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Gabby Davis Book Review #3

The book Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 was an amazing book. I love this book because it teaches to take risk and go hard no matter what your conditions are.
This book is about a teenage boy name Michael Vey who has Tourette’s syndrome but also has a super power. This condition basically takes over your body. Michael was made fun of but he always had his friend Austin by his side. One day Michael and Austin were asked to sit with the popular kids but of all he really wanted to sit by his crush, the head cheerleader Taylor. After a while they get really cool and then they are invited to a party. At the party, Michael was asked to wrestle with a football player. The muscular and thick football player started to charge towards Michael but Michael electrocuted the football player. I know, I know, you are surprised. Michael Vey had Super powers but he wasn’t the only one with those powers.
This book will have you up all night reading and determined not to put it down. This is the type of book that will have you continuously turning pages. I recommend this book because it’s not only a good book to read, but it teaches lessons about drive, judgment and love. I really hope you enjoy this book.

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i like all the books

notyourfriend Im reading the 3rd right now...

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I already finish the third

Alex Michael Vey prisoner of cell 25 was an amazing book! Richard Paul Evans did a wonderful job, his description was superb, you could easily imagine what was happening, where they were, and what the characters look like.Richard also did a great job of keeping the reader guessing. I really have enjoyed the Michael Vey series and can't wait to read the fourth.

Allana Solo It was a really good book and I hope that more and more people like it and read it. I was killing me while I was waiting for it to finally come into my hands so I could find out what happened next. I really, really want to know who the 'voice' is. I am hoping that by some really cool chance that it is Micheal's dad. Maybe he didn't die and he was just told a lie to keep him safe from finding out the truth that his father helped with killing all those babies when Michael was born. All and all, I loved it! :)

Speciale Destinee I love that he is such an Under dog!!!

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