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So there are the type of people (like me) who always read ebooks. And there are the type of people who despise ebooks, and love the way real books feel and smell and all that. Then there are those who don't care how they read a book, as long as they're reading one.
What type of person are you? How do you feel about ebooks?

message 2: by Alva (new)

Alva | 219 comments I'm the latter one. I don't care if it's an electronic or a physical book is. I mean, I love physical books, the smell of its paper, the feeling of it and having a little library at home, but sometimes ebooks are more comfortable, especially for excessive readers.
I handle it in this way: In school I always have my kindle with me because I'm almost always in school and my kindle doesn't need much space in my bag and is so light that I can carry it around the whole day.
I also like reading extracts from books on my kindle to check if I'd like a book before I purchase it. However, I buy physical books as often as ebooks. (Sometimes more physical ones)
But when I really love a book I also purchase it in physical form because I don't trust technology enough. XD

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Wells Margo (pearapple) I will read ebooks i dont mind them, but I like real books better. cuz then I can go back and forth in the book with ease an reread some parts i like better then others...

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I'm the latter one too. I don't care what format the books in as long as I'm reading ;D I usually read ebooks more, though, because I cant always get regular books, and I can get them on short notice.

☆Joycedale☆ I like both, they both have advantages and disadvantages

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Sapir | 104 comments I love my Kindle!!!! I was afraid I'm going to hate it because it doesn't have the smell and the feel of a physical book, but I ended up loving it. I actually prefer it over real books. It's so thin and light and just so comfortable instead of taking a stack of books with me everywhere.

message 7: by Stormy (new)

Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 305 comments I'm a fan of both. I used to be so disgusted by the idea of reading an ebook, but when I got my Nook I ended up really liking it. It is a lot more convenient to just buy books from home that download instantly than go to a book store. But than again, luxury comes at a price.

You don't get to touch the book and feel the pages. You don't get to smell the scent of new parchment, that great new book smell. And you don't get to go to the bookstore, which is one of the best parts about getting actual books.

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Alva | 219 comments I guess its something about your love of readinh. If you're "just" an occasional reader, it won't pay off buying an ebookreader. I also have a feeling that people who actually read verry little hate ereaders in an extrem way.

message 9: by Izzy (new)

Izzy (izzybookholics) I'm the latter!!!

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LaSonya Love both. Depends on my mood.

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