Mr. Kovach's 7th and 8th period reading group discussion

reading questions of the week due 11-22-13

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Mr. Kovach (ckovachfranklinboeorg) | 25 comments Mod
1) Because of the work you did with your book club project group, what is the most important thing you learned about your book? Explain your answer.

2) What is the most important thing you learned about working in a team?

3) Whatever team you'll be working with next time we do a project, what does the team need to do better than your current team did?

4) When we write or draw about our books, why do we use thinking prompts?

5) Look at another student's bookshelves. What is one book you found that you would like to read? Why did you select this book?

6) Write a short story about something that happened at school, but add a fantasy element. Your story should be about as long as what would look like a page on lined paper. BE SURE TO INCLUDE:
- correctly punctuated dialogue
- setting description
- sound
- action
- emotion
- a fantasy element

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Edstelle Jacques | 22 comments 1.) The most important thing I learned was that to trust people because they may never tell anyone your secret.
2.) The most important thing I learned about teamwork was to always work together if you want something to get done.
3.) They need to help one another so we can get our things done.
4.)We use thinking prompts because we want to give an explanation of what we drew or write.
5.) I would like to read Uglies because I heard it was good and that it was very interesting.
6.) On the land of schoolandia , two boys who were best friends were walking and they got into an argument. People heard the commotion and they gathered around. They started fighting and everyone in the crowd started screaming once the secruity came, they held them back and the fight stopped until one of the boys let go of the guards grip. Finally the administrators came the fight finally stopped.

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Justin | 4 comments 1.i learned not to trust any one 2.that you need to work together to get a good job well done. 3.we will work good together and listen to everyones ideas. you have ideas when your going to draw. 5.wringer the front cover looks interesting. 6.we were clapping in the hallway and mr adams tells us we are in trouble i stop and he throws us into the underworld

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Samya Reid (APEX_QUEEEN) | 16 comments 1) I learned that my book was very confusing and i thought that it was boring
2)I realized that working in a group is bad cause people are not at their best
3) If I work with a group they have to get down to work right away and everyone has to participate.
4)something about faith(Kelly's book shelf)

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George Amankwah Jr | 18 comments 1. IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING ALOT YOU CAN LET IT GO
2. to work together and help each other
3. work together
4. to do the work on track
5. Percy jackson the lightning thief

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Kamari Kelton | 17 comments 1.) The most important thing I learned is that working with your friends is hard because they like to procrastinate and not do their work.
2.) The most important thing I learned when working in a team is that when you work together and help each other you will get things finished.
3.) The team that I work in next time need to know when to stop talking and do work.
4.) We write prompts to describe or tell what the scene is about and what the characters are doing.
5.) I looked at Edselle's bookshelf and i would like to read The Dairy of a Young Girl and the book Fight. I selected these books because they look interesting.

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Sydney | 2 comments twerk it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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kv (kellysopinion) | 19 comments 1) I learned that The Hunger Games is more then another story. It taught me to stand up in what I believe in.
2) The most important thing I learned was to make everything fair or the people in your group will not want to do their work.
3) I think that the team I work with next time should each do equal amounts of work,so one doesn't feel like they are doing too much or too little amounts of work.
4) We use thinking prompts to help us push our thinking about the book.
5) In Avani's book self the book Never Have I Even looks interesting.
I selected this book because it was written by the lady who wrote the Pretty Little Liars book, and I love Pretty Little Lairs.
6) I saw a new girl in school today,she wasn't normal but She seemed nice so I decided to talk to her in school the next day. I just started the conversation by saying
''Hello, what's your name?'' she responded eagerly
I could tell she didn't have many friends by the way she acted when I said hi.
''My name is Kelly,are you new here?'' I asked
''Yes, I just moved from fair..... I mean New York, my name is Isabella by the way.''
Something about Isabella was getting me suspicious,it seemed as is she was hiding something.
''Oh no, it's twelve fifteen I have to go, bye.'' Isabella then ran outside the cafeteria and into the bathroom.
The next day I decided to sit next to Isabella again. We talked about school,the gross lunch food, and Justin Beiber.
'' I have to go,bye '' Isabella said as she was rushing out the cafeteria again at exactly twelve fifteen.
This time I followed her as she ran into the bathroom.Then the most amazing thing happened, she turned into a fairy.I was speechless,surprised and in shock. Is this a dream? I asked myself continuously.Right then she turned back in an embarrassed face looking at me. I could tell she had a lot of explaining to do.

