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message 1: by That Slytherin Girl Reads (last edited Nov 21, 2013 02:41PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

That Slytherin Girl Reads Hey Leslie! :)
Here's the thread for our discussion for this book. I started it last night. I read that first part before and skimmed some of it. Now I'm on the part where they meet up on the room. Hmmmm.. Lets see what happens later. ^_^

For you guys who wants to join just please join in. ^_^

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Thanks, Sandee! will start in a while :D

That Slytherin Girl Reads But you already read it. LOL. Wanna generate some questions with me to make the discussion more fun?

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Lol! but that was almost two years ago, I'm trying to remember the part you mentioned. What chapter are you in now? Yes, I'll ask questions later.

That Slytherin Girl Reads Chapter 1. LOL. :p Not too far off.
Yeah a refresher would be necessary then.

Temple Can I get an understanding of this thread? Are you guys doing a buddy read of 50? and discussing along the way? I would like to re-read with you if possible.

That Slytherin Girl Reads Temple wrote: "Can I get an understanding of this thread? Are you guys doing a buddy read of 50? and discussing along the way? I would like to re-read with you if possible."

Hey temple! Yep that's right. leslie actually read it alread but will be rereading it too. :)

Temple All righty then I will start today on book one. can I get an update from you guys?

That Slytherin Girl Reads Cool!!! I already started on book one. I am not sure though if Leslie started already. I'm a slow reader. :p i'm somewhat 10% of the book already. How about you?

I like the writing but i'm unfortunately i'm finding Ana annoying as fuck.

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I just started, lol! Yes, Ana has so many thoughts, quite distracting :D

That Slytherin Girl Reads I know. Some more annoying than others but yeah christian... Hmmmm. He's intriguing. :)

Annette ive literally just read the entire thing ....can i join in with the discussion ?

That Slytherin Girl Reads Sure. :) how far off are you? I had to put this on hold ecause i had to finish Gabriel's inferno. :)

Annette ive read the entire trilogy now I decided to tead it afyer all the hype had died glad I did ...what part are you up to ?

Annette sorry for typos im on my damn phone with terrible touch screen lol

That Slytherin Girl Reads what? you're done already? LOL. well i'm just on the first part really. i wasn't able to go really far because Gabriel's Inferno was awesome and immediately started the second book. I was told that both of them are actually Twilight fan fict and wanted to see which one is better. And Gabriel's Inferno won by a mile. I didn't really like Ana. How about you? What are your thoughts on this trilogy?

It's all good! :) Sometimes I use my phone too and I could understand the pain you're going through. LOL

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Annette Well i have never read anything remotely like 50 shades and when it hit the big time with all the hype i thought ok i will wait till it all dies down and give it a go ...if im honest (i dont want to give the story away because you havent read it all yet) but i too didnt particularly like Ana either.For me it was a mediocre read that whilst alot of women found the sex shocking none of it i found shocking seriously none of it.I found the fact that there are still people out there that do find it shocking shocking enough lol ( how bad is that LOL) ...Without giving anything away by the time i had got to the end i was glad it concluded ...but what i felt after was strange and even though i found the whole thing hysterically funny OHMY !! and repeatative i kindda miss christian ..does that me sadomachistic too ...hmm maybe interested to disscuss this trilogy with you once you have read it to see if you share any of the same thoughts as me ..xxxx

message 18: by Pam (last edited Nov 30, 2013 08:41AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pam " POSSIBLE SPOILERS" I found the story more interesting then the sex. Which I didn't think was that much compared to other books. If you paid attention through the three books there was a compelling story of a man who had been broken at a young age and was used at puberty by a so called "friend" of his mothers " which is another learning curve age" to channel his anger in her way. Along comes someone else, at a later time in life that slowly shows him love can exist in a gentler and more loving form. Yeah he was and possessive, but she never had to sign that contract and if you paid attention Ana had in full control of their sex life from the beginning. I loved this trilogy. I enjoyed the transformation from the beginning to end. The supporting characters in the book were written great. Christan and Ana's family were caring and supportive. A lot of Christains behavior toward Ana I think stemmed from having no knowledge of ever having a relationship and not knowing how to react. I just saw so much in the story. I know a lot of people did not. There were funny times I liked too.

