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Michael's Gift (Southern Knights, #1)
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary romance featuring an insomniac artist with psychic abilities. [s]

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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Hillier (thejennhillier) | 35 comments Ok. So I love coming here because someone almost always knows what book I am looking for. :) So like I said in the topic the book is a contemporary romance. Again, one that I read years ago. Probably around twenty years give or take a couple. How I hate being able to say twenty years ago so freely. Anyway, the guy is a cop or artist or both. He has insomnia. I know he has psychic abilities. He paints a picture of a woman who is in trouble somehow. I know that the woman is connected to a friend of his (step sibling?). Anyway, I can picture a scene where she no longer has blonde hair, but has dyed it. She is shivering on his stoop. Somehow she managed to find him when he was looking for her. Don't remember how that one happened. She didn't go to the friend of his because she didn't know if she could trust him, which turns out later she could have. Um. I can picture the cover which has the red and white edging of the old silhouettes and a portrait of a blonde woman on the front and maybe him as well. For some reason I am thinking his name is Michael, and in fact had thought it might be called Michael's Angel, but I think that is because I recently reread Gabriel's Angel by Nora Roberts. So I could be wrong about his name as well. And I THINK her name started with A.

Well. That's all the detail I can come up with. Let's go GoodReads friends. Do your stuff. :)

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Hillier (thejennhillier) | 35 comments And just as an addendum. I believe he had psychic abilities. I could be wrong. Definitely had problem with insomnia and definitely painted.

message 3: by Aerulan (new)

Aerulan | 1190 comments Maybe Michael's Gift by Marilyn Pappano? Michael's Gift (Southern Knights, #1)  by Marilyn Pappano Haven't read it but I skimmed a couple listopias and this one looked like a possibility.

message 4: by Aerulan (new)

Aerulan | 1190 comments Here's a couple listopias that might lead to your book, in case you haven't already looked through them.
Art related Heroes or Heroines

Psychic Heroes or Heroines

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Hillier (thejennhillier) | 35 comments Michael's Gift IS the one. Awesome. You rock. Can't wait to read it again. This is SOLVED. Thanks so much!

message 6: by Aerulan (new)

Aerulan | 1190 comments Jennifer wrote: "Michael's Gift IS the one. Awesome. You rock. Can't wait to read it again. This is SOLVED. Thanks so much!"
Awesome! And you're very welcome! I love finding books for people, it's like going on a treasure hunt. ;)

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