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message 1: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Hey, so is there anything in particular you want to roleplay?

message 2: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Not particularly. I'm feeling adaptive. Choose a theme and I'll throw a charrie or two in, see how they survive.

message 3: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Hmm, how about something dark yet romantic?

message 4: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) That would be fine.

message 5: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments I can't think of a plot though, what's your favourite genres?

message 6: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Ummm... I dunno.
I'm having a Phantom phase at the moment...
I'm also reading a lot of historical fiction.
Ummm... Vampirism is alright, if approached in a non-Twilight fashion.

message 7: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Oh of course, I love Vampy aspects and genres, but it can not be like twilight vampires. It has to be the old fashioned, Anne Rice sort of thing. We can mix it up. We can have a Vampiric and Historic roleplay. Maybe we could do Victorian?

message 8: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) That would be fine.
P.S: Anne Rice???

message 9: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Have you ever heard of Interview with the Vampire? There's a movie too, I recommend watching it :)

message 10: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Nope. Never. I like vamps, but I haven't actually read much / seen much of it.

message 11: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Oh okay. Well this movie is actually quite good. Anyway, boy or girl?

message 12: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) What as in, me, boy.
And, if you hadn't realised, I am he whom you once addressed as both 'Joe' and, on occasion, Tarn Praetorius, the harpist prince.

message 13: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Then I shall be the girl. And um, what?

message 14: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Never mind. You used to know me under a different name. I was called Joe. In Seven Kingdoms I had a character Tarn Praetorius, who was a prince. I had thought you would recognise me. Maybe you will now?
Who knows.

message 15: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) My profile pic was Mitsikune Haninozuka.

message 16: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments I remember now! Yes!

message 17: by The Phantom (last edited Nov 22, 2013 01:45PM) (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Hello. Salve!
(Maybe the Latin earlier could have helped.)

message 18: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Haha! Well... So I still can't think of anything for our roleplay. All I can think about is a historic roleplay with kings and queens, little bit of violence, little but of romance. I don't know.

message 19: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) That would suffice...

message 20: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Okay cool, I kind of have an idea of a king capturing rebel covens that live in the forest.
Should I make my character first?

message 21: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) That would be good.

message 22: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Approved then? :P

Name: Athena Willimina Edwards
Age: 23


Personality: Athena has always been taught to be a mother, a sister and a daughter to the people of the coven. She has different feelings and traits depending on who she is with. Her people see her has brave, stubborn, kind, gentle, forgiving, caring, determined and loyal.
To other who may be a threat, she is smart, quick thinking, stubborn, brave and devious.

Athena was born in the covens royal family, her father was a well respected man who had been chosen to become their ruler. Ever since Athena was born she had been treated fairly, equal to men, her father did not believe in such a typical women. Athena's mother, Syrena, had been a strong, beautiful women as well.
When Athena turned five her mother gave birth to a baby boy, his name was Sebastian.
After a few years, when Sebastian was four and Athena was 9, another addition came to the family. It was another boy, his name was Dominic.
A war broke out with the civilians and the coven, it ended it devastation and the coven having to move. Athena had lost both her parents to that war. Because Athena had been the eldest of the family, it meant she was now ruler, some men disagreed but many did not mind.

•Brother Sebastian- 18
•Brother Dominic- 14

message 23: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Ha. Good.
Who should I be though?
I don't quite know.

message 24: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments The king?

message 25: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) I could do that. Will do now.

message 26: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Name: Edward Callaghan
Age: 24
Personality: An ideal king; chivalrous, honourable, and compassionate. His only major flaw is pride, and arrogance on occasion. He enjoys battle healthily, and is skilled at arms. As all gentlemen of the time he sees the most glory in mounted combat; the clash of armoured riders across green fields, with honour and glory for the skilled and worthy.

History: He was highly born and priviliged to be so highly placed. He was the son of King William, who was a great, but harsh ruler. This inspired Edward's compassion, for he saw his people suffer under his father's brutality, and sought to break away from that, seeking gold not from the purses of the already poor, but in loot and ransoms from war. He has yet to embark on this ambitious campaign.

Sister: Anabeth
Brother: Kai

message 27: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Nice. So shall I start or do you want to?

message 28: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) You can...

message 29: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments The day had sprung up just as quickly as the night before, Athena woke up to the sound of slight voices and branches being snapped for fire. She got up, moving her brown mane like hair to the back, she looked aside to both her brothers, smiling.

"My lady, good morning", Joseph, the elder in the clan, he bowed and so did the men behind him. Athena simply nodded back and smiled, she was more than thankful for the men of the coven, thad taught her to fight and accepted her untypical status.

message 30: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments ((I don't know how detailed you want it or prefer it, so I'll reply with the same amount of detail next time))

message 31: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Edward rode through the forest, mounted and with his brother - Kai - and their men-at-arms. They were hunting, but not game. That day they hunted men.

"We are close, brother!" Kai shouted from his grey-backed steed. Edward, on his white destrier, and gleaming in mail, simply nodded and raised his lance in recognition. The warband slowed to a trot and approached the coven's camp.

message 32: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments "Adoche sek!", Athena shouted to the camp. She had heard the many horses trampling their hooves on the ground like a door being knocked on harshly. She yelled to the covens men to stand calm and patient, they were out numbered. It would be wiser for them to stand tall rather than fight and lose men.

