Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2) Catching Fire question

Team Gale or Peeta?
Amanda Amanda Nov 21, 2013 08:35AM
I am so team Peeta!!!!!

This isn't Twilight. Are we really having this discussion.

I would actually be team Gale because peeta does terrible and keeps having Katniss save him like every 10 minutes and gale is just way better

Christina Have you read the books?
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total team peeta

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I am so team Gale!

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1.) Gale killed her sister, so no.
2.) Her and Peeta's relationship was one of those ones where they shoulds have decided "this isn't working out, but we would be amazing frirnds".
3.) Katniss wasn't a romantic person, a sexual person and never showed any signs of non-platanoic attraction.

Therefore, not only would/were these relationships inappropriate for her character, ANY sexual or romantic relationship would not be appropriate for the type of character that Katniss is. This is why the epilogue bothers me deeply; the writer forced it because that's what people want: if there is a guy and a girl and they are both single, people have the mentality that these two should be together. Sometimes it does indeed make sense; however in this instance it simply doesn't. It was very out-of-character for Katniss and felt extremely fake.

Take note, however, that it was the only forced part of the entire series, which is admirable since there are people out there forcing their entire series.

Christina I agree, I realized the same thing in Mockingjay. However, if Katniss WAS a romantic person she would be with Peeta
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team peeta~!!!!!!!! <3 <3
im not a big fan of gale, lets just say...

Team Peeta
But Katniss doesn't have a romantic or emotional bone in her body.

I'm technically team Gale, since I liked him through out the whole series, until the thing with Prim, but I call myself team Finnick. Cause Finnick is just amazing, though I don't ship him with Katniss.

Even though Katniss thinks that Prim's death is Gale's fault, it is never proven.

1. gale kills prim
2. peeta has an awesomely spelt name
3. peeta is really nice
4. gale doesn't care about katniss: not like peeta

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