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hey! :)

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Lizzy Hai girl

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Heyyyy! ;) watcha wanna rp about?

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Lizzy Stop winking woman. Do you have an eye twitch?!

And idk I'm in the mood for fantasy

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Lol. Okay, hm, wanna do forbidden love? Or forbidden friendship. Or some thing with a royal vampire family, and werewolf assassins intent on killing the royal family. But then the werewolf in charge of taking out the princess falls I love with her! OMG. Just came up with that! ;)

Dang, my twitch came back.

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Lizzy Ooh forbidden love. Yeah vampires are pretty legit so okay. What sex are you gonna be?

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Hmm, idk. Or we could do fxf so both of us can be girls. Then it could be double forbidden!

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Lizzy Okie dokie. You start.

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Wait, do you wanna be the vampire princess or the werewolf assasin?

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Lizzy Vampire princess. Why not

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Lizzy Dude?!

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Iris checked the ammunition in her gun. Full, good. She stealthily moved forward with her pack, hiding in the shadows. She crept up to the castle walls, the old gray stones crumbling.

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Lizzy Daniella pulled her hair back and checked her red dress in the full length mirror in her room. ((This takes place in like the 1800s right?))
She slipped her shoes on and put a dab of her red lipstick. It was time too meet her "future husband"

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((Yeah, I guess))
She tapped once on what looked like a regular stone brick. But it dropped out of the wall, and then offered a small black button to press. She clicked it, and then a small space the size of a doorway fell to the ground, and she ushered her pack in.

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Lizzy Daniella skipped along the stone stairs and sat in the chair in the throne room

((What's your charries sex? Gender...)

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Once she was sure everyone was in, she followed behind her pack. They followed the path below the castle to the throne room. She split up from the pack. She was on a special mission. The king and queen were ALWAYS in the throne room, and the princess was typically in her room. She was to take out the princess.

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Lizzy ((Kk))

Daniella yelped. "What in the name of...?" She stood up and stood behind the knights. ((Make it like 1600 I want hot knights.))

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((Lol. KK. Then... Pretend I have a sword instead of a gun.))
She stopped at a lage slab of stone. She scraped it out of the way, trying to make as less noise as possible. She poked her head up. She surveyed the large plush pink room. Empty.

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Lizzy "What's that?" Daniella asked the knights. She sniffed the air. "I smell werewolves." Daniella went to the hidden chamber behind the book shelf. Her parents were away on business at least.

Daniella changed into something easier to move in, her black gown which was tattered. She pulled her hair down. She really did look dead.

She left the chamber and went to find the wolves

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She hoisted herself up, her finely manicured claws punctured the salmon carpet. She the air. She followed the scent to a n empty office, and was lead straight up to a bookshelf. Curious.

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Lizzy Daniella kicked the bookshelf in half and pounced out, baring her fangs. "Disgusting mongrel."

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A growl ripped out of Iris's throat. "Blood sucker," she hissed, taking in the princesses curvy figure. She pounced on her, tackling her to the ground. "It's the end for you," she whispered venomously.

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Lizzy Daniella laughed. "Oh really you filthy mutt?" She pounced and bit her back then spit the blood out. "It's horrible."

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(( could she have punched and bit her back when she had tackled her?))

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Lizzy ((Idk!!!!)) gtg

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((Lol, byeeee!!))
She howled loudly, her bark echoing off every corner of the room. It hurt, but it couldn't kill her. That can only happen with a silver bullet to the heart. Or, silver something to the heart, like a sword. She raked her talons on her arms, causing deep scratches to appear on the princesses forearms.

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Lizzy Daniella hissed and snapped. She yanked her arm back and watched as her skin grew back. She grabbed the sword framed on the wall and slashed with it. ((Okay so should I loose and you can take me to wherever and boom love is made?))

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((lol, kk. that last part sounds weird...))
she ducks, yelping. she almost got beheaded! Iris hit the sword out of her hand forcefully, and it clattered to the ground. she grabbed her wrists, and knotted them up with 2 feet of thin but sturdy nylon rope.

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Lizzy ((Oh. Oops.))
Daniella thrashed. "Let me go, you insufferable beast." She spat wriggling. She tried biting the rope

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She smirked at her pathetic attempts. "Come on, Daniella," she said, saying her name with a sneer. she pushed her out of the office, back into her room, and down the secret passage. she closed the stone slider behind her.

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Lizzy Daniella screamed. She eventually stopped after her throat started hurting. Then waited for her to go to that monsters house.

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She exited the palace, closing the entryway behind her carefully. Iris then took her dutifully to her house, where she would wait for her father--who was the one her started this whole thing in the beginning-- for instructions on how to procede. she took her to the living room, where she strapped her to aa wooden chair.

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Lizzy Daniella waited until Iris left. Then used her claws to scrape the wood off and escape. She looked around the room and looked to devise a plan.

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Iris wandered back to the living room, where she stood in horror. What just happened? Had she seriously just left a captive alone in her house!?

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Lizzy Daniella felt the walls. Metal. The door was wooden, so she cracked the door open. Then she tried to find her way out silently. Maybe she could turn into a bag

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Lizzy *bat not bag OMG

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She shook herself out of shock, and then charged forward to slam the door shut, while simultaneously grabbing the back of her dress to yank her back.

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Lizzy "Don't touch me fool. The kingdom will know I'm missing and kill your species." Daniella sneered. She slapped her hand off her back. "And my fiancé will come and find me." ((Idk if I want to do a romance. Because I mean she's trapped and your person is like enslaving her and idk it doesn't make much sense. ))

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((Lol. Bag. Just realized that ;). Then what do you wanna do? Hmm, maybe they should just kill eachother. Or the fiancé could come save her? Idk.))

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Lizzy ((Ooh yeah the fiancé can come and kill you all. Jk jk. Yeah the fiancé can come. Umm and idk maybe I can take pity on you? I just don't want you to be the bad guy unwillingly))

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((Yes. Kill. Blood! Heheh.))

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"You wish," she sneered. Hm, maybe the real reason she especially hated this girl was, not because she was pale faced, but because she got everything? Love, clothes, loving family, everything you could possibly imagine.....?

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Lizzy "I will. Look at you. You live in the woods you antisocial creature. Let me go or it will not end too perfect for you. They will come and kill you." Daniella said. She rolled away. "You can keep me here but you will accomplish nothing."

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"Just watch!" she countered, binding her hands quickly, and so tight that she assummed her blood circulation stopped.

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Lizzy Daniella kicked Iris in the shin as hard as she could-which considering if she poked a tree it could fall- was pretty hard.

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Lizzy ((Dude you for a bf in college life))

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((what? thy doesn't make sense.))
Iris yowled, and, without even meaning to, sank her talons into Daniellas fair skin. She muttered a few choice words under her breath.

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Lizzy ((The group.))
Daniella hissed. She sank her fangs into Iris' skin and bit into it, then spit it out

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((yeah, but what about a boyfriend?))
She gritted her teeth. She looked down, and her face turned as ghostly white as the vampire beside her. A chunk of her skin was missing. A chunck! ((gross.))
Jace, Princess Daniellas finacé, ((cough cough, appositive sentence!)) knocked on her door. "Sweetheart?" he cooed. "Its time for dinner!"

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