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Ivyspring trotted out of camp with Heartstar.

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Heartstar followed Ivyspring out if camp and into ThunderClan territory.

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"Where should we hunt?" Ivyspring indicatd the many paths made by paws.

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Heartstar shrugged. "Wherever you want."

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Ivyspring headed towards an oak tree and stopped. She shrunk down onto her belly.

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Heartstar padded away from Ivyspring and into the brush. She spotted a fat squirrel sitting on a tree root. She crouched down and stalked forward silently. She pounced a heartbeat early but still made the catch.

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Ivyspring ignored Heartstar and concentrated on a mousr. She sprang at it, her strong hind legs pushing back and sank her teeth into its back. "That's GRACEFUL hunting for you," she teased.

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Heartstar brought down a sparrow and a robin. She gathered up her catch and carried it back to where she last saw Ivyspring.

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"Hey, nice catch."

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"Thank you," Heartstar meowed. "Shall we head back to camp then?"

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"Sure thing," Ivyspring nodded.

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Heartstar picked up her catch and carried it into camp.
((Cont. in Camp))

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Ivyspring chased after Heartstar. "Wait....can you carry my prey to camp? Um...there's something I have to do."

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Heartstar turned. She nodded, "Very well." She stretched her jaws as far as they could go and carried Ivyspring's prey into camp.

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Ivyspring watched her go, then slowly turned towards WindClan territory.

Whitestream headed towards the stream, she and her littermate's meeting place...

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At the stream, Ivyspring saw a familiar white she-cat coming out from the moor. "Whitestream!" She smiled at her littermate. "Hi!" Then she frowned. "Are you having trouble with your Clan? I haven't seen you since last half-moon!"

Whitestream shifted. "WindClan...I can't always sneak out. But...I know I made the right choice, moving there as an apprentice."

"But why?" Ivyspring asked. "You're. ThunderClan, without the tiniest whisker of WindClan blood! Why do you want to run around that moor-" She stopped herself. She had been about to say ,"Chasing those dumb rabbits!"

Whitestrean sighed. "I don't know. But I prefer the wide, open moors to that closed in forest. Anyway, that's not why I said I'd meet you at that Gathering. I'm afraid..." she couldn't say it. She choked it out. "I can't meet you anymore."

Ivyspring looked nervous. "Why?"

"Because I can't live like this!" Whitestream exploded. "Those night meetings, causing me to have clumsy hunting, Clanmates looking at me funny! I can't be torn between you and my Clan. I chose this many moons ago. I now choose-" she choked back the words. "I choose my Clan- my new Clan- over you." She turned and fled, not waiting for Ivyspring's reaction.

Ivyspring sighed and turned towards camp. She'd been expecting this! A cry of panic rose in the moring. "Why couldn't I prevent it!" She wailed, and turned and ran to camp.

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