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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments For Ren and Aimee, who likes to play with usernames.

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- (renkks) Haha cute. Nice to meet you, and what kind of rp do you wanna try out?

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Any. Which ever you're more comfortable with or least comfortable with. Honestly it doesn't matter too much. LET THE CREATIVE JUICES FLOW!

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- (renkks) Fufu, I'm game, if you suggest a topic/sub-topic I'll give you a few interesting plot options that I think I am pretty good at making creative ones.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments ok. sooooooooooooo.................Let there be magic, and horses, and cloaks, and coconuts. [if you get this reference you may be my new best friend]

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- (renkks) I have an idea but it is most definitly wrong so, I guess I failed the new-bestfriend-test :(

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments just blurt it out. no judging if you're wrong...

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- (renkks) Nope, say what it is first and then i'll tell you what I thought.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Monty Python and the Holy Grail... 'you're just banging two halves of a coconut together'

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- (renkks) Hahahaha, I was far off, I was thinking of a fable I liked when I was a child, I didn't really think you referenced it since it was foriegn. Okay so Medieval you wanna go for? Medieval/Magic I mean?

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments It doesn't matter to me. I'll reference a lot of strange things. BE PREPARED!!!![Lion King] Come up with a plot, and I'll go where you leave off.

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- (renkks) Potential plot 1: What about when a princess was about 14, she met a thief who seemed her age, stealing a precious treasure late at night from the castle. She speaks shortly to him before the guards cons from the halls and the man vanishes. It turns out that treasure was a magical stone (Enables a sorcerers to use magic) of a evil sorcerer of the past who had almost destroyed the kingdom, and when he touched it, it merged with his hand, cursing him for life. Soon they meet again as he tries to find a way to get rid of it, and she tries to stop coup d'etat by the foremost noble sorcerer family there is.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Potential Plot 2: Boy enlists in the army to follow his father's foot steps as a royal knight. He's very skilled and top of his class. He wants to be the youngest knight in the history of the kingdom. When he does become a knight, he meets a young sorcerer who is about the same age, but he's been a knight for almost a year now. Boy[1] doesn't think that boy[2] is deserving of his position. Either way the two are forced to work together as the castle comes under siege.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Either on is fine. I don't really mind either.

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- (renkks) Your about the first one who never suggested mxf romance rp. I am definitly in then. Lets go with yours but can we add a motive for revenge in the plot? Perhaps boy 1's father was killed by a sorcerer, and thus he hates sorcery and all it entails?

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Let's go with whatever plot twist you got. True I've gotten quite bored with the romance. I was hoping for some more action. Probably more fighting as well.

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- (renkks) Future plot twists:

The revenge one,
Boy #2 is the son of the sorcerer who killed Boy 1's father, but after that shame he wants to prove he is different and change the view of sorcerers?
Under siege from......? Maybe from other sorcerer? The army general? Or maybe there was a plot of the king who wanted to use sorcery to gain immortality so they had to abandon the army in order to stop him...

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments I was thinking more along the lines of, sorcerers are a dying race because they were persecuted. Now they are highly revered as part of a kingdom's army. This is all because they have special blood that carries magical properties. Boy 2 was raised by a ban of nomadic sorcerers [pacifists], but eventually wanted more so he joined the army of [insert name of kingdom] and immediately became a knight because of his abilities. Boy 1 dislikes boy 2 because he doesn't believe that sorcerers should be knights since they don't train like conventional knights. [like how people argue that some activities shouldn't be considered a sport].

I thought that there would be warring kingdoms. there was peace for a time, but eventually that peace was broken by a new violent monarch. The good kingdom [with boys] has an older monarch and was expecting the new king to value the old treaty.

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- (renkks) Hmm we'll sure, so are you going with boy 1 or 2?

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments I can be boy 2, if you want. If that's ok with you.

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- (renkks) Fufu, sure. But be warned, I'm adding the revenge arc.

Can you make your charrie first?

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[np]]

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Name: Kendall of Scathly [his tribe]
Age: 16
Personality: Quiet, but has an solemn air about him. He's used to working with difficult people, but also being respected for his status. He loves music and will escape from the castle to listen to the illegal street performers, and occasionally join them. He's extremely skilled in sorcery, but not so much in hand to hand combat. If he's out of energy he'll often resort to a bow and arrow.