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Ajay (captainkilljoy) | 19 comments 1 I learned that you books can teach you many things
2 That you can get more work done faster
3 they need to have better decision making and work harder
4 So we have a better idea of what to do
5 I wold want to read bleach from jordan's shelf
6 Quentin Coldwater is brillant but miserable. He's a senior in high school, and a certifiable genius, but he's still secretly obsessed with a series of fantasy novels he read as a kid, about the adventures of five children in a magical land called Fillory. Compared to that, anything in his real life just seems gray and colorless.

Everything changes when Quentin finds himself unexpectedly admitted to a very secret, very exclusive college of magic in upstate New York, where he receives a thorough and rigorous education in the practice of modern sorcery. He also discovers all the other things people learn in college: friendship, and boredom. But something is still missing. Magic doesn't bring Quentin the happiness and adventure he though it would.

Then, after graduation, he and his friends make a stunning discovery: Fillory is real.

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Alex | 25 comments 1. The most important thing i learned about my book is to never give up even if the odds are against u. I learned this because fabrizio didnt give up to find the ghost even though no one really believed in him

2. The most important thing i have learned about working in a group is to always let others talk so we can get all our ideas out.

4. We use thinking prompts to push are thinking.

3. My team would do better if everybody did there work instead of talking.

5. I looked at nils shelf and i want to read whistle because its about sports and i like sports.

6. Once opon a time i was in school. It was a hot spring day, but it was different then usual. a giant mythical panda came out of the sky. we were all so scared. so i needed to stop this panda from its reighn of terror so i went to the panda headquarters so i could find a way to stop it.

When i arrived there they told me to feed him evil bamboo. so i went to find evil bamboo. so i went to the giant panda killing convienence store. I told him i wanted to buy the evil bamboo. He said that it was 1 trillion dollars! but that was to much money so he offered to trade. e said he would give it to me if i gave him a dollar. (you wouldnt think thats a lot but in panda world that is so rare).i thought that was a lot but i was up for the i set off to find the dollar.


A month later i found it but it was to late all of my friends died.

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Josiah George (JosiahTheStoner) | 8 comments 1) The most important thing I learned about my book is love can kill. What I mean by that is Max and the gang, (Nudge, Iggy, etc.), loved Angel so much that they went so far to save her to the point where they were killed by the Erasers, big, brolic, bloodthirsty men.

2) The most important thing I learned about working in a team is have a plan. I mean, it helps if you make a plan. It helps the project go smoother.

3) The team will need to make a plan, be creative, and include everybody.

4) We use thinking prompts to develop a good habit on critical thinking.

5) From Samya's bookshelf, I would like to read "Uglies" by Scott Westerfield. I selected this book because it is about adventure and i love adventure!

6) "Yo, Justin" I called, from across the big empty classroom.
"Come look at this......" They both widened their eyes as they saw that hidden door in the brown closet.
"What the---"
"Let's go inside!" I suggested.
"Oh no! I saw that movie last night, I am not going in t--"
"Just shut up and come with me!" I interrupted.
My heart beated rapidly as we made a rustling noise trying to get past the crayons and the markers.
"I'm scared! Sike! I'm happy I found this it is awesome! We both smiled as we saw the cupcakes, talking lollipops, and the gumdrop trees.
"It's a magical candy land!" Justin concluded, pointing to the cupcakes.
We both smiled as we climbed and jumped off the trees into the pool of chocolate.

