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Kathryn | 5939 comments Mod
Welcome to the Children's Book Group!

From picture books to young adult novels, fiction to non-fiction, classics to contemporary, we're all about discovering and discussing literature for young people.

On behalf of my fellow co-moderators, I would like to welcome you to the group! Maybe you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, librarian looking for great books to share with young people. Or an adult who never outgrew your love of "kids'" books -- or recently rediscovered how great they are! ;-) If you're looking for wonderful children's books and fellow readers who share your enthusiasm, you've come to the right place.

Within our group are four "Clubs" devoted to various segments of children's literature. These clubs hold monthly discussions specific to a certain theme or a particular book. The Club threads are created only by the moderators but any member of the Children's Book Group can participate in any/all of the Club discussions on any given month. Feel welcome to participate each month or simply drop in when a particular book or theme appeals to you.

The Picture Book Club is devoted to picture books. In addition to various themed reads, we have explored the history of picture books from the late 1800s through the 1930s and beyond with the Caldecott winners and honor books. If you are new to the group, I encourage you to check out our previous years' threads to explore some of the many wonderful themed book lists. Members contribute dozens of titles to these lists and they can be a great resource for those seeking books on a particular subject.

The Newbery Club is helmed by co-mod Cheryl. The goal of this club is to read every Newbery-winner and most of the honor books, too. It is a wonderful resource especially if you are interested in the history of children's literature, or even history in general as it is fascinating to look back at winners throughout the years. Some of the winners remain well-known favorites, while others (especially the early winners) are not well known these days.

The Fiction Club, under the leadership of co-mod Manybooks, features monthly and sometimes by-monthly reads of Middle Grade novels (both classics and more recent, both English language and international, with the latter of course needing to be available in English translation).

The Miscellaneous Club, led by co-mod Beverly. This club will be for books not covered in the Picture Book Club, the Newbery Club and the Fiction Club. In this Club, we will be reading children's non-fiction books, poetry books, and children's biographies.
Each month will feature either a theme with suggested books on the theme, or an author of children's non-fiction books. Participants are welcome to make suggestions for future monthly reads

In addition to clubs, the wide variety of other discussions, from threads about specific authors and subjects, to the "seasonal reads" folder about holidays, offer a variety of opportunities for discovery and discussion. We encourage members to post new threads in these non-club folders if you're looking for a particular book or subject that has not been previously covered.

Welcome aboard! Please be sure you familiarize yourself with our group rules and feel free to introduce yourself in our "Introductions" thread. Happy Reading!

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Kathryn | 5939 comments Mod

We are happy to have you as part of the group and want you to feel welcome to share news about your books. However, please note that your own thread in the "Authors/ Publishers/ Promotional" folder is the only permissible location to mention your books.

Please refrain from mentioning your book(s) by title or giving us a description of them in the Reader Introductions Thread or any other book discussions (where they will be deleted by the moderators).

Thank you so much.

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