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One Piece

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Darkwing Meta Knight BTW~this is about all the volumes.
Why do you like One Piece?

Geeh Ilalio Its adventurous and its just funny.

Darkwing Meta Knight That's also why I love it too!
Who is your favorite character?
Mine's Usopp. <3

Paul It's how I liked the Harry Potter series. Vast magical world with a very deep and rich background and terrific character developments!

Fudz Is that relation between One Piece and Harry Potter?
Coz in this group refers to One Piece...CMIIW

Darkwing Meta Knight Because of the love for the journey...I think.

Geeh Ilalio I like zoro he's cool

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Darkwing wrote: "BTW~this is about all the volumes.
Why do you like One Piece?"

It's just too much fun and exciting and you really care for the characters and IT"S SOOO GOOD!

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