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message 1: by Elle (new)

Elle Jacklee | 19 comments Hi fellow MG authors!

I'd like to do a holiday promotion to which all proceeds would go to a charity, preferably one that promotes childhood literacy. I know time is running short to get this underway (I'd like to run the promotion through December), so I'm turning to you all for any suggestions you may have on how to get this rolling. I was thinking that since my book, The Tree of Mindala, is Middle Grade, I would like to invite other MG authors to participate. I'm thinking about each author donating their digital book as well as money perhaps for a Kindle that a randomly chosen buyer would win. It would be great if one of the authors were an artist with experience coming up with a cover, too, but we could also solicit the help of an artist who would be willing to do it for charity. Just kicking around ideas here...

Would love to hear from anyone else who has done something like this who can advise me of any caveats to setting up the fund, etc. that I may not be aware of.

Once I have a better idea of what this entails, I plan to invite authors who'd like to join me in this endeavor.

Also, if you know of a promotion like this that is already underway, could you let me know what it is? I don't want to upstage anyone else and would be happy if I were able to participate in an already existing endeavor.

Thanks in advance for your input!


message 2: by Jemima (last edited Nov 23, 2013 06:10AM) (new)

Jemima Pett | 1282 comments Mod
Well, being a bit of a nerd, I started sorting out a joint holiday promotion in October, and it's now more or less ready to roll on 1st December :)

If I had your idea at this stage, I think I'd do it as a blog hop, encouraging everyone to join up and set up their own giveaway over the period. The trouble is, there are a lot of these already going on, and you need to get it rolling past a lot of blogs to gather participation. I don't know how you'd have a charity element to it either.

You can do a blog hop with a Linky List or InLinkz - both require a small payment to use them if you want a visual (thumbnail) on the list but are free if you just want text lists. (although inlinkz gives you your first list with free thumbnails, just to encourage you!)

I'm, not much help, I'm afraid, but maybe it will kick off some other idea.

Good luck!

message 3: by Elle (new)

Elle Jacklee | 19 comments Thanks Jemima. That is helpful info. I was really hoping to donate to a charity, but the only way that I know of at this time is just to make a donation after the hypothetical promotion with its earnings. I'm thinking maybe I could set up an Amazon profile (though Amazon would may frown on that but it is for charity and I would delete the account once the promotion was over) that all participating authors would have access to so that they could see the earnings and then just show them the receipt when it was over. I would set up a rafflecopter on a host site if I could find one that is willing and perhaps give away Amazon gift cards to a random winner. I will be interviewed in Dec. on an internet radio show and think that would be a great way to gain exposure for the authors and encourage sales for the donation. A win-win for everyone. Could it be that easy? Something tells me not... ;) I will continue to look into it as time allows.

message 4: by Jemima (new)

Jemima Pett | 1282 comments Mod
I didn't follow your method very well, since I don't know what an Amazon Profile is! It sounds like you want to attract people and get them to donate to your charity. Why not use a JustGiving page?

message 5: by Elle (new)

Elle Jacklee | 19 comments Sorry for the delayed response... I misspoke when I said "profile". I meant "account". Just an idea for a way for everyone involved to monitor sales so they know the amount to be donated, so they know everything is on the up and up. I'm not familiar with a JustGiving page. I will definitely take a look at that. Thanks again Jemima for your input! I really appreciate it!

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