Athena saw her brothers come out, swords at hand and emotionless faces. She looked back up at the King and his men, including his brother. She looked up at the men on horses then back at the king, she observed them. "What is it you want now, my lord", she asked, demanding and being harsh.
She had no time for chivalry or pretence, the king and his men were a threat to them all.

message 33: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Kai spoke in his brother's place. "His lordship requires little else than your sworn fealty. That, or your lives."
Edward disliked his brother's ruthlessness, but found it often useful, and his brother's name mattered not, Edward was king; not Kai.

message 34: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Athena scowled at the kings brother, he was known for his harshness and brutality.
She looked to her men and nodded, they all dropped their swords yet looked at the men in armour with no fear. She looked at her brothers then, pleading with then to drop their swords.
They did.
"Does the king not have his own tongue that you need speak for him, dear Kai?", Athena said, looking at Kai and then the king venomously.

message 35: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) The King, Edward, now tired of his brother. "Desist, brother." He addressed the rebels. "You have turned from me, your righteous and loving king, into rebellion. For this treason I ought have you hanged. But I am a merciful lord, or aim to be. Please, give me reason to spare you. Swear your fealty to me and I will leave you. Resist, and you leave me little choice."

message 36: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Athena's eyes widened angrily, she looked around at her men. She looked at her men's wives and children, they all looked scared.
She wanted to fight, but she had to think about the little ones. She also looked at her brothers, who looked angry rather than upset.
"What will you do if we surrender?", Athena looked at the king, strong yet slightly worried for her people.

message 37: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) "Then I shall have great motivation to show mercy. Your safety is ensured; you have my word as King of this land."

message 38: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Athena looked around at the countless of armoured men, she then looked to her people and back at the king.
"You must promise that families stay together, no one will be slaves to any of your high class fools", Athena said calmly. She was trying to be calm, trying to slow the rate of her rapidly beating heart.

message 39: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Kai burst into rage. "High class fools? I'll have your head!" He moved to strike her.
"Desist, brother." The King's voice was calm and even. "You have my word on it. But, surely your people need a voice at court? One of you will accompany us in our return. I guarantee their safety, but they must come alone."

message 40: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Athena hissed at Kai slightly, he needed to keep his mouth shut because every word he said seemed to be another fools excuse.
She disliked him.
Athena was about to step forward when he brother Dominique stepped up and said," I shall go". Athena looked aside to him suddenly and shook her head," Dominique, you shall stay here and protect the people, I shall go".
"No, sister I-".
"Adeve chek", she spoke to him. The village had had their own language for about a century now, they never used it when strangers were around. But now she did.
She looked at the king and bowed," I will go".

message 41: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) "Good. I look forward to it. As part of your service you will inform a number of my scholars on the intricacies of your language. We simply cannot allow you to have such free access to future secrecies and betrayals."

message 42: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments "I will do no such thing. My language stays my mother tongue, it shall not be yours. While I am in your castle I shall speak English", Athena demanded. The men had brought her horse for her, a white stallion who was muscular and tall.
She looked at her brothers and smiled, she looked at Dominique and then at Sebastian carefully. She got on her horse, bare back, and looked to her people, looking over them and bowing her heads at them respectfully.

message 43: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) "I see you shan't be persuaded. Very well." He gazed at the stallion, who stood just a shade taller than his own. He determined that it would be his, one way or another.

message 44: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Athena looked at the king emptily as he commented, she glanced back at her people one last time.
"Danya", Athena whispered to the horse, leaning down and running we fingers through its white silk mane. She held into the mane and then kicked it softly to get the stallion going.

message 45: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) "We ride." Kai announced, and the horsemen wheeled and reformed to leave Kai, the King, and Athena in the centre of a large moving unit. There was no option not to comply.

message 46: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Athena eventually slowed down, on the left side of the king. She was glad she was it next to Kai, otherwise she would have killed him.
Athena's back stood straight as she rose on the horse, she looked straight ahead, trying to keep her eyes ahead.
But her mouth could not be stopped," I do not trust you when you say you will keep my people safe".

message 47: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) The King smiled, welcoming the conversation. "You do not? You should. You have done nothing to anger me; and unlike my brother I disagree with the pointless waste of life. But I would ensure you never crossed swords with Kai: I have never met nor heard of a more skilled warrior."

message 48: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments Athena suddenly looked aside to the king, she was lost for words.
"You are not the king everyone thinks you are", Athena sighed, she did not know what her mouth was saying. Just because she was saying this it did not mean that she liked or agreed with him.
Athena stroked her horse and smiled down at it as it made a sound.

message 49: by The Phantom (new)

The Phantom (zerosummations) Edward laughed. "And who is the King everyone thinks I am? Not my brother, surely?"

message 50: by Niran (new)

Niran | 850 comments "They believe that you do not tame your brother, you allow him to savage lands and villages, you allow him to call free men slaves. Therefore, you are known as the king who does nothing", Athena explained.
She looked at the king and then slyly at his brother with a quick glance. The covens knew the king and his brother were close, but everyone also knew of the disaster that Kai was.

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