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- (renkks) Name: Marinus of the High Mountains
Personality: He is the type of guy who exceeds at everything, and doesn't mind it. He has a short temper, and wont hesitate to get into a fight, and gets worked up fairly easily. His father was the the Captain of the Guard and he has the same dream, of following his footsteps. He is extremely skilled at using a sword, and is ambidextrous, so with his left hand he can use a short sword simultaneously. Above all, he hates sorcery.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[whistles! So do you want me to start, you start, or come up with a story prompt?]]

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- (renkks) (You should start since you came up with the story itself, I wouldn't mind a little background though)

message 27: by Aimee (new)

Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[what do you want to know about background...I'll try to answer all that I can and if not I'll make something up. It's easier if we both understand the world before we start]]

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- (renkks) (Okay how does the knight system work, are there levels? Or anything like that, are they gonna set out to the bad kingdom right away?)

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[There are different levels of knighthood. Foot soldier (volunteers), knights (nobility), commanders (oversees specific groups of knights), Guard (special military specifically for the castle and royals), Captain of guard (overseer of Guard... making this up as I go.)

I was thinking that the two would be called to protect the castle and it's's a war thingy... I was going to start with the war beginning and the two are sent to help drive out the enemy in the outer regions of the kingdom, trying to prevent any advances]]

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- (renkks) (Got it. Okay that sounds good)

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Kendall didn't really know this new squad he was being assigned to. All he knew was that a neighboring kingdom had declared war and was now attacking the outskirts of the kingdom. The orders were to meet up with this squad and help out however he could and try to drive away the attackers. Honestly, this was one of his first assignments where he was so close to his past. He remembered how his tribe used to travel through the outskirts and stop at various villages to gather much needed supplies.

As Kendall rode his horse, alone now, he could see the clearing just ahead. The sound of swords clashing and men grunting was a dead giveaway that he neared the camp site. These men supposedly had been stationed just over a week and were some of the best soldiers in the Kingdom sent to hopefully scare the intruders. Kendall dismounted his horse and led it into the open field where men were sparring with each other. He knew that all eyes would be on him for a moment before they wold return to their play fighting. It happened every time he was assigned to a new squad. Most thought he was a messenger with his fabric tunic. Honestly Kendall could probably pass for a middle class peasant if he wanted to.

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- (renkks) (I have an idea on the evil king: How about the king died, and his 7 sons are amassing their armies to kill eachother off and take the thrown, the first son the must just, and the last the most cruel. The last son has a plan to steal sorcerer's, and their powers, to use in his army or something of that kind....)

Marinus was laying in the grass, chewing on the end of a wheat stock, as he contemplated his situation. He was surrounded by a few of the other men, as they spoke of victory and honor, and fame. It wasn't that Marinus didn't want those either, he just didn't think it was as easy as these men thought it was. Geniuses and hard workers. Those were the only ones to make it big. And he fit in the first category. He smiled to himself. Everyone already knew his name, and not just because of his lineage. Now here he was, at the brink of battle ready to prove himself.
"Isn't that the sorcerer boy?" Someone said near him
"What the hell did they send him for?" Someone answered
Marinus jolted upright and his eyes searched for him. The other so called genius, the Sorcerer knight. "Tch, and just when I thought it was peaceful" He said and rose to his full height, and leaned his sword against his shoulder as he started to walk toward the scrawny boy. Since he was from the mountains, he was tall, well muscled, and fast. Compared to him..... what can this boy even do in the battle?

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[sounds interesting lets roll with that]]

Kendall went into the commander's tent and was told to go out and train with the other knights. Great Kendall thought. He tied his horse to the post and walked over to the other much taller and much stronger men. Most didn't know what to make of him, but he could feel that one wasn't extremely keen on him being there. The gaze of that boy over there was intimidating, no doubt, but he's dealt with not being liked by his squad. Eventually they'll accept him or at least tolerate him that's the best Kendall ever wished for. Kendall took a seat in the grass and watched as the other knights continued to train. He didn't like hand-to-hand or sword-to-hand combat at all, but he could at least keep his own. Besides, the commander had him as an archer anyways.

