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Make sure to add your age and interests so we can see what type of books you like!

~Akweley♡Mazarae♥~★☆★oblivion★☆★~I CAN'T BREATHE~ (nala13) Ok, I'll start. My name is Nadia, I'm 13, and I read most books. My favorite genres are dystopia, fantasy, and paranormal romance.

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Janelle | 19 comments Mod
The troll series is really good. Its romance but it's also fantasy and it has 3 books in the series. Skinny by Donna Cooner is absolely amazing. It's more contemporary but I really enjoyed it!

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I'm Tori, I'm 14 and I love to read anything y.a. My favourite genres though are contemporary and dystopian!

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Janelle | 19 comments Mod
I recommend Skinny by Donna Cooner (I think that's how you spell the last name idk) its about a girl that's over weight and she's living with this voice in her head that tells her all the mean things people are supposably say about her. It's very good! I recommend the Host also. It's also very good.

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