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Jordanjamilmann | 14 comments 1.I didn't have my book club book because someone took it home and never returned it.
2.I learned that communicating and working as a team is better than working alone.I also learned that helping each other is good for the group because some people are slower than others.
3.The next team i work with will have to get along better and stay on task.My last group stayed on task most of the time but part of the time we fooled around.We well also need to talk nicer to each other because even though some people don't work as fast as others doesn't mean we should rush them.
4.We use thinking prompts to make our writing or drawing more interesting and appealing also we use it to make our writing or drawing more reasonable.
5.I looked a Brandons book shelf and the book i really want to read is the walking dead.I choose this book because i saw the show and i always heard that the book is better than the movie/show.
6.The moment was about to begin there in the field was going to be a fight between alex the destructor vs Aj peterson.The fight began and alex shot magic flaming crystals out of his eye and Aj shot boulders out of his danger tips.The two ran up at each other and slammed face first into each other.The crowed gathered around and saw that both of them had blood from the top of their heads reaching to the back of their legs.Out of the clear blue a magic rock flew over their heads and wiped the blood from them.They both got up and said "lets put this silly fight behind us and be friends."Alex replied "no" the both went their seprate ways and never talked to each other again intil a dragon came and granted the both a wish.

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Aleria | 13 comments the most important thing that i learned from that book is that to no trust anybody and always stick together.

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Nil Patel (firedestroyer) | 20 comments 1) i learned that you should never make decisions without making sure it is the right decision.
2) The most important thing I learned about working in a team was to pick people that are responsible and that it's fun to work with others.
3) The team needs to be responsible and do their work and help each other.
4) We need those prompts to keep us going and help the reader understand more.
5) Dairy of a Wimpy Kid because its really funny and it has a lot of details.from Alex's shelf

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Avani | 27 comments 1).The most important thing I learned from my book The Hunger Games is that People aren't always who they seem to be.In the book Peeta seems nice at first and then says that he loves Katniss in the begining but then in the games he turns against her in the games.Then we realize that he was only trying to help her and he really does love her.
2).The most important thing I learned from working in a group is that you can't just eat the biggest slice of the pie and leave the rest to go rotten. What I mean by this is that one person can't just run the show it has to be equal among all members of a group.
3).The next time I have to work in a team I will make sure it is a equal partnership and that everyone is always on the same page.
4).I think we use thinking prompts so that we can become better writers and enhance our reading and writing comprehension skills.
5).I would like to read "Something Like Fate" from Kelly Veronsky's shelf because the cover is pulling me into the story and it seems really good from her rating of it.
6).It was Friday ,November 25th. This didn't feel like a usual friday. The sky was actually bright and there was less fighting than usual. Something was off about this day and I was going to find out what. "Hey Alex." said my best friend Addison. hey I said. I WILL FINISH THE REST OF THE STORY WHEN I GET HOME!!!!

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Chris Jaquez | 17 comments 1.) To never give up.
2.) That working with friends can get you off task and salsa can give u good ideas about what you want to do on a project
3.) We need to stay on task so we can get more work done
4.) We use thinking prompts so we have an idea and so the person who reads it has an idea so they know what we are talking about.
5.) Percy jackson i chose this because it had had something to do with greek gods and i'm interested in greek gods
6.) " Chris lets go to the dungeon" said Jake.
Jake had finally convinced Chris into going into the dungeon because there was a rumor that a killer dragon was hunting people in the school.
" I dont think this is a good idea."
"Stop being a baby."
Chris wasn't happy about going down there. They were quiet but then they heard noises. They were terrified. Then something rushed at them both and ate them. It turns out the myth was real.

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Thomas N | 21 comments 1)something in my book is what you love you should let it go and if it truly loves you it will come back.
2)Working in a group has advantages and this is good because you have more ideas and help.

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Rusil | 22 comments 1) I learned that Fabrizio my book's main character really love to solve mystery which is similar to his master because he love to solve mystery too.