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- (renkks) Marinus hates Sorcerer's. His father, who was the most powerful warrior in the land, was killed by one. Like it was nothing. And that's what he hated most of all, and he didn't understand why they were even allowed to be in the army. They weren't really human. And that was another goal of his. Revenge. To kill the man who killed his father right before his eyes. And to do that, he needs to know what he's up against. He started to walk over to the boy, hearing murmurs behind him, and many men stopping their sparring to watch the exchange.

"Draw your sword." He said, to the boy, in the odd outfit. He wore his own outfit that belied his heritage. A large bright red scarf wrapped around his neck, a tooth earring dangling from one ear, a leather shirt, and durable pants, with large boots. The bright red scarf had been his fathers, and he wore it with pride more than anything else.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments "I'm not a swordsman," Kendall replied in a soft voice. "I'm a sorcerer and an archer." Kendall could tell that this boy didn't like him or at least wanted to make an example of him. If it did come down to a fight, Kendall might want to forfeit. He really didn't like swords at all and if he couldn't use his powers, which he'd never use unless in real combat or magical training, he'd be toast.

Kendall gave the boy a smile hoping he'd go away. As he looked past the boy he saw that the other knights had stopped to watch the confrontation. Obviously the boy was known, but he didn't look familiar to Kendall at all. His red scarf was an eye sore along with his over bearing presence.

[[I don't think Kendall would have killed Marinus' father. I think it should be Kendall's father who battled Marinus' father.]]

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- (renkks) (Haha ik i wasnt planning on having Kendall associated with it. I was gonna make it some evil sorcerer who is helping the boy prince steal sorcerer's, but for his own plans)

"Then draw your bow, we are going to spar. Feel free to use whatever hocus-pocus you want." He said with clear irritability. Was he refusing to fight him? The smile ticked him off even more, like he was looking down on him, and he felt the tick in his eyebrow, whenever he was truly irritated. He waited like that, sword on his shoulder, other hand on his waist, staring down at him with clear loathing. Why was he a knight anyway? Standards sure went down from his father's time.

He walked a bit a way, then turned to face the boy again, clearly not taking no for an answer. as he pointed the tip of it straight at him. "Are you scared, sorcerer?"

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[I was thinking something along the lines of an accident or misunderstanding, but that works too.]]

Kendall continued to smile stupidly as if trying to beg the boy to drop the issue...if there was one and just leave him be. That was until the rest of the men began to cheer for a fight. Reluctantly and quite awkwardly, Kendall retrieved his bow and his quiver. Then he asked, "Are you sure? I'm not a good opponent." He really didn't want to fight on the first day, or at least fight because someone was ticked off.

Kendall stood casually still hoping the other boy would drop the subject. Realizing that the fight may proceed he introduced himself. In his culture it was disrespectful for one to not introduce him or herself during a duel. With a low bow, Kendall stated, "My name is Kendall of Scathly." His thick accent appeared when he pronounced his origins, but for the most part he sounded like the other men in the group.

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- (renkks) Marinus had to smile. He knew the crowd pressure would egg him on, and would lead to the fight. He just smiled coldly at the boy when he asked him if he was sure, and took a ready position when he stood, his thick accent explained by the name of his clan. Marinus could feel himself smirk again, "Like I care." Sorcerer's aren't really human, they don't need the courtesy.

Soon after he uttered those words he sped toward, his quick light footsteps,zig-zagging, in order to avoid any potential arrows that came his way. One thing he prided himself on was his speed. When he closed in on the boy he took a simple slash towards his left side, but in truth that was a feint, and he quickly spun on his heal, around in a quick circle to jap at the the sorcerer's left side. His eyes quick, and narrowed to discern any movement.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Kendall didn't expect the boy to reply to his courtesy, but he didn't really care. Honestly, it was something that was going out of style anyway. He couldn't remember the last time someone else formally introduced themselves before a duel.

