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message 1: by Tony (new)

Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments my fav growing up UR momma jokes UR 2 much

I'll check these out

Tony Parsons MSW

message 2: by Tony (new)

Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments cool

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Shea (lisashea) | 188 comments I need to warn that Amazon explicitly looks for "trading reviews" and discounts them at best and deletes them at worst. So this is a dangerous area to work in :).

It's much better to simply review books you enjoy and then to ask others to do the same.


message 4: by Ryan (new)

Ryan O Williams | 5 comments Thanks Lisa! I have removed it. Didn't know that was against TOS.

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Shea (lisashea) | 188 comments Here is a good article by Forbes on the issue of Amazon striving to maintain the integrity of their system. Amazon wants to ensure that all reviews are by readers who honestly feel a certain way about what they've read.

I feel fairly strongly that all reviews on Amazon should be honest and accurately reflect the poster's full thoughts on the item in question. Reviews shouldn't be a publicity tool. There are marketing areas for that.

If a book wants great reviews, it should earn them :).


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