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Hello :)

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Right now I am kinda feeling historic...and romance of course :P

Yeah I have to take a shower and eat dinner anyways :)

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Like Victorian maybe? Or medieval? I have a few ideas. I also like dystopian, post-apocalyptic, and apocalyptic. :)

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Sure :)

So we could do one where there are two nobles, or royals, and they are set in an arranged marriage. They hate each other at first but grow to love each other? If you don't like that idea I have another one :)

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A royal and a peasant become good friends and the peasant helps the royal escape the royal life (that they hate). While on the run the two start to slowly fall in love.

And yeah sure, that's fine!

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Alright :)

For Charries do you want to just do name, age, and appearance and then the rest can be rp'd?

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Name: Sylas Gide
Age: 20

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(I'll go first))

Sylas stood up quickly, making the table shake, "What?" he said. "You didn't even think of asking me before going ahead and doing this?" he said to his father who sat calmly acroos from him, "And if I did you would've said no." his father answered.

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"Yeah probably, but at least I wouldn't feel betrayed." he said and walked out of the room. He knew he had to do this, and he was goig to try not to argue about it, but that didn't mean he had to like it.

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Sylas walked outside and went to the stables. He saddled his horse and led him out of the stables before mountong him and galloping out of the castle grounds.

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((Yeah, I was either thinking medieval or Victorian))

Sylas galloped into the forest and manuvered him and his hirse through the thick trees to the lake. Upon reaching it, he dismounted, letting his horse drink the water as he sat in silence and reflect upon his thoughts.

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After an hour of sitting there Sylas stood, stretched, and then mounted his horse again. This time they just walked slowly and lazily through the forest. He could see the tall, ivy-covered, towers of the castle in the diatance.

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Sylas arrived at the castle, left his horse at the stables and walked into the long courtyard. He entered the caslte and went straight through the long maze of hall to his roon

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((We can skip ahead to when they are about to meet eachother)) ((Byeee))

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Sylas rode to the Chateau where he was to meet the princess. His horse's hooves clacked on the stone path leadong up to the palace.

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