When the boy charged, Kendall kept an eye on him. Although the boy was moving very quickly, his feet gave him away. Kendall knew that trying to fire an arrow would be pointless, so he just waited for the boy to get closer. Kendall's reflexes were also very smooth and fast. When the boy turned on his heel, Kendall was ready. Knowing full well that the boy was willing to kill, Kendall moved with the strike, allowing the sword to just barely miss. As he did so, Kendall moved back. He didn't care if the boy followed or allowed him to retreat either way, Kendall wanted to stay out of this boy's reach.

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- (renkks) Marinus frowned, as he felt the boy slip away by a hair, and retreat, still not drawing his weapon, he turned to face the boy again, with a slight frown, He rested the sword on his shoulder again. His eyes narrow, seeing that the boy had good reflexes.

"Marinus, of the High Mountains." He said, he had to respect the sorcerer Kendall, for dodging his first blow, without the use of magic, but it also irked him that he was just retreating. This was a fight, for pity's sake

"Draw your bow." He said again, feeling the tick in his eyebrow.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments "It's a pleasure to meet you, Marinus." Kendall replied. His voice was still very calm and relaxed. He no longer got that adrenaline rush from a fight, even with a strong opponent like Marinus. "I would if it were logical. In a small area, firing arrows wouldn't be safe. I could hit someone on accident." Kendall knew full well that his arrows wouldn't miss because of an enchantment, but he still would rather not fight at all. "Do you intend to kill me?" Kendall asked genuinely.

Kendall honestly didn't know if this boy really hated him or his being a sorcerer. It is common for two boys to fight, but Marinus meant business. He had a look of savageness, which Kendall knew all too well. Despite this, he also saw a glint of competitiveness in Marinus which suggested this was to show his superiority to his peers. If it was just about showing off, Kendall would gladly throw the fight.

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- (renkks) "Tch." Marinus didn't like people who found no joy in clashing arms. Who weren't competitive, who didn't taking arms up against a worthy opponent. People like that, let alone sorcerer's like that didn't belong in the Knight's guard. "You must be a terrible archery if you would hit someone by mistake." When the boy asked his question Marinus froze, and a small smile crept up his face "No, your not the one I intend to kill. Your just his kin." He said before charging this time, in a straight line. Before he reached him to make his move, he quickly switched, hands, and used his left hand, to slash upwards, something no one who had not fought him before would forsee.


"Don't kill me." He begged the man, as tears strewn down his face from watching his father die.
"I won't kill you, you arent worth the effort, neither was your father, coincidentally."
He drew his knife
"Do you hate me boy?"
He didnt respond
"If you don't hate me, you cant possibly kill me."
He charged at the man screaming, and was easily disarmed, and pulled up by the front of his shirt
"Hate me, despise me, cling to life. Cling to life in the most shameful way possible. Curse me and run away, run away, live a pitiful life and when your worthy, ah, we will meet again. Foolish boy"


He didn't want to remember

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Kendall didn't expect Marinus to switch hands, but there was a sudden hiccup in his movements which allowed Kendall to step on Marinus' sword. Immediately jumping over Mariuns, Kendall kept his distance. He realized that if he didn't get serious, Marinus would hurt him. Drawing an arrow with his left hand, Kendall nocked it, ready to fire when ready. Keeping his arm steady, Kendall waited for Marinus' next move. "I'm ready." He stated as he remembered back to his early training.

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- (renkks) That memory, is so hazy. The details were blured, he didnt even remember the look his father had on his dying face, he didnt even remember what the room looked like, what the blood smelled like, or what the killer looked like. All he could remember was that voice, that grating, condescending voice. He didn't want to remember, even disjointed as it was.

"I see." Said Marinus, with a smile on his face, even though his back was turned towards him. He gripped the sword, and took out his short sword. Moving his head to the side to look back at him. "So your finally serious, sorcerer." He said and was just about to charge again when there was a bit of a commotion.

"What in god's name is goin' on he'e?" Yelled the commander as he, his lieutenant, and his military advisor stormed into the clearing. His red cape flying in the wind as he charged right into the scene in the battle. "What on earth are you two green horn's doin'? Fightin' with em actual weapons, didn' any of you men try and stop 'em huh?" He said in his lower country accent, he was twice as big and twice as tall as any man there. Fellorn the Giant they called him. His battle-ax strewn across his back

"Marinus an' Kendall eh?" He said, his steel grey eyes falling on him

"Tch" Marinus said, sheathing his swords. "It was barely a fight to begin with anyway."

