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Projects for Men and/or Men who knit

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message 1: by Alyson (last edited Feb 11, 2008 06:30AM) (new)

Alyson I have a group of knitting pals and two of them are guys. I was wondering if y'all might be able to recommend some books/websites for the men in my life who love to knit and crochet, but don't really want to make girl sweaters in boy colors.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey Alyson,

First let me say "Kudos" of course to your men friends who have caught the love of knitting -thing- I'm guaranteed to teach my two boys (5 mos. and 3) no matter what my rough n tuff husband says about it.

Anyway, unfortunately, there aren't the over-abundance of men's patterns, obviously, as there are women, babies, and children, toys for that matter are easier to come by. That being said I have found, other than the Men in Knits: Sweaters to Knit That He Will Wear by Tara Jon Manning (and actually a great book!), the best bet is to be on the lookout for great men's patterns and report back. is one of my favorite free-online pattern websites and very occasionally will they have a male sweater, but when they do, it's a good one. Rowan always has great men sweaters in their pattern books. They make a "Classic Knits For Men" by Martin Story & Wendy Baker, haven't seen the patterns though. Pass along the website: for mens patterns to order and some pattern books, The "Rowan Plaid Collection" has a great mens sweater I made for my husband. Also, The Ultimate Knitters Guide by Kate Buller has an awesome Aran sweater in it "Dales Aran". [The Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits:] by Carles and Jacobs have some good patterns in it, a little vanilla. Debbie Bliss makes some nice mens sweaters. "Rialto", "Simply Family", "Wish You Were Here" all have some (as in 2 out of the 12 patterns) for men.

Happy hunting, and I'll be sure to keep an eagle eye out for any patterns to throw your way.

message 3: by Rita (new)

Rita | 3 comments Jared Flood has a great blog He also has some patterns on interveave press such as the popular 'Koolhaas'.

message 4: by Alyson (new)

Alyson Thanks! I think they'll like these, and I have ideas for when gift buying time comes around!

message 5: by OssifrageRage (last edited Feb 12, 2008 07:41AM) (new)

Here is a good book:
(the URL says crochet but it is like the other SNB books, both knit and crochet)

I also like the Hip to Knit book I added to the group bookshelves, it has a couple of sweaters and hats designed for men that are pretty generic but nice and adaptable.

And if you are not tired of us pushing Ravelry yet, there are at least 10 groups for men who knit on there, and lots of male members I have seen.

message 6: by Peggy (new)

Peggy I came across a book in the library the other day called "Knitting with Balls" for guys who knit. Funny title, too!

message 7: by Jane (new)

Jane (luvstoknit) | 15 comments I think I already mentioned on here that my youngest son took knitting lessons and learned to knit as a surprise for me. He gave me a beautiful scarf that he knit out of gorgeous handpainted wool! I teach my 2 oldest grandson's knitting, even though Daddies don't like it! Go fellas!

message 8: by Robert (new)

Robert (SharpPointyThings) | 1 comments In addition to the above recommendations, I like (the horribly titled) "Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (unless you've got the ring!)," by Judith Durant, and "Knitting for Him," by Martin Storey and Wendy Baker. The former, especially, has a nice collection of varied projects, from simple scarves to gloves to a nice cabled cardigan. There aren't many books out there with patterns for men, but at least there's a couple of good ones.

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