That Slytherin Girl Reads @annette: i actually think Christian is a pretty good character. Early on in the book i could tell i was going to like him! And i did. Just not Ana. Lol. There was something about the way she thinks that was annoying... Yeah i would try to get this done soon and discuss it with you. That'll be fun. :) this was a twilight fan fic too right? Honestly i could see the similarity with Bella and Ana. Haha

That Slytherin Girl Reads @pamela: i think a lot of people read this because of the sex. I haven't read those parts yet but hopefully i'll get to it soon to see what's so special about them. Lol. I've read reviews about this book and it got me really interested why people love and hated this book. If the story is more interesting than the sex then that's good. I dont want to read purely just sex on books because honestly.. I could have just watched porn of that's what i want right? Lol. I hope i can finish this soon. I'm a real slow poke in reading which is terrible. I'm a single mom with one kid so sometimes its hard to squeeze in reading.. Would be lovely to exchange thoughts and all that. :)

Annette @ pamela i paid very much attention to the story but as i said in my previous post earlier i didnt want to give alot of it away as i knew Sandee hadnt yet read it ...i find it quiet annoying when people reveal a book when others havent but i guess thats where the caps "SPOILERS" comes into play ...
I very much liked Christian to start with , i thought his character was strong ...i did giggle over the ultimate fantasy of it all ...sucessfull man , can fly a helicopter , has his own plane , place in new york aspen etc etc ..( i loved all that because it is such a fantasy and if your a writer why not make it how you want after all its your imagination :):) )Ana however was drippy ( just like bella swan in twilight) and over analyised everything to the point of it being painful .When it came to the sex in the book as i said previously i didnt find it at all shocking ..and by the final book i was skipping past it because i wanted to get on with the story

I found the over use of the same sentences grating " i love you , and i you"

"oh fifty , my poor fifty"
"oh ana " " oh Christian" "oh my " "Inner goddess"

it starts to wear abit thin

with regards to this statement
"If you paid attention through the three books there was a compelling story of a man who had been broken at a young age and was used at puberty by a so called "friend" of his mothers " which is another learning curve age" to channel his anger in her way. "

Really ? used at puberty this is where I beg to differ with you.

I obviously read this in an entirely different way to you or Ana for that fact.
When ana referred to "Mrs Robinson" as a paedophile i just didnt see it that way bad ?

I did actually see that she was helping Christian in a time when he needed it regardless of the fact he was a teenager ...imagine how his character may have turned out if he hadnt of had her influence.
Lots of young teenage guys fantasise about being with an older more experienced woman and i believe if he hadnt enjoyed the bdsm side of it i dont think he would of gone back ...Ana's reaction to it all was childish , not at all understanding and insecure.
What i found interesting was although Christian liked to come accross as a "dom " during sex with Ana he in my view was complete opposite it was her in fact that was in charge every step of the way ..
I didnt think the BDSM relationship that he wanted or intended on having with her was a BDSM relationship at all it was just a bit of kinky role playing ...
It would be interesting to see the three stories told from Christians perspective especially when in book 2 one of his ex subs turns up.What exactly really did happen in Anas apartment ? Hmmm

I like Christian despite him being a control freak .I found him endearing MOST of the time what i didnt like was the overbearing possessive controlling behaviour in some scenarios ...

Ana frustrated me by her knowing that he was going over the top but seemed to always blame herself and make excuses for him (typical of someone who has been mentally abused)
In the same token i actually enjoyed reading her rebelling against him lol and i found myself many times willing her to do more lolol ...
It really isnt the best written book its writing is insipid and juvenile taking it for what it is though and its a light easy read that will amuse you on a two week beach holiday .. I found the strory enjoyable frustrating and really funny (in places) i have said i miss the characters now that i have finished the trilogy...I loved Taylor and Gail some really good supporting characters. I am now moving on to some other erotic fiction so i can compare ... :) its good to hear other peoples opinions

That Slytherin Girl Reads It's all good though. If you guys wanna talk with spoilers just the spoiler html. :) so its the discretion of the other person if they'd want to read it or not. Lol. And i've read loads of reviews for fiftyshades and i think they also spoiled me enough with this book. I just really want to know what's so special about it. I havent read it during the hype because i dont think i was ready for it. But readin both of your comments made me really curious.. I wanna know how i'm going to see this book. Would it be positive or negative? So far i'm very neutral. I dont like Ana. Lol so far that is the only thing thats constant.

Barbara It may be that my job (quality assurance) interferes with my enjoyment of the book. But I grew up reading books with more depth of characters. I realize that the book is presented in the first person from Ana's point of view, but we don't know what the other characters look like. For the price of these books I would expect it to take me more than 12 hours or less to read. It also becomes obvious that the author is not from the States or as Ana puts it 'Mainland USA'. It is also obvious that she is not experienced in the sexual lifestyle that she wants Christian to have had.

I think that the story would have been better if it included at least a few occurrences of Christian's POV. Without Christian's POV we really don't know why, other than a young girl's desire, the need to marry so quickly.

Ana comes across as very weak when it comes to standing up for herself. I think that the time line doesn't leave enough time for plot development, especially with concerns to Jack Hyde.

@Annette Yes Christian's 'Mrs. Robinson' is a pedophile, anyone that seduces a child under the age of 16 is one. Christian may have been her only victim, but we don't know for sure.

As to the quality of the books, ask yourself this question 'would I have enjoyed this book without the sexual detail?' For me all I can say is that the sexual details didn't do much for me. Maybe the author should read some Victoria Holt, Jude Deveraux or Danielle Steel for inspiration. Those were the authors I read before there were 'YA' books.

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