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Kendall exhaled and also put away his weapon. Pulling the bow around his body so it hung loosely around him. Keeping quiet Kendall hoped that the commander wouldn't call on him. He moved slightly away trying to make himself as small as possible. Ashamed of disobeying, but even more so because it resembled his past. When the elders would tell him to stop play fighting with local boys. "Sorry sir. It won't happen again." Kendall's accent returned and grew heavier with every word.

"I should get situated before night fall," Kendall stated as he made his way back to his horse where he belongings still stayed. He kept his head down and hoped, prayed that the commander wouldn't call him back.

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- (renkks) "Not so fas', boy." He said grabbing Kendall by the back of shirt, and doing the same with Marinus, as he intended to walk back to his horde of comrades. "I don' need you two causin' trouble he'e. This a war, boys, not your grandma's backyard." He said pulling them closer, and letting go as Marinus fixed himself. "You shou' be ashamed, you two are washin' the dishes tonight." Fellorn bellowed, and glared at them, to see if they dared disagree.

"Huh? Dishes? Why would I-" Fellorn yanked him again by the scarf. "You may be ol' Olander's son, but this is my camp boy. Maybe you all can settle your differences, cleaning the dishes." He said releasing him once again, and glaring hard at them, before striding away, followed again by his small posse.

"Ah, whatever." He said dusting his scarf, and turning away.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments "Yes, sir." Kendall replied hoping that Marinus wouldn't cause any trouble. Once Fellorn was out of sight Kendall retreated to his spot in the field. Washing dishes wasn't a big deal. He's done it tons of times, and this probably wouldn't be his last. Rubbing his hands together, Kendall blew releasing a dust that began to spread as the wind took it. This was a type of warning spell that he'd meant to use after he got settled down, but with the mock fight, Kendall got side tracked.

As the dust scattered, Kendall could feel the calm before the storm. It was more like a sixth sense than a feeling. Something was brewing and Kendall could feel it. He hoped that as the dust scattered and settled, his spell would be complete before any disturbances occurred.

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- (renkks) Marinus stormed away, fuming that he neither got to fight the sorcerer, and he got chewed out by that bear Fellorn in front of the others. He was just passing a group when they all murmured to each other, staring at the back of the sorcerer, as he did some weird magic spell. He narrowed his eyes as he passed them, rather suspicious of them. They were a no good group of murderers turned soldiers, and were from the Low country as well, that's why Fellorn kept an eye on them. Everyone knew that the low countrymen hated sorcerer's more than anyone (Fellorn aside). He looked away as he passed them and headed to his own horse, Leah, who stood guarding his belongings under a tree he usually slept under. He sighed, dreading the rest of the night before the morning.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Kendall then made his way to the mess passing the group of soldiers. They seemed extremely hostile, but he quickly moved past them. Making his way to the mess, Kendall found his portion of food and sat in the grass eating his meal. He'd learn to live off of these meals from previous assignments and by now he just stomached the food. At the castle and the inner city, Kendall could usually find enough to make some of his ethnic dishes that he missed terribly. Keeping his distance from the other soldiers, Kendall hoped that Marinus wouldn't interrupt his dinner.

Munching away the other group of soldiers appeared over him. They were brutish and menacing. Kendall could tell that they were low countrymen. Knowing that ignoring them would be a greater mistake Kendall looked at them saying, "It's a beautiful evening isn't it gentlemen? I have to wash dishes afterwards. The commander's keeping an eye on me to make sure I do my job. I wouldn't mess with that guy."

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- (renkks) Marinus was just getting hungry when the sun was about to set. He knew he couldn't put it off, washing dishes with that sorcerer. He quickly jumped up, and petted his beautiful mountain horse, Bell. She was a beauty, white spangled with grey spots, long legs, and strong haunches. He was almost as proud of her as he was of himself. He had raised her like his own child from the time she could walk.
He threw the end of his scarf over his shoulder, and started to make his way towards the small area where the cook handed out food. He didn't see the sorcerer there, and that gave him a bad feeling.

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