2) I learned that the more bigger the group is the less work we have to do.

3) They need to work hard without wasting time.

4) So that the other person who look at our work can know that what we had wrote or drew about.

5) I want to read the lightning thief from Nil's shelf because I had saw him reading it and many people had told me that it is a good book.

6) "Please! Please! let me go out of this bus," a girl said from the back of the bus, after school yesterday crying as hard as she could.But wait a minute do you know how this story started.Let me tell you why and how.

All the kids were shouting as loud as they could and that's make the bus driver angry.When she looked back she forgot to take care of the bus so the bus went crazy and then she stop the bus and parked it in the side.Then then she called the cops.And we waited till 45 minutes.Then a wind came and blow us in the other world.It was so dark in that world we didn't know where we are.

"Please!Please let me go out of this bus,"a girl said from the back of the bus."Rusil Rusil Rusil."the girl said to me.But wait a minute why she is calling me because she don't even know my name.The I realize that is was my friend who was calling to me."Thank god," I said "it was a dream."But not everything then the cops came and drop us home and I reached at 5:50.I had 3 test the next day but I tried hard to study.

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Brandon | 16 comments 1. the most important thing i learned was that teamwork is key.
2. i learned that next time i should be in a different group because i got really distracted.
3. they need to pay attention and keep the whole group focused.
4. to increase our questions and answers.
5.chris- run boy run because it seems like a good book

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Samya Reid (APEX_QUEEEN) | 16 comments 5) It was dark in the middle of the night.Not a sound in the air u could hear a pin drop from a skyscraper.But in one house in the middle of China was up they were on the way out when all of a sudden the door was kicked open and the general camp in "where r u going u trying to leave after I said no already," he said
"No no sir we r not we were just packing 4 an Important trip ,"
"Lies u tell ." Now u all will stay in Chinese jail

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Jared Michael Lugo (jaredlugo) | 3 comments 1) The most important thing I learned from my book is that you don't have to be popular to have everything just be yourself. 2)The most important thing I learned about being in a group was that you have to work as a team to succeed.3)We need to focus more and stay on task next time we have a project like the current one. 4)When we write and draw about our books we use thinking prompts because they are the most important parts about the book. 5) I selected the Hunger Games because I like books that have a lot of action in them, and the Hunger Games is that kind of book.

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Jared Michael Lugo (jaredlugo) | 3 comments 6) It was my first day in my new school, I didn't know anybody there because I was new. I made a couple of friends like Yusef and Justin, they are in my Literature class.They are really nice to me and they always got my back in case I'm into trouble or something like that. They respect me and treat me as if I was related to them or really best friends with them. When I went outside after lunch I saw an astroid and they forced it away from us, and because of this I consider them my best friends.

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Avani | 27 comments Even Addison was feeling the awkwardness that was roaming the halls.Then while me and Addison were leaving the school there was snow falling from the sky. How could this be happening I thought to myself.It was the end of May in California and it was snowing. I guess anything is possible in Good old California.

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Tamir | 20 comments 1) The best thing that I learned was to always think about who your with when you work on a project like this. Two is to always think things thought before you rush stuff and never quit so easy
2)The most important thing I learn when doing this is all way stay on what your doing and don't fade a way from the main objective or you'll mess up
3)The team I worked with need to stay on task and to stop daydreaming. In addition my team was talking with other groups a lot and got side tracked very easy.
4)We use thinking prompts because we want to really bring in the readers so that they can get caught in the story.
5)I would like to read the vampires slayer it seems like a really interesting book and it has a storyline.
6)There they were saring each other down and then wam someone was on the ground. Ohhhhhhhhh shouting and screaming is all you hear then he gets back up swings but missing he gets juked then you hear laughing.He gets up and you see firer in his eyes he shoots a Beamon him .Walter blocks it with his steel fist. Then strikes Daniel in the face he rushes up quick and got him his gut. He hold it then kicks in the stomach.He gets up slow and goes in for a punch that hits him in the arm. Scean

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