broken but she didn't have a terrible comprehension of what was being said. "Your father is a medicine man? Have you seen this herb before?" he asked, just out of curiosity.

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Little Hawk nodded vigorously. "Grows where mountain breaks through clouds," she said. She had made the journey many, many times and had enjoyed it each time.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Cool. Back home it grows at the base of trees." Merlin told her. But, of course, Camelot was far different from any other place. He made a gesture to say goodbye. "It was nice talking to you." He assured her.

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"Talk again sometime?" Little Hawk asked grabbing Merlin's arm. She realized what she had just done and dropped her hand immediately. She dropped her eyes as well and took a step back, ready to be struck as she had by white-men before.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Merlin frowned when she seemed afraid of her. Hesitantly he placed a hand on her shoulder and met her eyes. "I'm sure we'll talk again sometime." He assured her with a gently smile.

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Little Hawk nodded and didn't bother to smile back. She was awaiting the unexpected strike from him, but it never came. She looked up and met his eyes she smiled. "Very nice talking to you," she said and walked out of the medicine room not quite sure where she was going yet.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Merlin watched her go a bit sadly. What had happened to her to make her react like that? He sighed and left the medical wing to return to his work.

message 24: by Ashley (new)

Ashley It was strange; one minute he'd been walking to nowhere, and now he was here.
Wherever here was.
Theon stared up at a white ceiling, frowning.
His leg felt numb.
Why did it feel like that?
He was laying on his back on top of something....

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) ((okay, assuming we jumped time I'll post snows like that :) ))

Snow had her knees tucked underneath her, her head rested on her bloody knuckles. She had dozed off a little while ago after they had taken Theon. Snow still sat their in her bloody outfit, her hair fallen over her eyes.

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Ashley "We need to get you cleaned up" a kindly nurse said to Snow, frowning softly at the state she was in.
They had done a thorough check on her when the two had first come in.
Of course, as soon as that Snow was relatively free of injury, they turned all their attention on Theon.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) ((My phone is almost out of battery so I may abruptly stop replying but if I do I'll be back on within an hour or so :) ))

Snow sat in the waiting room, the nurses had offered her an extra pair of clean clothes.. which she kindly accepted. She stared at the blank wall across the room, she rested her head on the arm of the chair waiting for an update on Theon

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Ashley ((Aw okay, thanks for telling me :P ))

Someone stepped out of the room Theon was in, holding a clipboard.
"You're the one who brought him here, correct?" asked the man, narrowing his eyes at Snow.
His graying hair and receding hairline didn't affect the air of authority around him.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) Snow jumped to her feet when the man stepped out of Theons room. Something about the man worries her "Yea.." Snow answered cautiously running her fingers through her hair "How is he? Is he alright?"

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Ashley "That was a very nasty injury he suffered. But yes, he is fine now. Surprisingly still conscious. Most people would have passed out from the pain" said the man, tucking the pen he held in his hand behind his ear.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) A breath of relief escaped Snows mouth "You would be suprised.." She murmured quietly before leaning over the mans shoulder to peer into the room "could I.... Can I go in?" She asked nervously

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Ashley The doctor nodded slowly.
"Yes. But obviously, he needs rest to start healing that leg. So try not to get him stressed or any such thing like that. It could slow down the healing process" he said, stepping to the side to let Snow go by him.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) Snow smiled softly at the man and mouthed a thank you before stepping into the room. She studied Theon as he laid in the hospital bed, he seemed... peaceful

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Ashley Even in the drugged state he was in, Theon's sharp ears still picked up the sound of the door opening quietly.
He was propped up on the too-soft pillows, so that he was halfway sitting up.
Don't fall asleep
Snow's voice echoed in his mind.
Theon made his eyes extra wide in an effort to keep them open.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) Snow smiled at Theon softly taking a step closer to the bed "So the doctor said that he was amazed at your pain tolerance.." She crossed her arms and smirked "Guess all those years of training payed off, hm?" She remarked tracing her fingers along the bed rail

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Ashley Theon turned his head to look at her.
He focused on the words, turning them over and over again in his clouded mind.
"Oh...oh yes" he said, making an effort to try to sit up more.
He wasn't moving.
Theon tried to raise his hand, and it went up an inch or so, then fell back down.
It felt so heavy...

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) ((Phone is charged! Lol))

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Ashley ((Haha, oh good! Ergh. I am so bored....this is pretty much the only rp I at least kind have going on right now...))

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) Snow pulled a chair up beside the bed, taking a seat she glanced around the room... Very gloomy "How's your leg?" Snow asked in concern. The doctor had said it was pretty serious Snow easy sure what to expect

message 40: by Ashley (new)

Ashley His leg?
Theon looked down at it, then back up at the girl's face.
"I can't feel it. Do you know if it's really there?" he asked, knowing he should feel worried.
He needed his leg.
It would be really bad if it wasn't actually there....
He licked his dry lips, wishing he had something to drink.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) ((Oh I knoww.. Same for me :) ))

A smile played on Snows face when she heard Theons questions. She lifted the covers slightly and chuckled "Yup.. Your legs really there" She looked back up at Theon pursing her lips "Your a trooper you know that?"

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Ashley Theon smiled, turning his head again to look at her.
"You are too"
Somehow the smile felt natural.
What did they do to me?!
The thought shot through his mind, volume at a yell.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) Snow shook her head in disagreement "Please... I did nothing." She pat his shoulder jokingly "it was all you" Snow leaned back in her chair, she glanced behind her to check if the doctor was behind the glass.

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Ashley He wasn't, appearing to have disappeared/and or left the room to go who knows where.
What was a trooper anyways?
Theon didn't know, but it must be a good thing....
He struggled to focus his thoughts, become himself again.
It was near to impossible.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) It was obvious that Theon was jacked up on the hospitals drugs, Snow studied his face.. He seemed.. Confused maybe? "You in here for long?" She asked him in efforts to keep him focused. Snow had pulled her hair into a braid but blood still crusted along her hairline. She had done her best to clean it out in the hospital sink, since she had no dorm to go back too

message 46: by Ashley (new)

Ashley "I don't know" Theon said, frowning.
The doctor, or was it the nurse?
Well somebody had gone on and on and on about something about him being here, but he'd tuned it out after the first few minutes.
He raised his hand.
Oh good, he could do that now.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) Snow shoved her hands into her face for a minute, she slid them down her cheeks and heaved a deep breath "Don't do that again ok?" She half demanded half requested. Snow couldn't handle losing another person in her life and Theon was her only friend so far

message 48: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Theon's brain scrambled to catch up and understand.
It too some effort, to put it lightly.
The drugs were really messing with him.
"Don't do what again?" he finally settled on asking, tongue feeling like sandpaper in his mouth.
He was really, really thirsty.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) "Dont try and die on me again" Snow featured to his leg. Theon kept fiddling with his lips, assuming he needed something to drink so reached over him and grabbed the cup full of juice. She raised and eyebrow and held it out for him

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) ((Ahh so many typos haha sorry stupid auto correct *face palm*))

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