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message 1: by Alys (new)

Alys Marchand (alysmarchand) | 11 comments I hope this isn't against the rules to post here. I'm hosting a promotional book giveaway with the theme of strong female characters with that left open to interpretation, and no limitation on genres.

As of right now I have 13 authors on board offering 16 books, some of them signed print and some digital, as well as $45 in Amazon gift cards so far. Basically it's whatever each author wants to offer.

I'd love it if more authors could join us. We have the opportunity now for this to be hosted on a much larger site as well! Below is a link with more information. The more the merrier, and the more who can help spread the word and get eyes on everyone's books!

It'll be easier of you contact me directly. I'm working really hard on this have have so many places to check back on and don't want to overlook anything. It's almost 3:30am and I'm still busting butt on this. Info in the link. I really think this could be a big thing for us Indie authors, though commercial authors are certainly welcome too! As I said, the more the merrier. :)

message 2: by Shaun (new)

Shaun | 11 comments Just wanted to let you know about a typo I spotted:

"or send it to BE MY December 8th."

me by.

message 3: by Quanah (new)

Quanah Edwards | 65 comments I'm interested.


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