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Andre Twilight by Stephanie Meyer is an romantic novel about a girl name Isabella swan who moves to to forks to live with her dad. Going to school she then has her eyes on the Cullen but more on Edward Cullen. When the but see each other in biology class Edward Cullen does not speak to her. After finding out Edward Cullen was a vampire they become a couple. And then they have different conflicts that come between them.

The things I like about the book is that it's not what you expected when you hear about vampire and humans and how their reactions come out more. The other thing I like is how Bella was a dynamic character after meeting Edward. For example when she arrived to forks she was more of a introvert person who didn't really talk. There I didn't have dislikes about the book.

I would recommend twilight. As Bella and Edward got close it made me wanna read the book to see how they let their problem not get in their way. I would recommend this book to people who think out differently or think outside the box. I would read this book again

Jessica I don't mean to come off as anything other than morbidly curious, why wouldn't you have made this a review of the book instead of a thread with no discussion topic????

Mochaspresso I thought Bella was a dynamic character, too. She's certainly inspired a whole lot of discussions on Goodreads. Good or bad, I think that qualifies as dynamic. It's perfectly fine to write what you are feeling and thinking about Twilight here in a thread that you created for yourself and/or in an an actual review. The advantage to doing it in a review is that when people click on your name, they can clearly and easily see what types of books you like and read some of your reviews. It's an advantage, but it doesn't have to be done. Whatever floats your boat. Welcome.

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