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Team David or Zane?
Amanda Amanda Nov 21, 2013 08:36AM
I am so on team Zane!!!!!

I personally think both characters are great, but Tally has a lot to worry about besides boys so I'm not for either.

Aiesha David all the way
Dec 28, 2014 07:42PM · flag

sorry David people but i think zane

i mean she has gone through a life and death thing with both but zane just seems closer to her at the end of this book

although it will probably end up with some big huge fight either way

but i really want to know what happens after the end of this book so i am excited to read the next if only i had the time

Angela Assi I agree! Nobody can really say Zane is better or David is better in my opinion because they're practically the same, besides the fact that one is an u ...more
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David. Probably the most rebellious thing zane did before tally came was dye his hair. Besides, in my mind, prettys just look weird

David! He loves Tally for who she is and continues to love her even after she betrayed The Smoke, choose Zane over him because of he's a pretty, told him to get his ugly face out of her, caused Az's death, became a special, and everything else. He never stopped loving her, and never will.

Zane. i dont care with who Tally will end up.

Team David all the way.... I like Tally with Zane, they're an awesome pair but I think David is supposed to be with her...

DAVIDDD!!!!!! Zane is annoying. David actually cares about stuff and would risk his life for Tally.

I don't like anyone except Zane!



Spoiler Alert!

I would go with Zane but he does die and don’t get me wrong I live David. They are both kind and get tally and she can be annoying and complex!

Um, you are all wrong. Team Shay!
Tally and Shay would have been a perfect twist till... well spoilers....

Kate (last edited Jul 10, 2014 02:23PM ) Nov 21, 2013 04:43PM   0 votes

I think this book (these books) are about so much more than just some love triangle. I kinda liked her with both of those guys, and making a wuss about with whom she should or should've ended up just feels a bit insignificant. But even though I've got nothing against Zane and liked him as well, I liked David a bit more (both with Tally and as a character).

Tally + David= Dally
Tally + Zane = Zally




David I know tally said he was her first love not her last butttttttt I know she still
Has feelings for him considering she said it would be hard to choose between Zane and David sooo David for life and it is very hard to change my mind about these things

I loved both.



David, because even when she was with Zane, she thought of David! When they kissed, David poped in Tally's mind!

David Hands Down



Team David why team Zane even a choice.

David! I didn't care about Zane at all, which is really weird because everyone else cared about him and I really really WANTED to care about him. I truly did! I just couldn't get to the point of caring.

deleted member Dec 27, 2013 12:21AM   0 votes
Zane is a city boy infatuated with fruitless expense at being bubbly, and Davids a bush boy. I enjoyed the whole series because of Tally and her strength as compared to the flimsy boy toys put on the table that added nothing but conflict in her way.


I dont know. Untill the end of the book I was team David (and I hated Zane) but when it finished I kinda liked him with Tally (now I hate them both, so they deserve each other).

Anahi (last edited Oct 12, 2014 06:20PM ) Oct 12, 2014 06:19PM   0 votes

David. ;-)

I'd say Zane. I feel that he understands Tally better than David, mainly because they have been through thougher situations together.

Why, David... Of course! :D <3

David, Honestly I thought Zane was a total wuss.


Zane can get his brain eaten away by nanos for all I care.
Too soon?

Zane all the way

Team Zane. He was so sweet and good for her (SPOILER) And took the surgery because he repulsed her. And the only reason he would have to take the surgery was because he took the pill for her. BUT I love David too but more Zane


i feel like i used to be team David since i think that he was able to show her what she could be - what her real potential was given that she was taught all about what was wrong in the world.

now though, i feel like there was a real reason for Zane in the story and for her - so i'm on the fence. it's not a clean cut love triangle in this instance i don't think.

Team David. Zane was nice, and he and Tally were cute, but I prefer her with David. The whole time I really wanted her to be with David. He was Tally's first real love and they just worked. It's a bit of a close call, though.

The author makes us care about him. I don't feel that with David. :-|


DAVID!!! She belongs with David. Zane should not even be a team. (Sorry all you team Zane-ers.)

deleted member Jun 25, 2014 06:47PM   -1 votes
Zane. No contest there. I like Tally-Zane better. Tally-David just felt weird, mainly because Tally kind of stole David from Shay, and I was a Shay-David shipper in the first place anyways.

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